How to Repair Cracks on Concrete

If you are a handyman or if you like DIY projects, then fixing cracks in Long Beach concrete is something that you can easily do on your own. Fixing cracked places will not only extend the life of the surface, but it will also make it look good.

Tools you will need:

Caulk gun

Cold chisel

Whisk broom


Concrete patch material



Safety glasses




Clean the Floor

Before you use filler, you have to ensure that there’s no dust, dirt or oil on the ground. Any of these elements can prevent the filler from working well and bonding to the cement. That’s why you must clean the ground first of all before you get started. Use a cleaner that can get rid of oil, in case there’s any oil or grease on the floor.

You then have to key the crack. This means that you have to make the space in the crack bigger so the filler can bond well with the cement. You can key the hole by hammering in the cold chisel at an angle so you can create a bigger gap than the existing one. This helps to remove any big pieces that might be in the crack.

You also need to clean up the area after you have finished keying. Use a broom to clean up the dirt and the debris. You should then vacuum clean the area thoroughly.

Spread Concrete Patch

Cut off the nozzle on the top of the filler bottle and then fill out the cracks slowly but surely. In the case of a mixed foundation repair Long Beach patch, then you need to mix it up according to the instructions given by the manufacturer. You can use a trowel to fix the patch into the crack. Give the area a few minutes to dry up and then you can scrutinize to see whether the filler has settled. If the area doesn’t look properly filled out, you need to add more filler so that it can fill up properly. Smoothen out the area with the help of a trowel.

Allow It to Cure

You should leave the area to cure. You can check back the next day to see if things went well, or you can give it as much time as the manufacturer recommends. After this period, you can check the area again to see if it’s okay.

Apply a Sealer

After you have fixed up the crack, it’s advisable that you also seal it. This is because concrete Long Beach CA is not stain resistant; therefore, it can get easily stained. The best option would be to go for a water-based polyurethane sealer. In case of a rough floor, you can apply the sealer using the bristles of a brush or a broom to apply the sealer to the surface. If the floor is smooth, then use a roller to apply the sealer.

Water-based polyurethane dries up fast, allowing you to apply a second layer a few hours later.