How to Deep Clean Your Carpets

While carpets are a really common and comfortable floor surface, maintaining them does take a bit of work. However, regular carpet cleaning Tucson AZ combined with deep cleaning every now and then is a great way to stay on top of things. Carpet cleaning requires the use of very specific but simple tools and products, including some borax, salt, and white vinegar, as well as a steam cleaner and vacuum cleaner.


Here are some great Tucson carpet cleaning tips to help you effectively deep clean your carpet so that it looks and feels like new again:

  1. Start by tidying up first. You want the space to be clear so that it’s easier to remove the bigger items from the room later. Next, vacuum the carpet very thoroughly, while making sure you move the vacuum from one end of the room to the next and back. Repeat until you feel as though you’ve removed all the dirt, dust and debris from the carpet.
  2. Make a cleaning solution of a ¼ cup each of the aforementioned ingredients of salt, white vinegar and borax to form a paste-like consistency. Rub this paste onto the carpet, focusing on all the difficult stains and smears that you’ve been having difficulty cleaning. Leave the paste to soak on the carpet stains for several hours and then use your vacuum to remove it once it’s completely dried up.
  3. Fill the steam cleaner with about 2.5 gallons of super-hot water and a cup of white vinegar to completely remove stubborn grime and stains.
  4. Most steamers switch between two modes that involve releasing and sucking water, and your goal is to use the second mode more than the first one, while soaking the carpet in between to get a really deep clean.
  5. After you’ve gone through your entire carpet with the steam cleaner, repeat the process again to get your money’s worth from the rented steamer. You probably won’t do this type of deep carpet cleaning Tucson again for another year so you should do it right while you’re on the job.
  6. Allow the carpet to completely dry out before putting your furniture back into the room. To be on the safe side, place a few pieces of aluminum foil under the sofa and table legs to avoid any fresh stains getting from on the carpet. Also refrain from walking on the carpet at all until you’re absolutely sure that it’s dry. Preferably wait for a day or two in the winter time, or just overnight if it’s summer, as you’re most likely able to open the doors and windows to let the air in and dry it faster.
  7. End your carpet deep cleaning fun on an eco-friendly note by disposing of the water cleaning solution inside the steam cleaner in a responsible way. If you’re not sure how to do this, consult with your local water treatment plant authorities for help and clarity.