Guest Groups: April Showers

Rather than curse the rain that the fourth month of the year brings, embrace it! Dress up your shower in honor of April’s showers. Who knows? You might even get some May blossoms from the offer. — Rachel from Raenovate

Khristiana Howell

Nolita Chevrons Shower Curtain – $89

Welcome springtime showers with a shot of color and pattern. It is chev-tastic!


Coastal Shower Curtain Hooks – $9.99

You can dress up your shower pole with more than only a curtain. Add these coastal shower curtain hooks into a very simple curtain for a special touch.


Rubber Bath Mat, Whale – $19.99

Safety first! Dress up your bathtub with this organic rubber bath mat. It will keep you safe from slips and add a jolt of whimsy for your own shower.

Garnet Hill

Zigzag Reversible Bath Rug – $38

Step from the shower and on this life-sized bath rug for guaranteed underfoot cushiness.

Signature Hardware

Organic Teak Wood Tall Outdoor Shower Frame – $377.95

Enjoy a shower under April showers. Made for outdoor cleansing, this pure teak wood shower frame is the best addition for any seaside yard.


Fräck Mirror – $4.99

This mirror is magnifying, water-resistant and created for checking yourself out in the shower.


Kimono Style Robe – $65

Feel good and look good in Plum Pretty Sugar’s kimono-style shower stall.

Urban Outfitters

Owl Shower Caddy – $39

It is a hoot to put away your shampoo in fashion!


Shower Towel – GBP 12.99

Invite bright spring colors into your bathroom with these vibrant terry cotton towels.


Wall Mounted Rectangle Shower Caddy

With a 3.5-inch deep basket, your shower bottles are guaranteed to always be organized and secure.


Geo Bath Beauty Bin – $25

Tote your shower accessories in fashion. Fantastic for dorm living, this geometric bath bin is a portable business channel.

Restoration Hardware

Round Shower Curtain Rod – $359

Constructed of solid brass, this ceiling-mounted round shower curtain rod is certain to dress up any shower!


Slat Bench, Teak

Settle back and relax with this teak shower seat.


Soft Bristle Long Bath Brush – GBP 19

With an oiled oak handle and obviously soft horsehair bristles, this shower brush is both stylish and functional.

The Bath Collection

Beige Oco shower

For a modern shower, put in a slick shower tray with frame-less glass partitions.

The Container Store

Simplehuman Shampoo & Soap Dispensers – $29.99

Shampoo bottles may get so messy and add unnecessary clutter to your shower. Get organized with this well-designed soap dispenser.


Cubic Timer – $34

With the support of this cubic timer, conserve water and help maintain your shower times down to a environmentally-sound 10 minutes.

At West End

Fish ‘Towels’ Rack – $53

The aqua color and forged iron combine to make this whimsical towel rack. Fantastic for waterside showers!

The Container Store

Forma® Stainless Steel Suction Clock – $14.99

I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly running late, scrambling to prepare for the day. Keep an eye on the time in the shower with this stainless steel steam blower.

Kitchen Kapers

Scrubber Ducky SCRUBD – $12.99

Scrub your troubles away with the shower scrubber ducky! Its soft rubber bristles will gently clean and exfoliate skin.

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Budget Decorating: How to Boost Smart and Slow

Home decorating shows and design magazines go for the quick delight of instantly altered spaces, which can certainly be exciting to watch; but for a lot of us, designing a home is not something that occurs immediately. Case in point: It’s been four years since we moved to our home, and we are a long way from having any room quite “finished.”

But guess what? That is OK with me. Even though our 90-year-old floors need refinishing, and I do not have the perfect set of throw pillows, I feel happy in your home. And I feel really good understanding that we have been growing at a speed that stays well within our budget.

Continue reading for a number of my best tips on decorating and planning your space with flexibility, quality and longevity in mind. And, needless to say, the budget!


Tap into everything you love. Pinpointing your personal sense of style and maintaining a running list of things you love can cut back on decorating mishaps and buyer’s remorse. If you know exactly what you love (and possess the endless wish lists and ideabooks to prove it), you are already a step forward. Otherwise, put yourself on a spending freeze and dedicate your energy to researching what you love.

The Decor Fix

Think two steps beforehand. It is worth it to have a strategy: Can’t manage the coffee table you truly want? Use a pair of less pricey side tables rather — for those who do buy that coffee table, the side tables can be utilized as they were intended, or as bedside tables.

Pick furniture in simple colors that all go together, so you can swap things from room to room as needed. Buy furnishings for kids’ rooms that could do the job for grownups. You get the idea.

Going Home

Get in the habit of thinking vintage and complimentary first. Getting knowledgeable about Craigslist, eBay, and also your regional vintage and antiques shops is a great way to furnish your home on a budget. There is no need to mope on that crazy-expensive table you’ve got your eye on if you might be able to find a similar piece in a price you can afford. It’s always worth a shot.

Rikki Snyder

Block the cycle of buying disposable furniture. What those home improvement shows do not show you is what occurs to the “instant” designed spaces after six months, annually or more. The truth is, cheaply made stuff will fall apart, sometimes even within a year. And then what happens? You must dispose of it takes up space in a landfill, and you end up spending more money on a replacement.

Should you require something at a pinch, consider sourcing it for free, borrowing from a friend or relative, or buying a stand-in piece utilized until you are able to manage what you have your heart set on.

Nest Oak Park

Learn new skills and get creative. In case you have some interest in creating things by hand, why don’t you give it a shot? With basic sewing skills, you can easily and cheaply make new cushions for your chairs and sofa, hem curtains and whip up fresh napkins, tablecloths and more. If sewing isn’t your thing, try painting — painting a piece of furniture can be a rewarding project even for a DIY newbie.

Bonus: From choosing your own fabrics, trimmings and paint colours, your space will appear and feel as you, not a replica of a retail showroom or webpage from a catalogue.

Get ideas from the DIY segment

Renewal Design-Build

Do not be afraid to splurge, just do it. Having a few high-quality bits you love and that match your style can uplift your complete space, and because well-made furniture will continue and holds resale value much better than the inexpensive stuff.

But just because you are splurging does not mean abandoning your best bargain-hunting skills! Consider seeking out a designer flooring design, or figuring out if the current year’s pieces go on sale. Also be sure you’ve got the money to spend. Going into debt over a sofa isn’t worth it.

Rikki Snyder

Keep occupied when funds are reduced. Clean up, make mood boards add to your inspiration ideabook, get plants and fresh flowers — there are numerous things that you can do in order to stay motivated and enjoy your home, even if you can’t shop.

Tell us Are you a slow decorator, or do you have a tendency to get everything done at the same time? What should you do if you can’t manage the things you truly want? Share your tips and stories from the Comments!

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