How to Stop a Grill From Clogging With Drippings

The burners are the heart of your gas grill, designed to distribute gas evenly. After the grill is triggered, the small vents, or openings, at the burners permit the gas to escape and make a fire pit. If a couple of holes become clogged with drippings and debris, then the gas can’t escape to make a flame, making it tricky to consume food evenly. If you use your grill frequently or sometimes, properly maintain your grill to lessen flareups and keep your burners out of clogging.

Close the lid on your grill once you completed cooking. Turn the burners into the highest temperature setting for 10 to 15 minutes. This allows any drippings or debris to burn off the burners and the grates. Allow the grill to cool until the grates are hot to the touch. Clean the surface of the grates and also the leftovers following the burn-off using a scraper or brush designed for use on your grill cloth.

Cook fatty cuts of beef, poultry and heavily marinated foods on a grill griddle or searing pan. The griddle or pan will catch the extra juices and stop them from dripping onto the leftovers. You are able to move the foods into the grill grate to get the last two or three minutes of cooking to add to the visual appeal and flavor of your food.

Turn on your lava rocks within your grill if applicable. The rocks capture the drippings out of your foods. By turning them occasionally, you assist with the burn off of grease and greasy foods that could drip and clog your leftovers. Replace your lava rocks once they began to appear old, have an unpleasant odor or break apart. If you use your grill frequently, substituting your lava rocks once a season are able to continue to keep debris out of the rocks from clogging your burners.

Spray a biodegradable grill cleaner over the interior surface of a trendy grill, such as the burners. Allow the product to set for the time recommended in the manufacturer’s directions. Wipe the interior of the grill, such as the burners, using a rag to remove residue that can clog your own grill.

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