Tickle Your Valentine Table's Fancy With Neon Pink

A romantic table set for 2 is almost always a particular affair. This Valentine’s Day, whether you’re wanting to impress a new romantic interest or refresh a relationship, try adding an unexpected jolt of colour for your tablescape. Netherlands designer Sonia van der Zwaan-Barrigas of Gosto Design helped me put together a fresh and playful spin on a candlelit dinner. See how just a couple vibrant bursts of neon may set the mood to celebrate love on February 14.

Holly Marder

“[We] approached this concept from a contemporary point of view using amorous aspects in a more modern atmosphere,” says van der Zwaan-Barrigas. “While a lace tablecloth would not typically be correlated with a modern interior, it softens the room, giving it the perfect backdrop for a romantic dinner for 2.”

Holly Marder

A delicate handmade fabric garland of both muted and bright tones weaves its way throughout the tablescape. This one has been made with a sewing machine; you also can create one by cutting circles out in different colors of fabric or paper, punching a hole in each circle, then connecting them together with twine or string. Sprinkle edible candy hearts on the table for much more color and whimsy.

Garland: Gosto; dinnerware: Royal, Villeroy & Boch; cutlery: Oscar, Villeroy & Boch

Holly Marder

Add small romantic details, like a delicate velvet ribbon for a napkin ring with a tiny white narcissus.

Cutlery: Oscar, Villeroy & Boch

Holly Marder

New honeydew melon hearts with paper cubes may add a dash of fun to any Valentine’s beverage.

To create them, simply press a miniature heart-shaped cookie cutter into the flesh of any melon. Then cut into 1 side of their heart and put it carefully on the bottom of the glass. Add a few umbrellas into the very best cheek.

Holly Marder

Modest vases with blooms. For our arrangement we included white and pink roses, a white narcissus, a white hyacinth, a pink anemone, white and orange gerberas and a pink carnation.

“Adding neon-pink candles to the scene gives it a playful and edgy sense, while perfectly tying in with much more delicate ribbons in pink and pastels from the vases and flowers,” says van der Zwaan-Barrigas.

Candelabra, pendant lights: Muuto; candles: Dille & Kamille; dining chairs: Eiffel, Eames

Holly Marder

Decorate vases of all shapes and sizes with ribbons, trimmings and washi tape. Each vase has its thoughtful decoration. Most were given a layered therapy, but one can be dressed with a simple pink grosgrain bow.

Holly Marder

Holly Marder

“We loved the use of neon pink for a way to splash color in an otherwise neutral setting,” says van der Zwaan-Barrigas.

To add subtle hints of this colour to the tablescape, we painted the petals of some of the fresh flowers with neon-pink acrylic paint. You could even customize the blossom with your loved one’s name or initials. The concept is inspired by the work of London-based writer, designer and stylist Sania Pell, who did a similar project using florals located in her garden.

Holly Marder

This lone carnation also has the neon-pink remedy to add a hint of pleasure to its frilly edges.

“Though Valentine’s Day isn’t something that I celebrate back into my hometown of Portugal, I would surely use this table setting all year round to keep the romance alive,” van der Zwaan-Barrigas says. Now light the candles and toast to love.

Tell us How will you be decorating your table this Valentines Day?

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Interesting Ideas: Creative Spring Party Planning

Spring provides the ideal excuse to round up friends and neighbors for a celebration. Join us this week and become inspired with these eight creative suggestions for your next party.

Jeanette Lunde

1. A color motif makes decorating a snap. If you would like to make a large visual impact, consider choosing a colour scheme early on and stick to it. Having everything coordinated creates a rich, cohesive appearance, even if you’re using simple paper plates and cups. Paper lanterns, streamers and old-fashioned straws are cheap and cheerful.


2. Use what you have. No fitting seats? No opportunity to buy flowers? Look around your home and get creative. Grab a few potted flowers or herbs from the porch to use as a centerpiece, and telephone every mismatched seat and stool into support. Drape a vibrant cloth on the desk (hey, even a bed coverlet can work) and string up bunting, and you are good to go.

3. Host a audience. Don’t let cost prevent you from hosting a larger gathering if that is what you really want. Affordable “filler” blossoms like angel’s breath can make a dramatic statement when used in great large bunches, a roster of burlap from the hardware shop produces a charming runner, and mason jars are ideal rustic-chic eyeglasses. Want to save? Make it a potluck!

Dreamy Whites

4. Begin a breakfast club. Having friends over for weekend breakfast or brunch is an excellent way to entertain — it’s easy to throw together a meal, and everyone is pleased to initiate the day on such a cheerful note. Really like this idea? Make it a weekend convention. Collect a bunch of friends and take turns.


5. Craft your own canopy. Canopies add an exotic note to some outside area, plus they’re best for blocking unsavory viewpoints. Have a cue from the page in the publication Decorate and produce your own canopy from a span of pretty cloth and a few bamboo sticks.

Donna DuFresne Interior Design

6. Provide heat. Like autumn, spring weather can be fickle. Be ready by draping a few fluffy blankets round your outside seating areas. Your guests will love your thoughtfulness.

7. Try a DIY project. Trying to find an enjoyable handmade addition to your celebration? Paper pom-poms are all of the rage, and they’re simple enough to create. Check out this tutorial to craft your own.

8. Create a favor. If you would like to make a lasting impression, give your guests a goodie to go home with. Crafty blogger Rubyellen Bratcher came up with those beauties: minipies wrapped in fabric bits and finished with a kraft paper label. Sweet!

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DIY: Fun Faux Pinecones

However much you adore them, holiday decorations can be kind of a nuisance. It is hard to think of something which’s easy, cheap, and reusable.

Susan Peterson from Freshly Picked has come up with one fun solution. Her leather pinecones are easy for anyone to create, cheap, and therefore are bound to last from October to January for a long time to come.

This adorable decoration does not require many substances. You’ll need pipe cleaner, a nut, a spray bottle of water, and bits of tooling leather. Peterson used several oak-tanned leather bits in this example. Try out a local leather or craft shop for scraps, or look on eBay.

To cut out the shapes required for this undertaking, you are going to need a template from Freshly Picked. You will also need spacers — quite tiny pieces of leather, plastic, or cardboard you’ll put in between each piece of leather when you put the pine cone together. You will want each spacer to be about 1/8 inch thick, with a hole punched out of the center.

First, wet the whole object of leather you are using with a spray bottle. Employing something with a sharp point (Peterson indicates a chopstick or something comparable ), put your routine on top of the leather and trace over it.

Eliminate the paper, and the routine will be carved into the pliable wet leather — easy! After you are done tracing, cut out your pieces. You should have at least three pieces of each size the template supplies.

Punch a hole at the middle of each slice, and spray each slice thoroughly with water.

While the bits are still wet, mold them by pinching the sides of each”petal” together, and pushing the ends up a little bit. Set them on a flat surface to dry.

Once they’re dry, then tie off one end of your pipe cleaner and begin threading your cut out bits onto it, starting with the largest slice.

Place a spacer between each piece that will help the final product look structured more like a pinecone. Cut off the extra bit of pipe cleaner when you are completed, and tie a tiny knot in the long run.

Do you last light spray of water to do some final shaping, and you have holiday decoration which takes barely any time to create, but could very well be passed down to generations. The leather gives it a classic appearance that fits into just about any d├ęcor scheme.

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