Designer Sketch: Danielle Wallinger

Danielle Wallinger’s interior design career began at the very unexpected place: the mall, in which she worked at a popular juniors’ store as the visual display supervisor. “It immediately became clear that I had a knack for arranging and rearranging things. My journey began when I had to determine how to flip my strengths into a career. Interior layout was it!” States Wallinger, who adds that after she began on the road to become an interior designer, she never turned back.

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What are you working on today?
Among my current projects is utilizing a geothermal system; it is very exciting to have customers that appreciate environmentally sound technology. It will be and I’m looking forward to the experience. I love doing something I’ve never done before.

Is everything on your design process electronic ?
The huge majority of my job is done sensibly, but that is a relatively new strategy. I discovered how to draw by hand and did so for several years until I relented. … I believe there’s still a fantastic value in the skill of hand-drafting. Same goes for picture and disposition boards. Now everything can be performed on the computer, but don’t underestimate the value of learning about the hand of a cloth.

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Which professionals in your industry do you respect most?
The craftsmen who create my vision into a reality. How do they do everything?

The most significant thing on your work desk is …
My tape measure, since in interior layout, size does matter.

Which iconic interior designer or artist would you prefer to utilize?

Kelly Wearstler. She is not scared to take risks, and that is why all of us know her name today.

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Studio D – Danielle Wallinger

Your ideal client is …
Someone who isn’t scared to do something else that hasn’t already been completed. Someone with guts and who can trust in my expertise.

Can you describe your customer for the living space over?
This distance reflects my client’s renowned nature and relationship with the Western lifestyle. I mixed modern interpretations of classic pieces using textured finishes; the layout encapsulates the new direction of Western.

Studio D – Danielle Wallinger

Who would be your layout inspirations?
An individual of inspiration for me is David Hicks. He was far ahead of his time, along with his ability to walk the line and successfully mix modern with traditional style is a legitimate talent. I find other inspirations everywhere, usually when I’m least expecting it.

Studio D – Danielle Wallinger

Where in the world do you wish to visit next?
I love to travel, and that I think being exposed to anything outside of your component can inspire you in unanticipated ways. I’d say top of my list would be Europe. There would be so much history and diversity to take in.

What inspires your work?
My customers — my job is all about them. Delving into their persona and translating that into a beautiful space takes patience, understanding and a real love for your craft.

If you could select 1 color in the world to reside, which would you select?
That is easy. I’d pick orange. I’ve always loved orange and always will. It’s hot, joyful and quirky — all of the features that I appreciate in my life.

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