Paperless Home Offices Show Reams of Style

By now I am confident you’ve heard the term “going paperless.” When I first heard this term, I used to picture some type of future alternate world where robots dominated (insane but accurate). I’ve come to know that a paperless lifestyle is organized and efficient (anything but bare and crude). But the fact is, the paperless home or paperless office will look different for everyone.

Going paperless might mean you opt to switch to using Google Calendar instead of your paper planner. Or it could mean getting all of your invoices by email instead of snail mail. And even though I’ve wanted to rely less on paper in my home office, I’ve never committed 100%. I use an internet calendar but still get paper invoices. Along with my receipts (while filed) are overpowering, present as write-offs for my enterprise.

So in 2012, I’ve decided to go closer to paperless by substituting my “To Document” folder with a “To Scan” folder. I also invested in a Fujitsu Scan Snap Scanner for most of the paperwork I need to keep for tax purposes. Please join me as I explore ways in which we can rely less on paper and make more space for clutter-free style.

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For starters, take a look around your home. Have a look at your home office, the entryway and the countertops. How great would it feel if all that paperwork should happen to evaporate? There will be a decreased likelihood of misplacing important bills, and you wouldn’t be scrambling to find stamps to mail late paperwork.

And can you imagine a universe without a file cabinet or file? Across the desk, the file cabinet systems in this image. A gorgeous plant or just open space would be a serene option to have if the paperwork in this home were online.

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While I like the notion of getting rid of that paper, I really love the concept of living a more mobile life. That means working my business from any room in the house without leaving a trail of paper. And traveling would be a breeze, as I wouldn’t need to worry about asking a friend to catch my mail or panic about the unopened bills piling up.

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With rooms that pull double duty, it is even more important to maintain files and paper. This home office can eliminate working as a spare space because there’s no paper to clutter up the room.


A good deal of people who aren’t even technology savvy are taking the paperless plunge because it’s a greener choice. Less paper means great things for the environment — making the switch a more mindful choice. Not to mention lots of firms are currently offering incentives for customers to get invoices online and serving up penalties to people who don’t.


Among the best reasons for disorganized folks to get onboard with the paperless movement: Paper piles are not searchable, but your computer files are. Once your paperwork is cataloged online, finding it’s a breeze with a fast keyword search.

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Maybe you have some reservations about going paperless. Below are some common concerns.

• reduction of control. Imagine if you can’t find what you’re looking for?
• Is virtual storage (such as “the cloud”) protected?
• Imagine if there was a tragedy, and the electricity goes out?

These are things to think about when determining to what extent you need paper from you life. I will also be addressing these things in future ideabooks.

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Similar to getting organized, you’ll want to have realistic expectations when considering going paperless. If you don’t plan toss the papers once they’re scanned, your new system won’t work. And even in the event that you request every bill reminder to come by way of email, be aware that there is a level of maintenance involved.

Ultimately, no dwelling will be totally paperless. You’re bound to still get some mail and arbitrary newspapers coming in. And there are some files that a physical copy is absolutely necessary. Fortunately those are few.


It is important to think about such things and pinpoint why you want to go paperless. I encourage you to take the plunge with me and use the Remarks section to ask questions and gain support from people looking to do precisely the identical thing.

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