Pep Up Using Patchwork Tiles

If you like patchwork quilts, consider mixing tiles of various patterns and colours to get a similar effect. The result will be a stunning design that recalls Moroccan along with other Mediterranean designs, and this can be an excellent way to use all your favorite colours and patterns in 1 place. Use the method on your backsplash, entryway flooring or worn tabletop, and the patchwork pattern will surely turn heads.

Design Platform

A Denver kitchen corner carries on a dramatic yet lively background thanks to a dazzling collage of patterned tile. An asymmetrical assemblage works especially well compared to the tight symmetry of this room, along with the wall region covered by the tile is simply enough to host a beautiful poster without overpowering. This can be patchwork tile perfection in my novel.

Tip: Choosing tile for your home can be overwhelming due to this endless sea of options. Focusing on a patterned tile that you like (and may use sparingly) may be a great starting point for choosing a colour palette and a fashion direction.

The easiest way to utilize a patchwork pattern is to select square tiles that are all the exact same size and in colours that play off one another. The look here is bright and joyful, works especially well with a white or light inside, and may play off contemporary furnishings or a spare inside as an unexpected and striking twist.

Tip: Patterned tile in traditional and not-so-traditional designs is now widely available in porcelain, terra-cotta and encaustic cement, and the designs may be painted, hand constructed (like nice encaustic tiles) or machine implemented.

Dimensions: Luxurystyle

Here the patchwork look goes traditional, evoking the French countryside with patterned and smaller porcelain tiles. Choosing tiles that are limited to a very simple palette, white and blue in this case, creates a sea of interesting pattern without the added distraction of colour.

Tip: Patterned tiles come in a vast assortment of depths, so you ought to choose tiles that are acceptable for your needs. If you are replacing tile, you will very likely want to use tile that is a similar thickness. If you are doing patchwork for new construction, talk with your contractor if the tile of your dreams is thicker than standard. Tiles that are extremely thick, like encaustic tiles or any terra-cotta tiles, can influence cabinet positioning and other structural details like door trim.

Tile: Filmore Clark

English Heritage Homes of Texas

Stair treads, such as in this Dallas Meditterranean-style residence, are the perfect place to work with patterned tile, especially if they’re outdoors. Patterned stair treads inside do make a stylish statement, but take into account in where the stair is seen and select tiles that complement the existing interior design.

Tip: Make sure you realize the conditions for which any given tile is appropriate, and do not fall in love with a tile for your flooring until you are certain that it is acceptable for the flooring. In other words, steer clear of tile that is designated for light traffic, because who knows when you may want to move in a piano? You do not want to have to think about breaking tiles.

creative jewish

This café in Jerusalem has wall tiles in an interesting combination of pastel colors, designs and sizes; the look offers interest but doesn’t make you insane. And no, the routine here doesn’t stick to any rules as far as I could figure out; it had been installed as a work of true random art.

Tip: To figure out how many tiles of each pattern to buy, it’s wise to do a layout by hand or on the computer. The salesperson at the tile shop can also assist you with this. Ordering equal quantities of each pattern is the easy way out, though the very best option is to organize the positioning of each and every tile, order so and provide the diagram you exercised to the tile installer. Order extras to accounts for breakage, and this is bound to happen.

A patchwork flooring tile treatment similar to this encaustic tile setup is an actual eye popper. But only the very brave ought to consider patterned patchwork tile onto the ground in their home, because it takes over the distance. As for me, I love this look. However, it probably would functions best in a tiny bathroom, a railroad kitchen or a tiny hallway.

Tip: Exactly how many distinct patterns does it take to make a prosperous patchwork tile setup? It truly depends on the look you are going for, but the outcomes that are the very pleasing to my eye are those that use around 10 or so distinct patterns. That way there’s far more room for creating something really random looking and for creating visual distance between distinct patterns and colours.

Tile: Luxurystyle

Marco Antunio

Outdoor eating places are the perfect places for experimentation with lively mixes of tile. The built-in counter area in this Brazilan courtyard is lively and easy to keep clean, one of the wonderful benefits of tile.

The Turett Collaborative

The toilet is a good spot to take chances, also, as the look is comprised, and one encounters it on a restricted basis. The eclectic mix of bright colours, textures and materials (in addition to vintage tile) in this home in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village area is exceptional.

Really like the concept of patchwork tile but are afraid to commit to covering a huge area? A part of patchwork tile set amid an area of nonpatterned tile is a great way to enjoy the look without its stealing the show.

Tile: CIR

EuroWest Decorative Surfaces

A strip of patterned tile collection as a broad decorative border is magnificent and contemporary.

Tile: Iris Ceramica

Terrazzo Tiles

Encaustic Tiles – GBP 3.80

I totally love the colour and pattern combination here. However, while it looks amazing in a four-by-three structure, it’d most likely be too overwhelming for me personally on a larger area. Scaling pattern is something that is applicable to wallpaper, fabric or tile. So while it is good to have a chance with a exceptional layout, it is best to move ahead with a clear idea of what the final result will be.

Tile: Terrazo Tiles

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Warm Up to White All Round the House

We often associate white interior colour with modern minimalism, but it is also perfectly in your home with cozy Shabby Chic design. While colour lovers would assert that cold, bland and sterile, its advocates would say it could create a feeling of space, conceal blemishes and soften architectural quirks.

Glossing over the discussion concerning whether white is actually a colour in any way, let us take a look at what colour experts can tell us about white and how we could use it to make designs that seem anything but dull and cold.

Neslihan Pekcan/Pebbledesign

In ancient Rome the priestesses of the goddess Vesta wore white as a symbol of purity, loyalty and chastity. The Christian church embraced this symbolism — even today traditional brides in several nations wear white.

This stunning lace bedspread cries femininity, but the room still manages to balance traditional and modern, male and female, dark and light — so smart!

Jeanette Lunde

Darryl Carter, writer of The New Traditional, states, “White makes old things look more present. White rooms are more complicated than they look, because there are no distractions. Every decision gets critical.”

This gorgeous green corner blouse features a superb warm patina and will be the main focus of this simple room, preventing it from feeling too stark.

Woodmeister Master Builders

From the Renaissance influential architect Leon Battista Alberti invited artists to incorporate white to their colors to make them lighter and lighter.

Here white is beautifully blended with watery blue-white paneled walls to make a coastal layout.

Ed Ritger Photography

Whitewashing helps protect up and gloss over any painting errors, providing you a blank slate — painting everything white can hide a multitude of sins. Rooms appear larger, and bounds blur.

Some tricky architectural components in the little space here have been skillfully dealt with using white.

Griffin Enright Architects

Buddhist pilgrims in Japan use white robes for rituals, purification and bathing in sacred rivers.

This serene white bathroom is warmed by the timber, but the views are what make a natural harbor for daily cleansing rituals.

JONATHAN CALVERT | Interiors Photographer

The pairing of black and white is a timeless: dark and light, good and evil, yin and yang. This combination also reflects formality and seriousness, as from the outfits of judges and tuxedos.

This superb chandelier provides an essential splash of colour to prevent the room from taking itself too seriously.

Eran Turgeman – Photographer

In feng shui white is the colour of the metallic element. In accordance with feng shui expert Rodika Tchi, white is a very versatile colour that can brighten a room’s energy immediately. Tchi recommends utilizing white everywhere in the house, especially to contrast darker colours.

Lauren Liess Interiors

Talking about white is supposed to be a symbol of joy at home — consider how a white picket fence frequently surrounds the safe and happy homes we dream of.

This room shows how white could be warm, with various colors of it mixed with warm neutrals and loads of texture. I don’t think it’s only the adorable pooch who feels safe and happy here!

Creative Space Architectural Design

Layering whites are able to look stunning, but remember that not every single white is the same — be sure you are working with the exact colors before you begin painting or putting in vinyl.

This layout employs the exact same bright white but in alternating gloss and matte finishes. The contrasting brown flooring adds heat, and a dash of color in the end of the room gives a focal point for the room.

How to Pick the Right White Paint

More guides to design white

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19 Ways to Get Organized Fast With Containers

The ideal containers are crucial to making any space look fantastic, even in a moment’s notice — just toss things in and you are done. These ideas for picking the ideal basket, bin or box for the job will help you to get your space looking sharp and also make maintaining order a cinch. Of course, clearing the mess before embarking on your quest to get organized will make matters simpler. As soon as you’ve your possessions pared down, then you can evaluate what’s left and check this out of organizing ideas that will assist you determine where it all will go.

Related: Are You a Piler or a Filer?

Tiffany Farha Design

A wall of fitting baskets and labels. Keep projects neat at work, shop movies and media in the living room or kids’ toys in the playroom — no matter what you have to organize, this installment will make it look amazing.

Oak Hill Architects

Color-coded bins. When you have a large family, easy organization is essential. Make things simple by assigning a color to each family member (including the dog) and fit up bins or baskets accordingly.

Anthony James Construction

Photo-labeled files. Another wise tip for households would be to use photographs to label frequently used file boxes for quick and easy access.

Jute Interior Design

A wall mounted organizer for smaller products. Keep little random items from crowding your desk by giving each item its own home in a wall organizer, such as the one displayed here.

Bonus for homes with kids: This type of organizer will keep sharp items like scissors out of reach of little hands.

The Decorologist, Kristie Barnett

A portable basket tote. Use a handled basket or sturdy canvas tote as a temporary home to get “go-backs,” items that have to be put out everywhere. Be sure to empty it every day.


Wall pockets. Hang a few wall-mounted magazine racks in a small entry, kitchen or office to maintain mail and magazines from spreading across each surface.

Closet & Storage Concepts

Glass jars. In case you have a lot of small crafts materials, this is a great way to keep them neat yet also visible. Labels can be very useful, but when you are trying to find a specific bead or colour of thread, then nothing beats visual comprehension.

Caitlin Wilson Design

See-through drawers. On precisely the same note, wire bins or drawers such as the ones shown here are ideal for keeping colorful fabric or paper. This setup is also fantastic for kids’ rooms, because it makes it easy for little ones to assist themselves.

Becki Peckham

One capacious bin. Sometimes all you need is just one great big basket or bin to create a space feel neater. Put one in the living area to hold more pillows, blankets and odds and ends.

Corynne Pless

Long and low baskets. Perfect for keeping books and magazines when you have run out of shelf space, long, shallow baskets can slide beneath tables, couches and beds easily.

Leverone Design, Inc..

Totes on hooks. Up the organizing power of wall mounted hooks by adding a tote or 2. Keep one in the bedroom to get delicates or dry cleaning, and another from the front door for scarves and sunglasses.

Leverone Design, Inc..

Luggage on display. Have a stunning suitcase or duffel? Quit hiding it in the cupboard — put it into function rather holding off-season clothing or spare linens.

California Closets Twin Cities

Outfit high shelves with bins. Items on large shelves have a inclination to teeter and topple. Keep things looking fantastic and also make retrieval a breeze by lining top shelves with fitting bins.

Tip: certainly are a must for storage on large shelves, since you don’t want to have to pull each bin down to see what’s in it.

Casa Greer

Lacquer boxes. These slick storage boxes are as easy as they are posh. Consider using one to maintain your wallet, watch and change neat on the dresser, or stash remotes in one on the coffee table.

jamesthomas Interiors

Lined baskets. The lining will keep modest items more secure, so this kind of container is ideal when you need portability. Consider storing bathroom products at a lined basket under the sink, then carry it out whenever you are prepared to fill the bathtub.

Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

Accessorize your kitchen cart. Open shelving that homes purely functional items can benefit from fine containers. Try open bins for napkins and tiny tools, and a wide basket for sheet pans and cutting boards.

sarah & bendrix

Go large and small in a kids’ area. Small open baskets are wonderful for keeping like items together. However there are occasions when you only have to create some order from chaos in five minutes level — and that is where a major toy chest comes in. Just fill it up and shut the lid.

See Jane Work

Fabric Bucket Storage, Big – $22

Choose the best size for the endeavor. Before searching for storage containers, look closely at what you have to shop. Massive baskets, however beautiful, won’t be helpful if you are attempting to stash clothespins.

Mary Prince Photography

Important Note!

Keep it up. Any planning system has the potential to just become more mess if it isn’t maintained. Use your bins and baskets as a type of measuring instrument: If one starts to bulge or bulge, let that be your cue to pare down.

Establish a normal date on your calendar to remove clutter — because keeping things neat is a lot simpler than creating order from utter chaos!

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Hisssss: Get Wrapped Up in the Year of the Snake

Chinese superstition seemingly says that a snake in the house is great luck. And since February 10, 2013, marks the beginning of the Chinese zodiac’s Year of the Snake, why not adopt the scaly reptile with home decor? In the end, bendy, curvy and slithering forms create a hot and fluid design aesthetic. Lucky you!


Alizz C. Cooper Pendant by Ingo Maurer – $925

Twist, bend, stretch, dangle — that the form is a no-brainer for cool light designs.

House & Hold

Ferm Living Mr. Snake Pillow – $146

Drape this color-happy pillow around your neck for comfy, nonconstricting support.

Barneys New York

Spisani Python Bookends – $295

I could see these Italian handmade acrylic bookends, which depict a brown snake with a rhinestone eye, propping up the entire Harry Potter series.

Burke Decor

Chinese Zodiac Placemats from Simrin, Set of 4 – $54

Forget what creature you are in? Not anymore with these trendy Chinese zodiac placemats in a washable cloth.

Jarlath Mellett

Children’s rooms shouldn’t be spared a little snake oil , either. This lively space demonstrates there is nothing frightening about adopting serpents.

Loopee Design

bObles Tumbling Snake Table – $329

This unique children’ snake table comes in a variety of bright colors.

Michael Miller Fabric, Garden Animals from Patty Sloniger – $8.38

Total any children’ area with this Michael Miller fabric, that includes graphic garden snakes and other creatures.

Modern Artisans

‘Copper-Head’ Garden Snake – $42.99

A snake’s natural habitat is the outside, so it is not surprising that garden design benefits from a curvaceous form. A play on the venomous copperhead snake, this slick foot-high copper sculpture is good for gardens and backyards.

Cobra Light – $504.86

Meanwhile, this cobra-shaped light adds texture elegance to any walkway lighting scheme.

Poliform USA

Snake Armchair

The serpent-like kind of this chair and ottoman produces a perfect harmony for kicking.


Snakeskin Knit Throw – $150

Snakeskin includes a natural geometric pattern for this, which makes it perfect for throw blankets and other fabrics.


Faux Serpent/Snakeskin Fabric

For the uber snakeskin enthusiast, this faux material may be used for upholstery and even to cover entire walls.

Cercan Tile Inc..

The Snake Series – Resin Tile

Or create a scaly backsplash using these resin tiles.

Quality Bath

Nameeks Scirocco Snake 66-9010 Towel Warmer – $2,210

Reminiscent of the popular early portable snake game, this design-minded towel rack may create any toilet glamorous.

Emily Winters

This custom-designed faucet in a master bathroom makes an anaconda-size design announcement.

Fusion Mirror – $299

Few this mirror, which remembers two snakes kissing, with all the towel rack and faucet over and you have got one cool snake-themed bathroom.

Michael Lee Architects

Snake plants, found here in this home entryway, are versatile indoor plants proven to improve air quality.


Color Coil Pot, Small – $28

Or spruce other types of plants using these coiled pots.

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12 Coffee Tables to Stir Up a Living Room Appearance

A coffee table can reveal many things about its owner: fashion, reading interests, sometimes even age. My mom has a coffee table in the early ’70s she just won’t eliminate. I am able to recall images of myself as a kid learning how to stand employing the edges to pull up myself. Her sentimental feelings with the table have led her to keep it, and it provides a hint that she is in the baby boomer generation.

Coffee tables are one of the most basic furniture pieces, often one of the best three first purchases when somebody is furnishing a home. And just like style, table fashions vary. Styles reflect the times, including materials, form and purpose. If you’re considering a brand new coffee table for your new year, here are 12 ideas to get you started.

Katie Leede & Company Studio

This simple wood coffee table has a new twist using a lower-than-standard height, about 12 to 14 inches, providing this sunny living space an updated appeal. Stack your favourite books in batches on top for a casual, homey appearance.

Chad Jackson Photo

The glass table is a classic choice for both traditional and contemporary interiors. Glass tables help create an airy, uncluttered feel. If you have a gorgeous rug you don’t want covered up, glass is your answer.

Dillard Pierce Design Associates

A live-edge slab table gives an instant soft modern appeal. With a metal base, it is a fantastic style to mix into eclectic arrangements.

Schwartz and Architecture

Tree trunk coffee tables such as this trio are becoming very popular within the green furniture motion. They’re usually very heavy; purchase ones with casters to make transit easier.

Powell/Kleinschmidt, Inc..

A coffee table made from separate pieces, such as those four square ones, is perfect for men and women who prefer to mix things up and move furniture around regularly. This geometric group has great modern appeal.

Rethink Design Studio

Have a favourite desk but long for a change? Splash on some paint! The color can tie into the room’s palette or present a dab of arbitrary color.

Best & Company

A petite coffee table set to a side is a fantastic option for a daybed. Allowing for simple access to the chair, this small table is just big enough to hold books, a lamp or a mug.

Cecilie Starin Design Inc..

A painted coffee table feels very conventional, adding complicated layers the eye loves to rest on. Note how this black coffee table is mixed with white painted seats and medium-toned end tables.

Branca, Inc..

Make it a soft shirt. An upholstered ottoman is indeed comfortable and legs-up casual that it is hard to resist. You always have the option to place a tray on top as a solid surface for accessories or drinks.

Tucker & Marks

Natural rock tables are beautiful in traditional and modern settings. Durable and substantial, they anchor a space as the focal point. Stone is an excellent starter to get a palette.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Repurpose suitcase or an old trunk. These types of pieces provide a room a lived-in appearance when incorporating storage for blankets and pillows.

Patrick Sutton Associates

Consider a café-style height, exactly like on your favorite coffee shop. A café height changes the appearance and use of the table completely.

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8 New Takes on Time-Honored Textiles

As soon as we sit down to art, we engage in the same kind of procedure as when we design our interiors. We believe form, we are intimately connected to our stuff and we all do it because it grounds us in our sense of place.

Crafting has always been popular in interiors because we thrive on being surrounded by objects together with a human link. And now fiber arts are enjoying a new spin round the house, in creative and graphic reinterpretations of classic techniques and substances.

Have a look at these innovative takes on classic crafting.

Emily McCall

A minimalist room is injected with color, form and texture with one picture quilt.

This isn’t your mother’s macramé! Take things one step further and drape your space in fiber. While this probably would be impractical in your living space, it may be a whimsical way to liven up an event.

Crafts are often handed down through generations. Reimagine your grandmother’s quilt by letting it hang out on an eclectic couch.

Graham and Green

Suzani Quilt

Suzanis are not typically quilted, but both textiles are hugely popular right now, so why not combine them into a gorgeous showstopper?

Ida Lifestyle

Crocheting has a place in the freestanding house at the head of the table. With all these chances, it is not possible to run out of ways to utilize it.


Hexrug Rug or Wall Hanging – $150

This felt carpet touches on a lot of current trends: geometrics, vivid colours and also a nod to a ombré effect. Plus, it is made of one of the most versatile materials out there.


This crocheted patchwork rug softens modern furnishings and modern architecture.

This crocheted bedspread adds a reserved elegance to a dorm room and might be a reminder of house in addition to a hot blanket.

Inform us : What is your relationship with crafts? Are the handmade things in your house some of the most important items?

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6 Easy Ways to Skillfully Hang Your Artwork

Buying art or posters, or print out pictures, is the easy part. We’ve all been faced with the hard component that comes next: choosing frames and mats at the art store or standing before a clean wall with a hammer and hammer in hand. What color frames should you choose? At what height should you hang paintings? How do you do a salon wall? The first rule is to conquer your fears. Do not leave your art in a box for many years, your walls bare. Only dip in and begin.

Erica George Dines Photography

1. Keep it simple. With mats and frames, the easiest thing to do is stick to the many versatile colors: white black and mats frames. Then have all your art framed the same manner.

Viscusi Elson Interior Design – Gina Viscusi Elson

Choose various colored frames at a coordinating palette if you want to liven up a neutral atmosphere.

Beckwith Interiors

2. Hang pieces at eye level. Most galleries hang their art at ordinary eye level, about 58 inches. The center of this artwork, not the top of the bit, but should be at that height. This usually means that you have to do some math: Measure the distance between the wire and the top of the frame, and measure the height of this art and split it in half. Measure 58 inches onto the wall, then add the dimension of half of the artwork’s height and subtract the distance between the wire and the top of the frame. Put here .

Shannon Malone

The gallery-height guide also works for film ledges.

Little Black Door Designs

Yup, salon-style galleries and art hung in a grid operate well centered at eye level, also.

Lauren Gries

You may want to correct for furniture under so that you’re not creating a awkward large gap between the art and the sofa.

Adjust gallery height for the people in the house. Think about hanging art a bit lower in kids’ rooms.

Michelle Salz-Smith, ASID, CID, NCIDQ

If a room will be used mainly for sitting, then hang your art lower to keep it at eye level.

Dawna Jones Design

3. Hang art in a grid. Hanging a grid of photos is a excellent way to earn a large announcement while still maintaining the focus on the individual photos. A symmetrical grid require some extra time and math. Have patience. Keep about 2-3 inches between frames.

4. Go for salon style. Start with the largest piece of art. Center it in the middle or simply off the middle, place the remaining portion of the art around it in a manner that pleases your eye. You can decide on a design by laying the art on the floor till you find a solution which works or by cutting out the shape of every piece of art in brown craft paper and taping it to the wall to check out ideas.

Jute Interior Design

If you do not have one piece of art that is demonstrably larger, weight the centre with darker pieces and frames.

Sarah Greenman

Frames with no art also look good hung salon style. Find a lot of frames at a thrift store and paint them one color for an inexpensive custom art installation.

Madison Modern Home

5. Create a singular sensation. When you’ve got an ornate frame, give it breathing space by not hanging lots close to it. Thin, slick frames are better for grids or rows.

Christie Thomas

6. Think outside the frame. Flourishes such as ribbons and hanging wire add extra character to hanging art and give it more of a conventional look.

Shannon Malone

Clipboards are great for hanging out children’s art or art that is rotated frequently.

Lauren Donaldson

An art grouping like this may not have the lasting power of art, but it wins awards for creativity.

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10 Wall Writings That Look on the Bright Side

It’s a hard world out there, and sometimes we need a little reminder — while we’re brushing our teethgoing up the staircase or flying out of the front door — that everything will be OK. We have all seen typography around the home in the form of artwork prints, classic signs and decals, but there are a select few that send us a thoughtful message and do so in style. See if the writing on the walls of those homes makes you grin, adds a bit more zest to your step and contains you whistling while you are commuting to work.

Michelle Hinckley

This hilarious entryway reminder in DIY design blogger Michelle Hinkley’s home probably applies to the majority of families out there.

Ryland Peters & Small | CICO Books

Whenever I speak to couples who’ve been together for quite a while, they seem to agree with the message inside this flea market elegant bedroom: Forgive quickly.

Kerrie L. Kelly

Kids spend loads of time in tree houses and playrooms — why not imbue them with positive, encouraging messages whenever they’re up there?

Jennifer Smith Designs

This lovely message reminds that the homeowners of the traditional home in Pennsylvania that their kids aren’t just little people to schedule into a weekly calendar of football games, sleepovers and summer camp.

Jane Ellison

This protective blossom symbol makes a nice complement to this Asian-inspired stairway landing or entryway…

Shadow Creek Homes

… as does this Robert Indiana–motivated”Love” wall in a contemporary Denver home.

Baker Court Interiors

The writing over the ceiling molding reads:”May you live to learn well and learn how to live well.” The message is a good reason to appear once in a while from this traditional home’s dinner table.

Avalon Interiors

The mandate over the window frame in this traditional kitchen would be to eat — not to tweet or, a bigger mouthful, upgrade your Facebook status.


It’s going to take a few decades until your baby has a chance to practice the six L’s, but it is good to plant the seeds first, just as this Amsterdam craft blogger is doing by way of her baby’s nursery wall art.

Echelon Custom Homes

Fantasy — one of the easiest and loveliest things that you can do on this window-side banquette.

Using Typography in Design

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Easy Makeover: Spirited Spruce-Up to Get a Bar Cart

About two years back I took you on a tour of my buddy Lucas Miré’s attic here in Atlanta. Ever since then the pictures of the pub tray have been crazy popular on . He always likes to keep up it and full of spirits, and keeps fresh flowers in addition to it. Howeveran honest guest looked at it recently with new eyes and pointed out that the pub could use a good cleaning, some reorganizing and a general spruce-up. It was an easy job they finished in less than an hourand Miré was so excited about his cleanup, it had been the first thing he told me about another time I saw him.

This is one of the original bar shots. It’s been featured in many articles here on , and ers have inserted it to more than 1,500 private ideabooks so far. This shot was taken about two decades back, as it was prepared for the close-up. Ever since then, the pub was becoming cluttered and dusty and was in disarray, but since Miré saw it every day, he didn’t notice.

Butler tray and stand: West Elm

“It all began when my friend brought me these awesome glass chunks with feathers in them,” states Miré. “I believe they are really cool, however I didn’t want to hang them all in some group and say’Here is my feathers-in-glass-balls collection.'”

“We began to experiment and determined they’d look great in the tops of my carafes,” he states. “I am such great friends with whoever gave me that he felt comfortable telling me that my pub could use a sprucing. We washed and removed each of the liquor bottles and glassware, and washed away from the pub thoroughly.”

The next addition to the glassware was that this terrarium on a stem. It retains some sprigs of green present for those days when the table is between flower structures.

“We decided to maintain all of the glass on one side along with the bottles onto the other to help keep it looking as easy as possible,” Miré states. Now the light shines through the glass.

Artfully arranged tulips were inserted as the last touch. Miré enjoys shifting up the flowers to give the pub different appearances.

Serving Up the Ideal Bar Carts

The Rustic Home Bar

10 Components of a Great Home Bar

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20 Wonderfully Inventive DIY Projects by ers

Home dwellers can reveal great creativity when confronted with less-than-ideal conditions such as a tight budget, a small space or a dull rental. Even the most mundane and unexpected items — FedEx boxes, mason jars, metal salad bowls and wine bottles — locate instant lives as decoration in their palms. Have a look at these 20 creative DIYs and get inspired for another weekend project.

Andrew Snow Photography

1. Salvaged storage for basement appliances. This old, peeling door was cut into three separate hinged sections to fit to this basement kitchen nook. The sections open to show the fridge, freezer and microwave.

See this house: Creative Moves Turn a Toronto Basement Into a Fashionable Lease

Emily Campbell

2. Flying-carpet coffee table. The illusion of the wonderful flying-carpet table adds a small bit of magic to this DIY-heavy apartment. A small Persian rug rests along with a piece of plywood. Once removed, the plywood reveals a small wooden coffee table with a built-in wine cooler.

See this house: Ultimate Live-Work Space Adapts to the Requirements of the Day

Megan Buchanan

3. Wallpapered stair risers. Leftover background and vintage address numbers pasted onto this Vancouver staircase risers make for an enjoyable, interactive way for your homeowner’s young kid to learn how to count.

See this house: Quirky, Colorful Vancouver Heritage Home

Rikki Snyder

4. Colorful cardboard-box wallpaper. A collection of old FedEx boxes went to great use with this wall covering — each box was cut into several shapes, layered onto the wall and hands painted.

See this house: An Antique Cape Cod House Explodes With Color

Shannon Malone

5. Outdoor-friendly wine-bottle light fixture. This homeowner created an outside light fixture out of wine bottles along with a steel bar. Edison bulbs alternative with tea lights for additional charm.

See this house: Eclectic, Artistic Rented House in Ojai

Andrew Snow Photography

6. DIY salad-bowl sink. A hardy stainless steel salad bowl fit the bill for a modern and very affordable sink in this home. The base of the bowl was drilled through for the pipes.

See this house: Creative Open-Concept Home in Toronto

Valerie McCaskill Dickman

7. Free-form wallpaper replacement. This homeowner took a while – and money-saving approach to her wall decoration — instead of hanging background, she painted a simple circular design, inspired by a favorite designer.

See this house: Budget-Friendly Bohemian Ranch in Dallas

Chris A Dorsey Photography

8. Salvaged wood seating. This awkward space instantly turned into a cozy corner with some salvaged wood joists, cut to size and wedged into place.

See this house: Artful Restoration for a Brooklyn Brownstone

Sara Bates

9. Freezer-paper wall therapy. This couple came up with a smart and cost-effective solution due to their plain walls. After cutting and ironing 550 circles of freezer onto the walls, then they added a coat of paint for a brand-new appearance.

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Amy Renea

10. Built-in CD rack storage. You need to get creative when you’re moving into an old pretzel factory. In search of additional storage, these homeowners put in Ikea CD racks in between the wall studs, creating four additional cabinets in their very long hallway.

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Lindsay von Hagel

11. Custom Southwest stencil artwork. This Dallas couple custom made a Southwest-inspired stencil for their own dining walls. Several colors of purple create a dazzling ombré effect.

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Julie Ranee Photography

12. Easy and very affordable bulletin board. In search of a means to maintain her family organized, this homeowner snagged a huge pinboard from a school auction for $1, sawed it in half and coated it in fun fabric with a lively pattern.

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Heather Merenda

13. Stacked-lampshade lighting fixture. Plain-Janelampshades acquired new life in this homeowner’s artful lighting installation. Each lampshade is stacked on top of another, and the whole thing is lit by a series of low-wattage bulbs.

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Corynne Pless

14. Pinned-up-paper wall therapy. Textile designer Kate Roebuck couldn’t bear to have too many white walls in her Mississippi rental. Green printed paper rolls pinned to the wall act exactly like background, without the hassle.

Bonus DIY: Roebuck also made the glittery chandelier cover shown to hide an unattractive existing fixture.

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CM Glover

15. Undermounted mason jar storage. Mason jars make for a smart storage fix in this crafty home. Mounted under small floating shelves, the jars are easy to twist out and in — ideal for a sewing room’s small odds and ends.

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Shannon Malone

16. Simple sticker wall artwork. What child would not want a giant sticker album on the bedroom walls? Butterfly stickers cover the walls of the woman’s room for a wall remedy than could be easily added to or replaced.

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Holly Marder

17. Custom Expedit room divider. Maybe the most astounding Ikea hack ever, this retro DIY shelving unit and room divider is created completely out of Ikea Expedit shelves, MDF panels and plastic foil.

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Esther Hershcovich

18. Doorknob coatrack. Rather than hanging hats and clothes on his house’s doorknobs (like so many of us do), this smart homeowner left a coatrack out of black porcelain doorknobs and a scrap of wood.

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Heather Merenda

19. Contact-paper wall artwork. Using an overhead projector, this bunch traced letters out of a photograph onto shelf-liner paper. They’re tenants, along with also the touch paper may peel off easily whenever they proceed.

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Lucy Call

20. Wooden-crate wall closets. Wooden crates like these are simple finds on Craigslist. These crafty homeowners chose to make the most, installing several on their bedroom wall for practical storage.

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