Indonesia-Inspired California Home

Having spent decades as a child living in Malibu, California, Deborah Call dreamed of owning her own home near the sea. She discovered it around 90 miles south. “Despite the green-shag-carpeted kitchen, it was love at first sight,” she states. Just blocks from the sand, Telephone loves her tranquil residence and surrounds herself with personal items and decor mainly from Indonesia, where she has made several trips as a textile designer.

in a Glance
Who lives here: Deborah Call along with her kitty, Cleopatra
Location: Dana Point, California
Size: 1,456 square feet; two bedrooms, 2 baths
That’s intriguing: A storm in December 2010 bombarded the home so badly, it needed a total overhaul to make it habitable.

Flea Market Sunday

As a textile designer, Telephone respects and admires artists, designers and creative thinkers of all kinds. “I am particularly inspired by authentic craftsmanship and people who dedicate themselves to a skill or trade that works on a degree independent of mass production,” she states.

Call adores hand-me-downs and Craigslist finds, and has been fortunate enough to get beautiful hand-crafted presents from gifted buddies. Some of her favorite designers are out of the world of style, and she sees a lot of crossover between interiors and style. Also, natural materials such as stones and timber bring a sense of groundedness for Telephone. “I like to create a mood over that I like to create a look,” she states.

Flea Market Sunday

A closer look in Call’s custom designed xeriscape garden. More to come later.

Flea Market Sunday

This 1950s classic ikat wall hanging out of Sumba, Indonesia, is extremely dear to Phone. Her old boss bought it from a girl who paddled him out in a kayak when he was surfing the outer atolls of Indonesia.

Beside the ikat are two stylized wooden figurines from Bali representing women walking in succession whilst praying.

Flea Market Sunday

The intentional white walls show off the handpicked furniture and personal art items representing who Phone is and where she has been. The earthy colour palette, timber furniture and Mexican Saltillo tiles bring warmth to the room. An antique quilt from Phone’s great-grandmother drapes over the timber chair.

Beautifully hand-crafted from classic canoe prows, a cupboard from Bali hides electronic equipment.

Flea Market Sunday

Call crafted and designed this mosaic mantel and hearth made of marble and artificial granite chips. A Day of the Dead candelabra created by friend and ceramic artist Susie Ketchum adorns the mantel.

Flea Market Sunday

An ikat woven textile drapes the coffee table, and on top is a publication on textiles and a wooden bare figure from the Philippines that is certainly a nutcracker.

Flea Market Sunday

A funerary kayak and hand-dyed orchid-vine”skirt” hanging in the attic draws up the eye and creates visual impact. Since buying Indonesia is no longer the standard for Telephone, she turns to David Alan at Solana Beach. The tall classic hand-hewn cupboard from Java, Indonesia, has been bought there. One of Call’s most recent splurges is this leather sofa from Restoration Hardware.

Flea Market Sunday

Call loves quiet meditation and incense burning while stretched out on her leopard-covered”Cleopatra lounge” off the atrium. This is only one of her favorite spots in the home, as it is filled with a great deal of sunlight.

Flea Market Sunday

Shortly after moving to the home in 1989, Telephone and her ceramicist friend Susie Ketchum tiled the kitchen countertops and backsplash. The mosaic critters add vibrant personality to the white cabinetry and walls.

Flea Market Sunday

From the home office, file cabinets out of Staples along with a door from Home Depot create a functional and affordable alternative to a traditional desk.

Flea Market Sunday

Natural light fills the master bedroom, showing off a distinctive hand-carved headboard bought from a shop in Bali.

Flea Market Sunday

What Phone loves about this headboard is its outdated appearance and muted colors from natural weathering over time. “It doesn’t have that garish appearance and bright paint that many of the new bits have,” she states. Call considers it might have been part of a entryway at one time.

Flea Market Sunday

More hand-carved furniture from Bali is employed in the restroom as storage and a vanity. A bold white contemporary sink with brushed chrome fittings is a wonderful contrast to detailing at the mirror and cabinets.

Flea Market Sunday

This guest room features a bold, picture, teal Tahitian bedspread that’s a garage sale locate; the good walnut headboard is out of Craigslist.

Flea Market Sunday

After a storm in 2010 ruined Call’s home, she decided it was time to get rid of her backyard’s grass and messy vines, and transform it into a peaceful xeriscape garden. Since her neighborhood has water use restrictions, it was an easy choice to go drought tolerant. Telephone hired Scott Ward of White Sage Gardening to style her yard to reflect her love of the desert and decomposed granite and rocks. She states,”It was an wonderful experience working with Scott as an artist. He brought a lot of his own artistic to the undertaking and moved on things in a extremely organized and thoughtful way.”

Flea Market Sunday

Ward wanted a substance that would be a stark contrast between the backyard and the trail. What is apparently sand is called DG (brief for decomposed granite); it compacts over time. The substance appears natural, such as the desert Phone enjoys.

Flea Market Sunday

The aloe camperi in bloom displays stunning orange and yellow bursts of colour.

Flea Market Sunday

This agave hybrid attributes intriguing leaf prints. The embossed effect is the consequence of the plant’s being tightly wrapped before it enlarged.

Flea Market Sunday

Ward designed the garden to allow colour, repeat and also a variety in texture shine through. The firestick plant (euphorbia tirucalli), also known as the pencil tree, provides lots of visual attention, but the milky sap is very toxic and may be blinding.

Flea Market Sunday

The Echeveria’Afterglow’ is really a beautiful and vigorous succulent that has pinkish-lavender leaves.

Flea Market Sunday

Phone worked together with craftsperson Erik Vader to create this custom-made African mahogany timber entrance. Potted aloe ferox line the driveway and are backlit for added play and ambience.

Flea Market Sunday

Telephone says,”Spending money on your home in a meaningful way increases not only the value of your house but also the experience of your life.” She learned this to be authentic after attaining deep into her pockets to create her home livable again following the flooding; with this significant investment came a new sense of pride and enjoyment.

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Guest Picks: Pottery Pleasers

Ceramics are similar to individuals. They have a character all their own, with so many different colours, shapes and textures. They have the ability to become slick, funny, refined or unique. They also make for the perfect gift (even if it’s really on your own ). Listed below are a couple of things I believe are directly up kiln it!
— Kristin Guy in The Cuisinerd

Have You Met Miss Jones

Shirt Front Plate – AUD 50

Hey, you have food in your shirt.

(I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist.)

This shirt plate is most certainly a conversation starter and perfect for celebration hosting or host gifting.

Design Museum

Memories of Falmouth Salt and Pepper Shakers – GBP 37

This sailboat salt and pepper shaker is a beam of sunshine. It is happiness. Would you float over some pepper, please?

Jayson Home

Farmers Market Baskets – $20

I have an absolute love affair with all the cardboard green originals, but these ceramic berry boxes are beyond cute. My mind is racing with all the potential things I could store in these — none of these is fruit.

Bauer Pottery Company

American Modern Celery Tray – $40

Give your spoon a swanky place to break its head. The colours and shape are deliciously brightly colored inspired, and the quality is remarkable. I already have these, but I am already trying to figure out if it is absolutely ridiculous to possess two. Likely, yes.

Heath Ceramics

Espresso Cup & Saucer – $34

The rich color! The handles! There is a whole bunch of right happening with those espresso cups. Morning coffee is all about to receive a makeover.

Manyana Breakfast Plate

I’ve been around a Southwest style kick lately. Wait, what am I saying? I’m always on a Southwest style kick. This festive pattern gets super sweet with a lady-like color pallet. Adore!

Ingrid Tufts

Beynon + Tufts Coffee Cup – AUD 36

Paper no longer! This hand-thrown coffee to-go cup has a lot of delicate and feminine allure. BYO hasn’t been more appealing. I suddenly wish to throw a pair of colorful cashmere gloves and go for a walk when holding it.

Fishs Eddy

These floor plan dishes are equivalent parts classic and comedic. I want to serve specific food groups contained into individual chambers. Peas in the room, anyone?


Mano Storage Jar Medium, Blue – $79.95

Warm wood paired with icy blue makes a swoon-worthy combination. This is just one handsome storage container and can be 100 percent countertop accepted.

caroline swift

Bone China Spoons – GBP 65

I am really going to have to reconsider which cup to use for the morning java. These delicate and regal strands would roll their eyes in my Royal Wedding mug.


Perch! – Beak – $48

Do not these pitchers look like canary songbirds to you? They are just darling, and I wouldn’t ever restrict them to just orange juice. Just think how cheerful they could be vases or as holders for your wooden spoons.

Ferm Living Shop

Ferm Living Bowl – $24.95

Each time I take a look at this line of dishes from Ferm Living, I hear”Rah, rah, sis boom bah!” And a confetti cannon goes off. It is just like a tiny ticker tape parade just skipped onto your table for lunch.


Wedding Cake Topper with Uunicorn Groom and Deer Bride by Melabo Wed – $50

If you are going to go all out and find a cake topper, it better be a showstopper. Artist Megan Bogonovich is an specialist in whimsy and certainly will make an impression in any wedding. When all the cake has been eaten, this deserves a place in your house — or in my case, in my desk.

Gretel Home

Big Crinkle Cup – $13

I’m a massive supporter of designers turning mundane, disposable products into posh, funny collectables. This crumpled ceramic cup has just won over a massive part of my heart.


Herb by Nick Fraser – GBP 28

Stop. You had me at multifaceted terracotta.

Kathleen Hills

Vintage Decanter – GBP 70

I’m in love with this play on delicate translucent glass paired with strong white ceramic. These would make any bar cart sing. My only problem is choosing which decanter to actually purchase — I want them all!

Jonathan Adler

Pig Canister – $98

Jonathan Adler makes it right each and every time. I love everything he touches, and this particular pig jar is no different. I particularly love the modern color palette used for the stains that gives it a classic twist. This little piggy is going to”weee weee weee” all the way home with me.

Design Museum

My Egg and Soldiers Toast and Egg Holders – GBP 22

I’ve confessed to my secret love for egg cups before, however I think my crush is about to intensify. How adorable is this toast and egg collection? Talk about easily getting kids to eat their lunch and playing with your food is definitely okay.

Scandinavian Design Center

Season Pie Dish – $32.12

The Swedish can do no wrong. The seasonal line of home goods by Sagaform is just one more illustration of the entertaining, colorful and lively design. How excited would you be if you received a dish and discovered that this fiesta in the bottom of the dish? Extremely excited.

Orange and Pear

Ladies Who Lunch Wine Stopper – $22

She is one classy wide — that lunches. I love the demure quirkiness to this particular bottle stopper; you can’t really tell if she’s inviting you for a glass or to get your hands from her rosé.

Next: Gilded Gourmet

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Garden Design Essentials: Unity and Variety

“A work devoid of a unifying element is liable to seem haphazard and disorderly. A work that is totally merged, without a variety, can seem boring. Both of these fundamentals are interlocked,” writes Marjorie Elliott Bevlin in Design Through Discovery, a college art theory book I’ve never tossed out, thanks to its timeless instruction. Collectively, unity and variety may turn an ordinary space into something extraordinary.

Unity represents the control of variety, and variety stipulates the interest within unity. The ideal result balances both. These two guiding principles may apply to so many facets of design, interior design and the landscape.

Here are some excellent examples of the subtle but highly effective balance of unity and variety, used in outdoor settings.

More garden design components: Line | Rhythm | Shape and Mass | Space | Texture | Color

Bosworth Hoedemaker


The inside wall of this beautiful garden area is hung, gallery-style, with vintage maps. None is equally (variety), but with comparable off-white matte planks and dark eyeglasses, the general composition has triumphed.

Similarly, there is continuity between the blond wood flooring and chairs, as well as the armchair’s white slipcover and the snowy parson’s tables.

Studio Marcelo Brito

Blue, white and nautical topics unite this alluring vignette onto a covered porch. The varietyis expressed by three-dimensional nonframed items, such as the paddles, the fish and other discoveries in the sea. Their existence makes the grouping of framed prints even more interesting.


A research in terra-cotta illustrates how harmony of substance can be a unifying device. This three-dimensional mural uses a varied assemblege of shapes and types (variety). Since each piece is made from the same type of clay, there’s a general feeling of unity.

Carson Poetzl, Inc..

Unity may also be established with color. Verdigris green in a variety of software holds things together within this patio of mainly natural and neutral surfaces. The two oversize stars echo the doorway trim, which in turn echoes the planted succulents on the tabletop and the potted cactus.

Elizabeth Dinkel

Subtle yet gratifying, this outdoor seating area incorporatesunifying particulars like color: The wrought iron and the upholstery piping are both black; the olive pillows reflect the bay-green iron scrollwork. There is enough variety between substances, colours, textures and patterns, however they speak a standard, harmonious language.

Bright Green

A implanted picture of succulents, made by Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco, is framed as fine art. The many types of succulents, in colors ranging from blue-green to dark green to lime green, exemplify both unity and variety. Textures also contribute to the design’s range — and the overall composition is glorious.

Elad Gonen


Variety of materials is perhaps the first thing you notice upon approaching this home. Though their color palette is comparable, there’s lots of comparison between the mortared rock privacy wall and the smooth exterior stucco. But notice how the feeling of unity is expressed via hot, neutral finishes and a relationship between the horizontal lines of the window grids and the horizontally cut stone blocks.

Arterra Landscape Architects

The thought of comparison is expressed within this alluring outdoor living area. The smooth bands of poured-in-place concrete contrast nicely with the surrounding pebble and gravel mulch and the trio of reflective orbs. There is unity in the palette: The chocolate-brown furniture reflects the similarly dark fence; the plants are largely green and grassy. The general mood here is serenity and harmony.

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Seal the Deal With Fiber Cement Siding

Hardie plank: Nearly everybody who has considered re-siding their house or building an addition or a brand new home has heard of it. However, what’s Hardie plank, or more properly, fiber cement board?

Fiber cement plank in its current form was developed in the 1980s from the James Hardie corporation as a replacement for asbestos cement board. A blend of sand, sand and cellulose, it can be produced in panels, as lap siding and as trim pieces. As it’s durable (many manufacturers warranty the product for 50 decades and the finish for 15), low maintenance, available in many sizes and textures, and easily painted any colour, fiber cement is an perfect siding choice.

Art and designers have taken to the substance’s adaptability. Not only is fiber cement available as a flat lap siding for traditional-style houses, but it also comes in panels that mimic stucco such as Prairie and Craftsman-style houses, shingle panels for both Arts and Crafts-style houses and smooth panels for more modern designs.

Although the longest-lasting finishes are factory applied, the substance can be painted on-site such as wood siding. This makes for easy touch-ups and repairs in addition to the ability to change colour. Below are ways to make use of fiber cement board on home exteriors in a variety of fashions.

Shade it contemporary and daring. Available in large, smooth panels, fiber cement board is excellent for the outside of a contemporary house. The rectangular grid made by the joints between panels provides the outside structure and sequence. The capability to finish the substance in any colour allowed the architect of the home to pronounce each volume so that the layout of interlocked cubes is readily apparent.

Nic Darling

Use it in order to blend in. Fiber cement is a chameleon-like substance. Whether your site is a luxury suburb, a bucolic country field or a gritty urban zone, then it can be coloured and arranged to match the setting.

Resolution: 4 Architecture

The secret is in the joint. The fiber cement panels can be butted to each other or can be installed using a show between every panel. The James Hardie company has developed a very simple installation system when a show is desired. While this show creates a different shadow line that is perfect for a modern design, the joints between panels can be treated in a number of ways.

Blue Brook Architecture

Joints can be full of a contrasting colour to create a two-dimensional appearance.

AIA, Bud Dietrich

Panel joints can be coated with a contrasting colored fiber cement trim to create a Prairie-style appearance.

Beard + Riser Architects

Fiber cement trim also can be colored to match the panels for a modern aesthetic.

Mix it up. An especially powerful method of using fiber cement panels is to combine them with other substances. Or you can join fiber cement lap siding with fiber cement panels. The perpendicular and also gridded panels produce orthogonality using the lap siding.

WA Design Architects

The ability to combine this siding with other substances is one of its great features. It works in a sleek and machined look …

Stuart Sampley Architect

… and at a more rustic and vernacular approach.

WA Design Architects

The panels, that can be quite large, can be trimmed, stacked vertically or positioned horizontally into a stack bond pattern.

Great Neighborhood Homes

Make mine conventional. Most fiber cement board is utilized as horizontal lap siding, perfect for conventional and colonial-style houses.

M.J. Whelan Construction

Many newer houses with conventional styling use fiber cement siding. For a house with a massive exterior surface region, the substance can be utilized in a variety of textures in addition to for shingles at the upper gables.

Eck | MacNeely Architects inc..

It’s also offered in a board-and-batten configuration.

Candlelight Homes

The substance can be completed in a large choice of colors.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

One of my favorite approaches is to use both the lap siding and the panels at a Craftsman-style configuration. This can be particularly successful when re-siding an present house to create something unique.

Fiber Cement Siding at Modern Architecture

9 Top Siding Materials

Fiber Cement Board at Modern Architecture

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Designer Sketch: Danielle Wallinger

Danielle Wallinger’s interior design career began at the very unexpected place: the mall, in which she worked at a popular juniors’ store as the visual display supervisor. “It immediately became clear that I had a knack for arranging and rearranging things. My journey began when I had to determine how to flip my strengths into a career. Interior layout was it!” States Wallinger, who adds that after she began on the road to become an interior designer, she never turned back.

Profile: Danielle Wallinger | Find an interior designer or builder

What are you working on today?
Among my current projects is utilizing a geothermal system; it is very exciting to have customers that appreciate environmentally sound technology. It will be and I’m looking forward to the experience. I love doing something I’ve never done before.

Is everything on your design process electronic ?
The huge majority of my job is done sensibly, but that is a relatively new strategy. I discovered how to draw by hand and did so for several years until I relented. … I believe there’s still a fantastic value in the skill of hand-drafting. Same goes for picture and disposition boards. Now everything can be performed on the computer, but don’t underestimate the value of learning about the hand of a cloth.

Dayka Robinson Designs

Which professionals in your industry do you respect most?
The craftsmen who create my vision into a reality. How do they do everything?

The most significant thing on your work desk is …
My tape measure, since in interior layout, size does matter.

Which iconic interior designer or artist would you prefer to utilize?

Kelly Wearstler. She is not scared to take risks, and that is why all of us know her name today.

Bedding: Kelly Wearstler

Studio D – Danielle Wallinger

Your ideal client is …
Someone who isn’t scared to do something else that hasn’t already been completed. Someone with guts and who can trust in my expertise.

Can you describe your customer for the living space over?
This distance reflects my client’s renowned nature and relationship with the Western lifestyle. I mixed modern interpretations of classic pieces using textured finishes; the layout encapsulates the new direction of Western.

Studio D – Danielle Wallinger

Who would be your layout inspirations?
An individual of inspiration for me is David Hicks. He was far ahead of his time, along with his ability to walk the line and successfully mix modern with traditional style is a legitimate talent. I find other inspirations everywhere, usually when I’m least expecting it.

Studio D – Danielle Wallinger

Where in the world do you wish to visit next?
I love to travel, and that I think being exposed to anything outside of your component can inspire you in unanticipated ways. I’d say top of my list would be Europe. There would be so much history and diversity to take in.

What inspires your work?
My customers — my job is all about them. Delving into their persona and translating that into a beautiful space takes patience, understanding and a real love for your craft.

If you could select 1 color in the world to reside, which would you select?
That is easy. I’d pick orange. I’ve always loved orange and always will. It’s hot, joyful and quirky — all of the features that I appreciate in my life.

Designer Sketch: Noel Cross

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