A Vancouver Condo Organizing a Modern Note

Small space apart, Richard Liang knew his Vancouver condominium was exactly where he wished to live. Even though the 650-square-foot living space was a little intimidating, he was able to match all his furniture by creating a drawing of the room to scale and experimenting with countless furniture structures before going in. “The biggest design challenge for me personally was accommodating the limited quantity of space without sacrificing aesthetics or usefulness,” says Liang, a mechanical engineer. The result is a comfortable and masculine bachelor pad, with accessories that show Liang’s life pursuits along with a gorgeous city view.

at a Glance
Who lives here: Richard Liang
Location: Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Size: 650 square feet; 1 bedroom
That is intriguing: Liang is a gifted guitarist and has played live acts across the South of France.

Heather Merenda

Music has a significant effect in Liang’s interior design and artwork — you will find tributes to his fire in every area. The piece above the dining table is among the earliest forms of composed music on sheepskin. “I’ve been told it’s a dirty hymn, however I can’t read Latin, so that I may never know,” Liang says.

What seems like a framed polka dot print in the space was produced by Liang’s buddy Natalia Grosner. The smart illustration depicts their buddies are connected.

Heather Merenda

Liang commissioned artist David Ko to make this oil and acrylic canvas for the living room. In addition to paintings, Ko also does T-shirt illustrations, album artwork, package design and skateboard graphics.

Heather Merenda

The dining area light merges a conventional shade and a wire cage into an industrial-inspired but elegant pendant. Paired with a classic table, it gives the room a postmodern feel. “I’ve always been fascinated with depictions of the future that are unmistakably in yesteryear,” Liang says.

Pendant lamp: Bluff City, Jonah Takagi for Roll & Hill

Heather Merenda

The inside color schemes were made by Portico Design Group. Liang opted for a contemporary look with polished Caesarstone slab countertops, sleek stainless steel appliances and walnut cabinets.

Heather Merenda

The ice cream silkscreen by Natalia Grosner is a welcome addition to the kitchen. The design was motivated by rap legends about food.

Heather Merenda

This antique table features a crank system that makes it ideal for entertaining. When flipped, the fold enables the table to be raised to pub height or reduced for dining. Visible rivets adorn the iron trim, adding to the industrial styling of this dining area.

Dining table: Antiques Direct Worldwide

Heather Merenda

The framed Joan Miró lithographs propped atop this rustic bookshelf have been a present from Liang’s mother. The classic bits are Liang’s treasured artwork in the house. “I’m a spontaneous shopper and buy on instinct. When I like something, I usually know right away and take care of it. The decorating comes afterwards,” he says.

Heather Merenda

The south-facing living area boasts expansive views of the city. The living room’s guitar installation is a smart combination of storage and artwork.

Sofa: Niels Bendtsen for Bensen; rug: from Hong Kong

Heather Merenda

Liang was playing music since he was 6 or 7. The acoustic guitar on the wall with the D-shape sound hole is a style of guitar frequently associated with gypsy jazz. The guitar has deep sentimental value.

Heather Merenda

When the canvas color on this floor lamp is illuminated, the patchwork, stitching and texture shine through. Together with the classic leather seat, these particulars include a tailored, masculine edge to the room.

Floor lamp: Diesel’s Successful Living collaboration with Foscarini

Heather Merenda

Low-maintenance succulent varieties from neighborhood shop Balconi Floral Design Studio sit on top of a living room console.

Heather Merenda

Liang’s bedroom is a work in progress — he is currently on the lookout for a new bed frame. A painted portrait by Ben Tour hangs over the headboard, and a ceiling lighting made by Ramón Benedito to get Vibia illuminates the space.

Heather Merenda

Liang’s home office desk has a excellent cord management system: Walnut wood panels front and back make it simple to keep wires and cords from view. A discreet multifunctional front drawer allows the computer keyboard to be stowed away to get a minimum look. The side of this desk is at a satin aluminum finish. Liang hopes to find a fashionable new office chair to increase the space.

Framed artwork: Bahaus Museum; painting: secondhand; desk: Inspiration Furniture; ceiling lighting: Egoluce

Heather Merenda

Liang put outdoor furniture and a barbecue on the balcony to include livable square footage. With fantastic views of the town, this is a choice place to hang out with buddies night or day.

Heather Merenda

It is hard to beat the view from Liang’s balcony. When he hosts larger events at his condominium there is rooftop access, complete with a barbecue and a fireplace. The scenic views are worth a trip up to the very best. Liang says, “I believe the place has changed radically in the past couple of years, and I find it exciting. Although Vancouver is not that large a town, I still feel I can get lost”

telephone: have you got an eclectic, imaginative residence? We’d really like to see it.

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Leaded Glass

Leaded glass refers to the many pieces of stained, clear, beveled or otherwise decorative panes of glass traditionally with direct to make a window. Leaded glass is not to be confused with direct glass, which can be merely a type of glass combined with lead to produce exceptionally clear and colorful refraction.

Cardea Building Co..

The multiple panes of leaded glass in the metallic framework allow for this window to curve.

Upscale Construction

Even the transom windows of this window wall have panes of leaded glass.

PHX Architecture

These large leaded glass windows open in the middle and swing out, an example of a casement window since they swing on a hinge.

Collinas Design & Construction

Here is a good example of glass with a pattern.

Joni Spear Interior Design

The white wood trim pieces between these panes of leaded glass are known as mullions.

Jeremy Kohm Photography

The widget at the middle of this trio of leaded glass windows swings open; another two are fixed.

Browse more leaded glass photographs

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Organize Photos in a Flash

Every gadget these days seems to come with a built-in camera and easy access to photo-sharing sites. However, the convenience of technology can sometimes also be a diversion. According to The Association of Professional Photo Organizers, at least 750 million photographs were uploaded to Facebook on New Year’s Day in 2011. We’re so busy posting our pictures to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which the majority of us do not make time to maintain the lot organized.

And then there are the hard copies of photographs which are in a box (someplace ). Remember when we actually printed photographs? No matter the format, obtaining photographs organized probably has a permanent spot on your mental to-do list. Let’s go from to-do to to-done.

Burnham Design

Start off organizing the photograph format which will provide you the largest reassurance. For almost all of us that is hard copies. Professional organizer Christie Gelsomino indicates to sort by motif (kids, pets, holidays, vacations) or by date. You might even use a combo of the two.

Natalie Myers

After you have sorted all of your pictures into classes, decide on their destination. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Photo boxes: make sure that the boxes are big enough for the photographs you are storing. The Container Store has some great options to stash your stuff. And whatever you do, do not forget to tag.

Albums: that I love these binders from Russel + Hazel. All you’ll need are inserts for organizing the photographs.

Collection cabinet: Serious photograph collectors may think about a collection cabinet for photo storage requirements.

Quick-start tip: Use what you’ve got available to store photos until you find the perfect container — believe shoe boxes.


For some, tossing photographs is simple; for others, it is a cardinal sin. In case you’ve got a set of rules to go by, let go of extraneous pics is a breeze.

Toss outside:
• Blurry photos
• Photos where you need to ask yourself,”Who’s that?”
• Doubles


You will inevitably have a pile of photographs that you’d like to scan for safekeeping. Before you scan, research the best alternative for keeping them digitally.

A external hard drive or flash drive: Produce folders which mimic the classes you have already established so that the digital pictures remain organized.

A cloud hosting support: Once your set is from the cloud using a service such as iPhoto, Flickr or Shutterfly, it is easy to share memories with loved ones near and far.

CDs: These are great for maintaining a number of copies and handing over a photograph collection to your friend or family member.

Patrick Sutton Associates

In case you keep the negatives? It depends upon if they are the only copies you have of a particular set of photographs. Cross-check negatives against your pics. If you have all the photographs, you can throw the downsides.

You may also wish to scan a few of the negatives. Here’s a tutorial in Popular Photography which uses your flatbed scanner and a little DIY art to handle this job.

Any downsides that you are keeping should be safely stored in an archival photograph box to prevent moisture or moisture damage.

April Force Pardoe Interiors

Once you’ve organized your photos, you’ll have a clearer idea of what you’d like to exhibit (as everything is going to soon be searchable). A wall of your favorite photos exhibited salon style is a superb way to showcase your own collection. Whatever you decide, you can rest easy knowing that your memories are preserved for posterity.

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Board-Formed Concrete

With board-formed concrete, concrete is poured into molds and left to cure, then the forms are removed. The creation of plywood created big forms cheaper, though the original forms were made with timbers or timber planks. The attractive wood grain and seepage between planks of board-formed concrete structures have made them increasingly popular.

Grounded – Richard Risner RLA, ASLA

You can see the wood grain and seepage between the timber planks of the board-formed wall.

Grounded – Richard Risner RLA, ASLA

Long and low are crucial elements in contemporary design, and board-formed concrete includes a textural quality that suits the bill.

Grounded – Richard Risner RLA, ASLA

This outdoor entertaining area has a board-formed wall using a fireplace, alcoves along with a custom wood bench.

A fireplace surround of board-formed concrete looks as striking as natural marble or stone.

Giulietti Schouten Architects

Vertical boards created the shape with this board formed concrete dining room wall.

WA Design Architects

The pipes for this water feature were readily added to the board-formed water characteristic once the concrete was poured.

Photos of board-formed concrete photographs

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Minimalist Midcentury Bungalow in Canada

Susan and Andre Oliver began their home remodel with simply a napkin doodle and a great idea. Inspired by a home they saw in Dwell, the few opted to renovate their 1940s bungalow to provide it a contemporary layout and facade. They commissioned Bayview Design to draw up a strategy and then changed a breezeway between the bungalow and the detached garage into a cube-shaped addition.

As their vision became a reality, they chose to put their own creative marks on their home. “I enjoy the character of the old combined with the minimalist contemporary vibe,” says Susan.

at a Glance
Who lives here: Susan and Andre Oliver, with their 3 kids
Location: Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
Size: 1,100 square feet, plus a 500-square-foot inclusion
That’s interesting: During their 27-year union, Susan and Andre have utilized colors of white and black in each home they’ve lived in.


Susan and Andre bought the home because of its great location. They loved the area in addition to the character of this well-built residence, but wanted to update it and offer it a minimalist look. Their white and black color palette begins at the front door.

Vases: 18karat; mailbox, house numbers: Blomus


The block addition, visible to the right of the house (click picture to view whole view), combines the new and old structures into a single. “Sometimes the house tells the narrative itself, and you have to follow this, and that’s when the magic happens,” Susan says.


The living area showcases the personal design philosophy of Susan. “Anchor a space with a block wall. Mix organic, natural substances with slick bits. Own less but buy quality,” she states.

Four white cushioned chairs on a cowhide and a faux white bull head above the fireplace punctuate the black walls. Susan’s dad, a retired sheet metal worker, constructed a pan to maintain pebbles, which Susan utilized as a foundation for an ethanol firebox in the fireplace.

White swivel chairs: Zuo Mod


A white lacquered desk, an old gilt mirror painted white and a chrome seat form a minimal home office at the same end of the living room. Paperwork is neatly stored in the white credenza on the opposite wall.

Desk: Chair Tech


The living area provides a sight line. Even though the kitchen has just one little window, lots of light in the new cube addition flows in.

White counter stools and living area wall cupboard: Nuevo


Susan and Andre wanted to leave this distance off the kitchen free and open for a spacious, contemporary feel. Their teenaged kids vetoed the idea and asked a desk and chairs for dining and mingling with friends.

Table and chairs: Nuevo


The Olivers eliminated a window in the home’s unique dining area — currently a breakfast room — to create a stairway to the new inclusion and bridge the detached garage to the home.


The biggest design challenge in fitting the block addition to the present garage construction was leveling the floors, which took two different tradespeople. The square form of the 14-foot pool mimics the block.

Susan and Andre functioned as their own contractors, hiring local tradespeople and even tapping the talents of Susan’s dad, who set up the heating and cooling systems and the exterior cladding. Andre did all the painting.


The block addition boasts 18-foot ceilings and acts as a dining area in addition to a bridge in the original house to the family room. High windows bring in light and afford views of the backyard and pool. Three white leather chairs line all sides of a rustic dining table, and two white flooring vases hold easy branches for feel.

Table and chairs: urbanescape; flooring vases: 18karat


The block also acts as a side entrance from the driveway. The grey cowhide and the two organic stools create beautiful, functional additions to the foyer. Bamboo flooring runs across the whole home to create all spaces flow smoothly.

Stools: urbanescape


The former garage has been converted into this contemporary family room. The daybed-turned-coffee-table adds flexibility and flexibility. The antlers on the side table had been discovered by a friend in northern Ontario and echo the room’s clear view of the outdoors.

Sectional: Romano; daybed: Chair Tech


Sculptural bottoms, loosely organized on the floor in front of a leaning wall mirror, add feel in the family room. Susan selects furniture and accessories carefully. And when she wants something fresh, her old bits typically visit family and friends.


Susan used the hall space over the cellar stairs to install glass shelving for serving pieces. “Think outside the box. It takes creativity to choose an old house and make it fresh,” she states.


The Olivers jazzed up the original wall tile in the bathroom with a contemporary mirror. A round sink set up in the original counter, which has been sanded, updates the midcentury style for the time being, but a entire bathroom renovation is to the schedule.


A clean-lined square dining table and matching stool collection takes Susan and Andre’s love of contemporary design outside. They plan to complete a garden layout in the near future.

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Rocking Chairs Roll Onto Porches

Porch weather is coming, and many of us are looking forward to plenty of lazy days sitting on our verandas. While a chair is a dandy perch, a rocker is absolute relaxation. The back and from a rocker’s swing is known to soothe babies, but it has both calming effects on adults.

From modern Eames rockers to traditional ladder-back models, there’s sure to be a rocking chair that suits your house’s design. Or mix things up and place a modern rocker onto a Victorian terrace or a classic wicker version facing your prefab. Whatever you do, be sure to put your rockers far enough from your house’s exterior walls to allow the chair’s occupant to lean back and relax.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Smith & Vansant Architects knows the welcoming ability of a set of porch rockers. With this reinterpreted farmhouse the company opted for a cheerful turquoise place that stands out from the house’s buttery exterior.

Tim Cuppett Architects

These classic rockers look stately from a traditional porch paint combination of gray flooring and a sky-blue ceiling. Painting the rockers and the dining set black gave this porch a look.

The Taunton Press

Four green rockers encircle a low-slung table for a living room–such as impact on this particular brick patio.

Sara Hopkins

An awning-shaded porch is the best summer retreat. Designer Sara Hopkins Lay the cushions with a print out of Pindler & Pindler’s exterior collection.

LKM Design

LKM Design embraced reddish as the accent color for this white-walled porch. A set of traditional rockers and metal café chairs look additional stylish in the bold hue.

Ignacio Salas-Humara Architect LLC

The owners of the tiny modern home proved so sensitive to its environment the deck was constructed around a tree on the site. While the budget for your house was tight, the owners appeared for 2 Eames rockers — a worthy investment.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Smith & Vansant Architects added a porch onto this house to join it with its newly landscaped outdoor spaces. The architect notes the wicker rockers give a “cozy, classic feel” to the outside area.

Architect, Don Harris

The deck of the carriage home by dement harris | layout is supplied by two Adirondack-style rockers. The hue is a focal point.

Here four wood rockers encircle a small table. A backyard fan and an abundance of potted plants make it a trendy place to sip an evening cocktail.

Max Crosby Construction

Furnishings may increase your curb appeal. In this example, classic black rockers and absolutely pruned topiaries add sophistication to the house’s entry.

Geno’s Garden Design & Coaching

There is no reason you have to select only 1 kind of rocker: On this fairly porch a wooden version and some decorative ones cohabit the space happily.

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Wraparound Porches Have Curb Appeal Covered

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