Breeze Into Coastal Landscapes

Landscaping for the coast provides challenges as well as some unique design opportunities. The arctic winds can be tough on plants and people, however the breeze provides a feeling of anticipation and movement to the landscape and should be thought of as an chance to bring the garden living with flowing grasses and other plants that are loosely textured.

The ocean itself is an excellent source of inspiration to your own landscape. The open vistas and natural beauty appear to ask for broad swathes of blossoms, naturalistic curves and colours that don’t overwhelm the pale colours of sand and sea. Yet the seaside also elicits a childlike sense of drama, so don’t be bashful about playing with warmer colours either in planting or decor. Brighter colors like orange, gold and coral may call to mind glorious sunsets and enliven your outdoor living room.

Permit these eight designer landscapes inspire your very own beachfront getaway.

Debora carl landscape design

When designing for the coast, using elements that reflect the theme of the ocean can help your landscape fit into the surroundings. Within this garden, the flowing carpet of blue succulents echoes the calming ripples of the sea. Bonus: Succulents work well in often-sandy coastal soils and tolerate salt winds easily.

Debora carl landscape design

Pale hardscape colors simply feel right among the sand and sunshine of coastal communities. Not only do milder emitting colours echo the white sands of the beach, but they don’t soak up so much heat from all of the sunshine, so they are more comfortable to walk on.

Lankford Associates Landscape Architects

This curvaceous walkway brings to mind the meandering path of a small river flowing into the bay. The ornamental grasses and chamomile make a natural accompaniment, as they have a sense of flow and motion.

Lankford Associates Landscape Architects

The weathered wood of this Adirondack chair fits in beautifully with the muted tones of this windswept coastal backyard.

The Garden Route Company

Obviously, you should not tone down your own personal style simply because you stay on the coast. For a lot of, the seaside is associated with holidays and happy times as a youngster, so why not integrate this festive spirit into your landscaping? These seats have a feeling of fun, nevertheless their swooping shape nevertheless fits in with all the curved lines of the water’s edge.

Randy Thueme Design Inc. – Landscape Architecture

The craggy boulders here twice as seating and give a nod to the rugged hillside around. Creeping thyme softens the flagstone patio and makes it a very inviting place to take a seat by the fire.

Randy Thueme Design Inc. – Landscape Architecture

As many coastal gardens are designed to reflect the organic lines of the surrounding landscape, this really is a gorgeous example of a modern approach. The olive trees possess a cloudlike appearance that softens the architecture, and the movement of the grasses as they sway in the end brings a lively atmosphere to the home.

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Debora carl landscape design

The vistas on the coast are so majestic that the landscaping should follow suit. Mass plantings are a great way to elevate one species into a true theme. Here, Mexican feather grass has a softly textured appearance and moves with the breeze.

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Above all, your coastal backyard should have a cozy place to collect and enjoy the view. This patio and firepit place is nestled into the landscape for end protection and a harmonious appearance.

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Inform us : What coastal gardening photos many talk to your style? Have you got any suggestions of your own for the coast? Please discuss in the Comments section.

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