Guest Groups: Get Your Game On With Fun Grilling Goods

I will be the first to acknowledge that I am no sports enthusiast. Tailgating could be the only method to make me onboard, especially if there are bacon-wrapped hot dogs included. It might still be somewhat premature to be thinking about outdoor entertaining this early in the year, but that hasn’t stopped me from window buying some must-have grilling products spiced with personality. Turn up that fire; it’s time to party! — Kristin in The Cuisinerd


Rosle Dual-Functioning Mini Grill and Oven Thermometers – $37

I’m a firm believer in possessing several meat thermometers. This may or may not have anything to do with the fact that I’m constantly dropping them — and then finding them again. These are colorful, fun and just the right price.


Fuego Element 21-Inch Dual-Zone Gas Grill, White – $715.07

If there ever was a modern barbecue more perfect in this way, please show me in once. This really is a showstopper. I just imagine a smoke machine and confetti cannons go off once you roll this beauty onto the scene.

Bauer Pottery Company

Grill Plate – $26

I know a few people who do not enjoy serving dishes mingling with their main ones. I might turn into one of those people if it means I get to eat off of this stunner.

Retro Metal Chairs

Retro Picnic Cooler, Yellow – $60

Retro-inspired coolers might go on the very top of the list of items which I do not need but wish to collect. This guy is petite and will function as the center of attention at any barbecue.

Gent Supply Co..

Freaker Bottle Koozies – $8

Who doesn’t love a beverage koozie? Who doesn’t love one that will match an whole bottle of wine over? These stylish socks will be the perfect way to add some pop to the celebration while ensuring no one’s stealing your refreshment.

Stanley & Sons

Standard Apron With Cloth Straps – $118

It’s true that you do not mind if the “Kiss the Cook” apron gets splattered with your award-winning barbecue sauce, but it’s time to look dapper whilst flipping those burgers.


Fishtail Barbecue Basket – $18

I have been on the hunt for a suitable fish grilling basket. None possesses the personality of this fine chap. Is it strange that I might only need to hang him on the wall?


Exclusive Pushette Skewers – $17.97

I enjoy grilling skewers. Meat, veggies, tofu — you name it, I’ll put it onto a stick and consume it. This set is fine, and I can see them moonlighting as marshmallow roasters too.

Gadgets and Gear

Condiment Gun – $14.95

I’m a firm believer that everyone should play their meals. While this looks like a wreck waiting to happen, you know that you’ll be laughing the entire way through it.


Memphis Retro 2-Burner Barbecue – EUR 265

Stop, drop and roll up this stunning item in my lawn instantly!


Oven Glove, Main Chaude – EUR 15.99

The artistry of the oven mitt is extremely underrated. This glove is sexy.

Waltz Grill

These beautiful grills will transform your lawn into a public park which only got color-bombed with fun occasions. I can not even handle the cute factor here.

Retro Metal Chairs

Parklane Double Glider, Tangerine – $221.99

Does this not scream iced tea and a buddy? This season will be about more outside entertaining.

Hot-Pot Grill – $124

What is it about me adoring dual-purpose products? Grow herbs daily, and grill by night for this miracle. It appears absurd and so perfect for somebody with limited outdoor area.

The Webstaurant Store

8-Inch Round Plastic Fast Food Basket, Red – $4.57

Plastic baskets are the most easy way to transform your barbecue into a Texas-worthy celebration. This reminds me of my very first trip to The Salt Lick, and that I need nothing more than to serve everything out of these at my next gathering.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Picnic Time 18-Piece Barbecue Tool Set – $32.99

This grill tool kit is hardy. He is tool kits’ Stanley Thermos. He’s one hot babe I need by my side each and every time I light up that barbecue.

Joanne Hudson Basics

MYdrap Mustard Cotton Napkin Rolls – $26

All of us waste a lot while entertaining. Paper plates and napkins only make so much more sense for a barbecue, but these reusable cotton napkins (on a roll) might only be paying a visit at my second fiesta.

Scout Regalia

SR White Oak Table Set – $3,100

This beautiful creature was in my wish list for a while. Modern, simple and designed to order — God bless you, table! God bless your own perfection!


Imm Living Anchors Aweigh Bottle Opener – $18.22

Bottle openers are a dime a dozen. But maybe not this one. I actually swooned when I saw it, and now I’m trying to figure out every possible motive to talk myself out of buying it.


Vintage Accessories 64-Inch Camo Cart Grill Cover – $68

Because you want to camouflage your barbecue when it goes to sleep soundly through the night, right?

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Guest Groups: Holiday Baking With Kids

It is the season for holiday! And it’s even more fun once the children are involved. Here are a few of my favorite picks for baking with the children this Christmastime. — Natalie from Perry’s Plate

The Land of Nod

Mix It Up Mixer – $49

If your child isn’t quite prepared to run your big stand mixer, have him or her job right alongside you with this cute little wooden number.

Pottery Barn Kids

Cookie Party Kit – $39

If your household is young and you’re starting new customs, try doing a cookie celebration with friends or cousins. I particularly love the striped blouse and cute gift tags that come with this set.

Cost Plus World Market

Monaco Pre-Assembled Gingerbread House Kit – $19.99

If you’re not a from-scratch type of individual but still want to get your children involved in holiday baking, then get one of these pre-assembled gingerbread house kits for them to decorate. My children love them, and it may become a Christmas tradition for us.

Pottery Barn Kids

The Elf on the Shelf Bowl Place – $12

If your children love the “elf on the shelf” tradition, then they would adore these adorable bowls.

Pottery Barn Kids

Santa Ceramic Cookie Plate & Mug Set – $39

Do not overlook a plate for Santa.

The Land of Nod

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mini Cooking Set – $24.95

Get kids began early at the kitchen. I adore this tiny set of baking and cooking tools.


Holiday Cupcake Stencils – $12.95

My little ones would love decorating cupcakes or muffins with these fantastic stencils.


Holiday Two-Toned Pancake Molds – $19.95

These have to be the coolest pancake molds ever; they are holiday themed and you’ll be able to use two different tones of batter. They would be good for Christmas breakfast.

Cost Plus World Market

Holiday Pancake Pan – $44.50

Here’s another choice for Christmas pancakes. I really like the shapes.

Pottery Barn Kids

Christmas Bib – $19

If your munchkin remains itty bitty, this personalized Christmas bib will keep the holiday munchies off his clothes.

Pottery Barn Kids

Santa Apron – $24

Each good baker demands a good apron. It is never too early to start wearing one.

The Land of Nod

Gingerbread Goodie – $16

Send the little ones to sleep happy baking memories for this adorable gingerbread girl pillow. A gingerbread boy can be available.

The Land of Nod

Pull-Apart Poultry – $19.95

I tell you, breaking a poultry could have gone much more smoothly if I had had one of these plush pull-apart cows to play as a kid.

Cost Plus World Market

Holiday Tag Cookie Mold Pan – $12.99

This could be my favourite product yet. Insert a holiday tag-shaped cookie to the goodie plate you give your buddies. The children would adore writing out the household names.

Cost Plus World Market

Gingerbread Ninja Cookie Kit – $5.99

No, wait. This really is my favorite. All these have much more personality than the normal gingerbread cookies!

Cost Plus World Market

Crispy Rice Snowman Kit – $9.99

If gingerbread isn’t your thing, these crispy rice snowmen are darling. I could eat my weight in crispy rice squares.


Get Cookin’ Establish – $88

If you’re looking for something a bit more posh, try this Get Cookin’ set that comes with a handmade rolling pin, a vintage French linen apron and a recipe box with lots of kid-friendly recipes.

Cosmetic Matters

Doodle Kids’ Apron – $24

If your children are additional artistic, they would really like to decorate their very own aprons. Then you can wash them out and let them decorate them.

Pottery Barn Kids

It is never too early to teach children about gratitude.

Crafty Capers

Kids’ Cooking Starter Set, Blue – GBP 16.85

Here’s another kids’ cooking starter set. I really like the adorable little faces onto the spoon and bowl.

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How to Care for Cypress Wood Fences

In addition to making an attractive addition to your home’s landscape, a cypress fence is also a wise option. The timber naturally creates a preservative called cypressene, making its heartwood resistant to corrosion, decay and insects. After a few years of exposure to the components, your cypress fencing can turn an unattractive shade of dark gray or become covered with mould and moss. No matter the circumstance, properly caring for your cypress fence will reestablish its appearance and protect it from salt spray, rain and whatever else Mother Nature throws at it.

Attach a 25-degree tip to a power washer wand before hooking up the unit to your garden hose. Standing at least 18 inches away from the fence, move the energy washer wand up the duration of each plank to get rid of any dirt or debris. Avoid lingering on almost any place to reduce harm or gouging.

Wear rubber gloves to make a mixture of 1 cup household bleach and 1 gallon water in a plastic bucket. Dip a plastic scrub brush into the mix and use it to kill any mold or mould on the fence. Rinse the bleach solution away completely with a garden hose. Permit the fence to dry thoroughly before continuing.

Look carefully at the cypress fencing and fix any loose planks with stainless steel screws or cracks using wood adhesive. Permit the glue to dry for at least 24 hours prior to continuing.

Employ a water-repellent sealant to your cypress fence using a paintbrush or roller. Working in 3-foot segments, apply the product using back and forth motions. Shield the cypress even further using a product which also contains a moisture inhibitor and mildewcide.

Reapply the water-repellent sealant every one or two decades.

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How to Refinish Wood Spindles

Turned spindles are typical on antique chairs, cabinets, bed frames and staircases, and also an effective method of stripping and sanding them is required knowledge for any refinisher wanting to produce quality work. Conventional palm sanders do not reach into crevices, and if you overwork one, you’ll wind up changing the form of the attribute. Hand sanding is a less aggressive approach, but it is time consuming and does not always work, particularly when you’re attempting to get rid of a dark stain. A more prudent strategy uses chemicals to remove as much stain and finish as possible and keeps sanding to a minimum.

Apply paint stripper to the spindle, either having an old paintbrush or by spraying it from an aerosol can. Spraying the stripper will ensure it gets into all the crevices.

Let the stripper work for 10 to 20 minutes, and before it dries out, scrape it off with a wire brush. Work the brush into all the crevices, but do not push too hard or you’ll scrape the wood.

Apply another coat of stripper to crevices and features that nevertheless seem dim. Let it work, then rub it off with fine steel wool. Do not forget to wear rubber gloves as you do this to protect your palms.

Soak the steel wool into lacquer thinner and use it to completely moisturize the spindle down. It’ll remove flecks of complete that remain on the outside, and may get rid of some stain. If you used a solvent-based stripper, the lacquer thinner will neutralize it, but if you used a water-based stripper, wash off the spindle with water afterwards massaging with lacquer thinner.

Bleach out the stain if you plan to use a lighter stain than the one already on the timber, or you want to leave the timber unstained. There different types of bleach, and also the top one to use depends on the kind of stain you’re trying to remove.

Mix a saturated solution of sterile calcium hypochlorite, available from a swimming pool supplier, and water to remove dyed stains. Brush the remedy on, let it work overnight and wash it off with water. The active ingredient in this mix is chlorine, so wear gloves and a respirator when working with it.

Use oxalic acid to lighten any spots which are the result of natural wood discoloration, which are common on antiques. Mix the oxalic acid crystals with water in accordance with the instructions on the container, brush the solution on and let it work overnight before washing it off with water.

Sand deep crevices carefully with a rotary tool and a flapwheel or abrasive brush accessory. Work the tool into the crevice, but use mild pressure so that you don’t alter the form of the spindle.

Sand the entire spindle by hand with 150-grit sandpaper when you’re happy with its appearance and it’s completely dried. If you’re staining, wipe the stain on with a rag.

Spray sanding sealer on the spindle either having an air rifle or an aerosol can. Let it dry, then sand lightly with 220-grit sandpaper. Apply a few clear end coats by spraying, sanding every coating lightly with 220 or finer paper after it dries and before implementing the next. Do not sand the last coat.

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What Everyday Items Can Be Used to Clean Wood Kitchen Cabinets?

Wood kitchen cabinets are prone to all sorts of dirt, dirt and gunk simply out of being in the kitchen. Steam residue greasy residue on overhead cabinets, and when your 6-year-old insists on helping with the recipe, then your handheld mixer sprays cake batter everywhere. Harsh cleaners may harm the finish on wood cabinets, along with the compounds used to make the cleaners might be toxic too. As opposed to resorting to potentially toxic cleaning materials, whip up your own all-natural cleaning solutions. You most likely already have the items you require, like vinegar or baking soda, available in your kitchen.

Basic Cleaner

Vinegar in a squirt bottle serves as spray cleaner for wood kitchen cabinets. Spray the cabinets, then wash them down with a slightly damp sponge after a minute or 2. Vinegar helps cut grease and greasy film that builds up near cooking areas; it also removes odors. If the cabinets do not feel grimy or greasy, then the vinegar in the spray bottle can be diluted with an equal amount of water. A natural dish soap or oil soap produced out of plant-based materials may be used instead of vinegar; combine a few squirts of this soap to a bowl of water, wipe the cabinets down, then wash again with a new damp sponge. Add a few drops of vinegar into the soapy water if the cabinets feel oily. Dry cabinets with a soft cloth.

Stubborn Spots

Remove built-up dirt or food debris by mixing salt and vinegar into a paste. Scrub the issue regions with a toothbrush or microfiber cloth; prevent harsh abrasives like steel wool, since these can scratch the finish or the wood itself. Hold a cloth or sponge dipped in vinegar over a stubborn spot if it still remains after scrubbingthen scrub it again with all the salt-and-vinegar paste. Baking soda onto a damp sponge might be used as well.

Hardened Gooey Foods

Eliminate dried gooey materials like maple syrup, honey or chocolate with a few ice cubes placed in a refrigerated sandwich tote. Hold the bag of ice within the issue spot for several minutes or till the material hardens. Scrape the material away with the advantage of a plastic knife, bowl of a plastic spoon, or a sheet of card stock. Wipe away any remaining residue by spraying it with vinegar, or mixing a paste of salt and vinegar, then scrubbing the spot gently with a toothbrush.

Clean and Protect

Keep wood cabinets looking their best by mixing a vegetable oil like olive oil and vinegar; use equivalent portions if the cabinets are grimy, or use three components oil, 1 part vinegar when the cabinets have lately been cleaned. Apply a thin layer of this mix over the cabinets, massaging it in with a soft, dye-free cloth. Employing a dye-free cloth ensures the cloth color won’t bleed onto the cabinets.

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How Do I Care for an External Macrame Plant Hanger?

Macrame plant hangers add some classic charm and appeal to any outdoor area. Produced from braided cords in various materials, colors and fashions, the macrame hangers offer durability and strength for your potted plants, and their layouts can match virtually any decor. They don’t need care aside from occasional cleaning — exposure to dust, soil, water and other materials can dull the substance’s appearance. It’s possible to clean macrame plant holders without causing any harm, but don’t use the washing machine or harsh chemicals, which may fade and weaken the substance.

Remove the pot.

Fill a bucket or sink with water that is cool. Add about 1 teaspoon of liquid laundry detergent each 1/2 gallon of water. Don’t use in case your macrame is colored, laundry detergent which contains bleach.

Place the macrame plant holder from the water and agitate it gently with your hands to remove as much dust and dirt as possible. If it’s stained, then let it soak for about 20 or 30 minutes before agitating again.

Drain the water out of bucket or the sink and wash it.

Agitate and swish the macrame plant holder to wash out any detergent residue.

Drain the water out of bucket or the sink. Squeeze out any excess water out of the plant holder. Hang it up in a well-ventilated region to air dry before rehanging the plant.

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How to Use Hot Water for Weed Control

Weeds instantly multiply, building a landscape look sloppy and stealing nutrients from desirable plants. Chemical weedkillers are an option to eliminate weeds, but their potential for negative environmental and health consequences leads several homeowners to seek natural options. The boiling water treatment is inexpensive and successful in burning weeds. Hot water works better on broad-leaf weeds than it will on established perennials, woody plants and grass, based on University of California Integrated Pest Management Online.

Dress in a shirt long pants, socks and closed-toed shoes. The clothing will help to protect your skin if you are splashed onto by the water.

Identify the weeds you plan to kill using the water method. Pick weeds that aren’t near plants that you need to call home. When the boiling water strikes a plant, that plant probably will die. Boiling water works well on weeds along sidewalks and drives, away from other crops.

Fill in a teakettle. Heat the water on a stove burner comes. The water needs to be greater than 200 F, based on University of California Integrated Pest Management Online.

Place an oven mitt or glove in your hand. Switch the stove burner off, and remove the teakettle. Carry the teakettle carefully although instantly to the weeds that you want to kill. Don’t waste time getting to the weeds since the water temperature drops quickly.

Hold the teakettle’s spout near the weeds to get the best control of the water, and then pour the boiling water directly onto the weeds. Pour doesn’t splash.

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Sealing Old Exterior Concrete

The building material is not good at resisting marks and stains as it ages, although concrete is durable and long-lasting with no specific treatment. Adding a protective seal to coat your concrete-based projects can help prevent stains from engine oil dirt, mildew and other fluids.

All Sealed Up

Make any necessary repairs, like smoothing rough spots, filling cracks or repairing weathered segments before sealing the concrete surface. Before applying a new one, if the older concrete has been sealed, the sealant should be stripped. Whether it has been sealed it has to be cleaned thoroughly prior to sealing or dirt, any stains and dirt will be trapped beneath the sealant. You can force use trisodium phosphate and a clean brush to remove stains, or wash off the concrete. Rinse the surface well and allow it to dry before using the sealer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for spraying or dispersing the sealant. The sealer in coats, allowing it to dry between each coat.

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The Way to Spray Paint Cabinet Hardware

Durable closet hardware is well worth keeping even if its finish is outdated or no longer matches the decor of the room. Rather than settling for hardware in its present less-than-attractive condition or completely replacing every knob or pull when repainting cabinets, give that cupboard hardware a makeover of its own with spray paint. Spray paint leaves a smoother finish than brushing the paint, as the spray travels around curves and into particulars without leaving brush lines about the hardware.

Clean out the hardware thoroughly using a vacuum cleaner and moist sponge which has a nylon scrub pad. Wipe away the cleaner with a damp sponge, then dry the hardware with paper towels.

Cover the work area with paper. Sand each hardware bit to scuff the paint or complete, which makes it increasingly receptive to paint. This is important if the hardware is made from metal, plastic or wood. Wipe away the dust with a soft fabric.

Set the cupboard hardware atop a bit of scrap corrugated cardboard or shipping foam. If the hardware has a screw backing such as a drawer pull, push the end of the screw through the cardboard or foam so the pull sits erect.

Don a face mask and ventilate the region. Shake the spray primer can for a moment or as directed by the can’s instructions. Prime each piece of hardware by spraying it with smooth, even strokes, holding the can 12 to 18 inches away. Allow the primer to dry completely.

Shake the spray paint may as indicated from the paint instructions. Paint each bit of hardware in the same manner as applying the primer, using smooth, slow strokes, overlapping each marginally for a comprehensive application. Enable the paint to dry completely. Apply a second coat if the finish appears uneven in any areas, allowing it to dry also.

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How to Remove From Wooden Furniture

Cigarette butt or an errant ash that overlooks the ashtray may cause a burn mark. In some cases, cigarette burns may have been there a while, such as on furniture you purchased secondhand from a thrift store or yard sale. These unsightly burn marks are deep, damaging the finish instead of the wood itself. At times, the cause of the problem is also a part of the treatment: Cigarette ash is a key ingredient in a rub that removes burn marks from timber.

Wipe the area that is damaged using a damp sponge to wash the wood and remove any ashes left behind. Wipe again with a dry cloth.

Place a little bit of wood or smoke ash ash in a shallow bowl. Add just enough mineral oil or linseed oil to create a paste, mixing it with a toothpick or a spoon.

Wrap a soft white fabric and dip your finger into the paste mix that is greasy — instead of a fabric ensures no dye will transfer to the timber using white. Rub the mixture over the burn mark, after the grain, until the wake disappears. Wipe the material from time with another part of the fabric. When the mark fades, wipe away it completely with a corner of the fabric.

Pour a little linseed or mineral oil. Rub the oil over the burned area, after the timber grain. Permit the oil to sit down for a few minutes, and then wipe off excess with a section of the fabric.

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