8 Cabinet Door and Drawer Types for an Outstanding Kitchen

Don’t resign your kitchen to standard, everyday cabinet doors and drawers. Make it extra functional and extra beautiful with cabinetry which utilizes every square inch, camouflages potentially messy locations or accents the unique parts. See if these cabinet drawers and doors can enhance your kitchen’s design.

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Corner drawers. These are a spin on the corner cabinet, pulling out of the corner. You normally have to bend over backward or crawl on your hands and knees to find items within a corner cabinet, but these fully accessible drawers help solve this problem.

These drawers might not be available from each cabinetry company; check before settling on a producer.

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Track doors. Consider eliminating all your swinging doors and put your cabinet doors on a path instead. These cabinet doors slide side to side on a ball-bearing track. Twist 1 doorway in front of the other to access the interior of each cabinet.

This system can make things easier, but you can not have every door available in precisely the same time, unlike with traditional side-hinged doors. Additionally, the trail is considered an eyesore by some homeowners, especially in more traditional kitchens. Look into monitor hardware having an oil-rubbed-bronze finish for a warmer look.

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Pocket doorways. Pocket doors aren’t only for your home’s doors — use them to hide greatly used job or prep areas on your kitchen. A tiny internal pocket (usually approximately 3 inches) is built into each side of the cabinet. When the doors are open, they can look exactly like any other cabinet door. Nevertheless, once they close, they slide back into themselves. They are ideal for a kitchen — isn’t bumping your shin or elbow on a cabinet door the worst?

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Flip-up doors. Hydraulic mechanics help boost such cabinet door up, rather than you opening them along with the traditional sideways motion.

These are also known as parallel lift-up doorways; they’re very popular with European cabinet businesses. They are fantastic for specialization areas — such as this microwave station — where the door needs to be entirely out of their way.

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Sliding doors. These cabinet doors slide to the right and to the left to start up storage or prep area. Specialty hinges applied towards the top, bottom and middle allow them to fully clean what’s inside, like this appliance center, making for a clean kitchen.

Get a price range to get a setup like this before adding it to your wish list. The hardware can be costly, and you’ll need a cabinet installer who is acquainted with it.

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Tambour doors. Also known as a garage doorway, the tambour door is ideal for hiding small appliances used on a daily basis — such as the blender, coffee maker or toaster.

The doorway usually opens from top to bottom (some open from side to side), slipping up and down on a track within the cabinet. Lean horizontal strips of timber with a cloth backing allow the timber to roll over the inside top of the cabinet once the door is still open.

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Glass-front drawers. Much like glass-front cabinetry, glass-front drawers can make a kitchen look larger and help you stay organized. This kitchen has glass-front drawers which store dry food items — showing them off is part of the plan. Many glass-front drawers have a 2- or 3-inch space directly behind the glass which you are able to keep full of food so the drawer consistently appears complete. You don’t wish to show off an empty jar following mac-and-cheese night.

Watch more about glass-front kitchen drawers

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Custom drawers. Get creative with your drawers — don’t be afraid to show off your style. Old-fashioned fruit and vegetable crates were turned into beautifully innovative cabinet drawers. The look isn’t for every design style, sure, but it is fantastic for those who wish to take a risk.

Tip: Many DIY drawers don’t have internal components. A tiny beeswax will help them float in and out easily.

Not prepared for something this extreme? Consider adding playful knobs or brings to a cabinetry.

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