Design Details: Inspired by Expedit Bookshelves

The recognizable model of the Expedit book-shelves of Ikea has practically taken in the house on the type of icon. Those uniform blocks are everywhere, keeping everything from document collections (they are the best match) to publications, office products, toys — the chances are simply limited by one’s creativity. We took a minute to browse around Houzz for Expedits around for action. They certainly look inspired by the Expedit at minimum, while it is difficult to tell with 100% certainty that each and every single one of those is from Ikea. Check ’em out:

Elliott Kaufman

Is that a Expedit? It certainly looks like one. I do not understand how simple they had be to paint, but fitting the colour that is bookcase to the encircling walls makes it seem like a custom piece.

The shelving offers quick accessibility from either side, and functions excellent as a space divider. By covering a few of the openings, to get a bit more separation, follow this designer’s direct.

National Narratives with Ivy

Here they supply tons of work-space storage, and make a chamber where there was not one before.

This pared-down book shelf sticks to neutral and white shades for cohesiveness.

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

Bigger things could possibly get their particular block, while the rest goes in to several baskets to keep order.

LDa Architecture & Insides

Several baskets in basic vision work especially good to support young ones to tidy up after themselves.

The plan is made for simple organization. When every thing has it is own cubby (DVDs here, mags there), tidying up is a cinch.


Branch out from novels that are only. These three Expedits home plates and tableware (among other other items), all readily reachable in the dining location.

Erika Ward – Erika Ward Interiors

Here is a complex arrangement from Houzz contributor Erika Ward’s workplace. She h-AS for styling your Expedit here inspiration.

Go lively with color-coding.

Hint: Keep a cubby or two open to get several cherished sections. In this manner they will get the possibility to beam.

Marie Burgos Style

A couple tidy rows of publications are checkered with a couple doors (presumably to conceal not-s O-tidy things).

Emily A. Clark

The ledge seems fantastic against a bright coloured backdrop.

I love the way the white framework above mimics the colours underneath in this picture.


Here is a closeup of among the ledges featured at best. That turquoise wall colour is only too quite to coverup.

Mercedes Corbell Style + Architecture

A low profile line of the ledges function as a TV or side-board stand.

Exceptional Designer Add-Ons

A mixture of collectibles that are diverse give this Expedit a well-traveled atmosphere.

How can you use your Expedit?

Mo-Re manners with book-shelves