Put the Kibosh Dryer Chaos

Even if my toilet weren’t the size of a postage stamp, I would still have hair drier issues. Somehow, it always appears to be in the manner: cable snaking across the vanity top, sexy nozzle burning my leg as I lean in the mirror, the entire thing crashing into the ground when I nudge it with a elbow.

As with so many problems, the response comes down to “a place for everything and everything in its place” My dryer is supposed to remain in a basket on the counter when it’s not being used, but clearly that strategy isn’t working. If you are confronted with the same frustration, then try one of these storage suggestions to keep things easy and compact.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Multitasking at its best: Custom slots in this pullout cupboard are sized to maintain not just the hair drier, but in addition a curling iron and a brush.

This drawer takes the same notion one step farther. Not only do electric styling tools have their own pockets, but brushes, sprays and gels as well as other pampering paraphernalia go in slots that are designated as well.

S&W Kitchens

Who understood the solution might be as simple as a hook on the back of a cupboard? Electrical sockets within mean you can leave the drier and other grooming appliances plugged in if you would like. As with any electric appliance, you’d just have to be careful to keep water away from the plugs.

Angela Todd Designs, Portland, OR

Or, rather than conventional cabinet doors, go to get a garage-style cubby like this one. The lift-up mechanism ensures the door remains out of the way.

Laura Britt Design

A profound shelf in this pullout corrals styling tools and their strings without allowing them to slip and slide into the ground.

Geneva Cabinet Company, LLC

How come I’ve never thought of this? A very simple rack mounted within a cabinet door, just like the ones designed to maintain dish soap or additional paper towels, generates a ready-made spot for the drier when you are finished with it.

Metric Design Centre

This nifty little gadget is a cheap solution to the hair drier hassle. Just plop it on your counter and stick the hair drier in to keep it out of the way.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

Of course, you could opt for the ultimate in convenience: a wall-mounted dryer model that minds its own business when you are finished with it. Problem sidestepped!

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