The Bed: Sleeping on Air

If you want to give your bedroom a contemporary makeover or would like to furnish a small bedroom with no overpowering the space, consider the bed. These designs use a hidden ground support or wall installation which makes the bed itself seem to float, leading to a modern look that takes up less space both physically and visually. Wondering if the look is for you? Have a peek at the photos to learn.

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Kia Designs

This is the floating bed. While many floating bed designs require some kind of minimal ground support to pull off the visual understanding of drifting, the Fluttua bed seems to be really on air by means of a wall installation. More about this room

Audrey Matlock Architects

The floating mattress layout is excellent for minimalist chambers, as it seems visually milder because of space under the bed and the deficiency of headboard. This allows the statement bits of a space, like this antler chandelier, to take center stage.


This contemporary design gets even more sleek and contemporary when finished in vivid red lacquer. Carrying the colour to the space and doorframe shelving unifies the room’s design.

This floating mattress layout manages to adopt both contemporary and traditional aesthetics by mixing a sleek white finish with natural wood. Set against a stunning background of dark patterned background, the floating bed becomes the area’s chic focus.

Floating bed designs also work wonders for smaller chambers since they take up minimal visual space. A clean-lined side table offsets the bed design in similar contemporary fashion.


A monochromatic color scheme and floating bed equals a room that is equal parts complicated and contemporary.

House + House Architects

This oversize square design complements the contemporary take on this room’s square and rectangular windows, adding to the general contemporary aesthetic.

The clean lines of many floating bed designs result in the perfect sign of masculinity in almost any room. The look can be offset with linens of a female vibe, or maintained with streamlined bedding like the linens in such an case.

KuDa Photography

Many bed designs seem to”float” by means of a ground support. Disguise that ground support as much as possible by choosing a finish for the bed that closely resembles that of your floors.

Moon Design + Build

Some concealed ground supports include extra storage drawers.

AIA, mark English Architects

Each bedroom includes a few extra nooks and crannies for storage.

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