Kitchen Hint: Extra Storage Above the Stove

It seems as if you can not have enough storage in your kitchen. In this kitchen, Kelly Nelson and Michelle Plachter of Nelson-Plachter Design set up a slick stainless steel shelf above the range. A normal stainless steel backsplash panel has been set up between the range and the hood, and the plate has been mounted on top of the board. This shelf combines seamlessly with the Viking selection and hood and adds a pleasure screen element to the space.

Nelson and Platcher often turn to kitchen railing and shelving systems from Rolse and Franke when designing kitchens. These easy-to-install units can be used previously ranges, above sinks, or some other open wall space in a kitchen.

The stainless steel can help create a very contemporary look, or just add some contemporary design to a more traditional kitchen.

In case you decide to install one of these shelves above your cooker, consider the usual care when cooking and prevent storing things there you’ll want to utilize while the cooker is on.

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