Circles Create a Well-Rounded Home

By default, the use of squared angles and straight lines tend to be naturals when it comes to interior design. Angled edges exist easily in both decor and design because, frankly, straight lines are simple to work with.

However, if we bend those traces and discard the angles, we create a less common but far more interesting loop contour we generally refer to a circle. Like your most bizarre buddy, circles add a much-appreciated vibe into the room and help soften harsh corners.

Have a look at 13 photographs that show this impact, and I am hopeful that you’ll have the ability to take away something from this ideabook to use on your own house. Give it a glance and see what you think.

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Ira Frazin Architect

This giant crown of lights is the star of this living area and makes quite an effect. My guess is that the fixture was custom built, but it appears simple enough to replicate if you know a person that works with metal and light.

Eran Turgeman – Photographer

A large round mirror slung from the wall pulls your attention across the glistening floor and into the next room. If you are not into resting objects on the floor, this would look equally as good hung up on the wall.

Elad Gonen

Giving the illusion of a passageway in the next room, this huge circle is actually a large mirror hung low on the wall. Something like this would be fun to try in the event that you already have a large mirror that you want to make-over. Jigsaw, paint, plywood and glue and you are good to go!

GreenSpur Inc..

What is apparently an unembellished hoop of timber position over the fireplace boasts both simplicity and confidence. And, needless to say, the ring print hiding behind the O is a great touch as well.

Powell/Kleinschmidt, Inc..

Classy pools of blue soften a line-heavy patio giving it a relaxing, trendy vibe. Using round shapes whenever a particular form allows can help out with making a room that feels comfortable and nicely balanced.

Amoroso Design

These cascading mirrors from Viva Terra are a fun way to brighten up an every day stair case, ideal for a gloomy basement portal.

These mirrors by Chiasso are likewise cool.

Shoshana Gosselin

Among my favorite DIY projects featured on Houzz is this simple yet boldly patterned wall. Much cheaper than wallpaper, these circles include visual dimension and liveliness, all thanks to a little paint and a cardboard box!

David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

A super-sized dot on the wall is a great deviation from the commonly used rectangular framework. If you are considering adding something like your own home, I say the larger the better.

Sutton Suzuki Architects

Unexpected features like an underground light like this one include charm and playfulness into a home. The grid layout within the ring helps tone down the glow a bit and provides visual interest.

Kanner Architects – CLOSED

Waking into a sizable porthole-inspired window each morning would be like stepping into a fantasy, and the changing seasons would result in a kaleidoscopic view. Pure bliss, actually.

Ventana Construction LLC

These bold radial tile patterns over the stove are bright and youthful. What I mean is that I’d most likely have bullseye Nerf gun competitions with my husband once the stove isn’t being used. Do not knock it till you try it, folks.

Yaniv Schwartz – Photographer

The lined white circles drifting on the glass might be piled, but in this situation it’s kind of tough to tell. However, you can probably have a similar effect with a few minutes along with a paint marker. It is worth a shot– this seems really cool!

Ugljesa Kekovic

By now I am convinced that I want a giant hole punch like this in my own house. It seems that this particular loop tunnels in some much welcomed natural light to an otherwise dimly-lit room.

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Hard to Find

Circle Shelf – AUD 390

And now for a few product ideas, all pertaining to circles. A gorgeous shelf like this makes a significant statement whilst still letting the wall color behind to peak through. I generally find small knickknacks to look out of place and many times they can make a room feel cluttered, but the boards in this circle create a great house for smaller products.

Contemporary Wall Mirrors – $199.95

This round collage of miniature mirrors are a fun way to add manifestation into a wall that you don’t want to hang a frequent mirror on. Sometimes everyday mirrors offer also much manifestation, but this one sounds just right.


Silhouette Circles Wall Sconce by Thomas Lighting in – $198

A wall sconce such as this would look great in a hallway or on a narrow wall. The circles are illuminated from behind, giving it a exceptional silhouette.

Design Public

DwellStudio Circles Bedding in Persimmon – $40

This warm, circle patterned bedding would be a great addition to your own collection this fall. It packs a punch whilst being easy on the eyes.

More: Browse circle-inspired accessories
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Architect’s Toolbox: Locating the Space Between

There’s a scene in the film Titanic: Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are in the forehead of this wonderful ship, high over the water with the sea stretched out before them. DiCaprio and Winslet locate themselves at a space that does not belong to the ship or into the ocean, a space that isn’t in the foreground or in the background. It’s a place in the middle ground where they hold each other as they find themselves between the ship and the sea at that space that only goes to them.

Architects and designers relish creating these in-between spaces. 1 such place is a little balcony perched over the landscape and gently, possibly even precariously, connected to the home. Like the brow of the Titanic, these balconies produce middle-ground places that are solely our own.

Eck | MacNeely Architects inc..

Like the brow of the Titanic cutting through the ocean, this space finds the middle ground between what’s behind and what lies ahead, involving the safety and security of the house and the vastness of the landscape outside.

Frank Shirley Architects

Two chairs and a little dining table: the ideal place to sit down and read a book or have a nap as we drift along.

2fORM Architecture

A complete glass wall with large doors and a ceiling that points into the skies create an entire room that’s an interior space.

Battle Associates, Architects

Providing a roof over the balcony helps keep it dry while folding it back into the home to give us just a little more safety as we survey the untamed landscape from our perch.

Metcalfe Architecture & Design

Utilize a railing that disappears so the view when lying in bed is unobstructed.

Su Casa Designs

Or use a railing that offers some definition and boundary to the space so the edges are clear.

V & Company

Utilize a railing that repeats the window layout to the exterior edge.

Birdseye Design

Or use a pipe railing that just barely touches the home to keep an open and nautical feel.

sherry hart

Is this balcony part of the bedroom or the treetops outside?

AIA, bud Dietrich

The primary, linear and airy area extends into the outside while the mattress is tucked safely off to the side.

Asher Elbaz

Interior balconies are okay, too. For people who wish to only watch the party going on below.

Happy Birthday, Fallingwater!
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DIY Project: Frilly Floral for a Kid’s Wall

Ever wonder what you could do with all those fake flowers you see in the dollar store? Make art out of these! This DIY project cost only a couple of bucks and can be carried out in 1 night while catching up in your favorite picture.

I came up with the idea while in the dollar store searching for inexpensive inspiration to work with a little girl’s bedroom redesign. I had been on a tight budget. I do not usually work with imitation flowers, but for this kid’s room, I made an exception. When bunched together, multiple imitation flower tops include a vibrant, feminine touch. See how to take action:

Shoshana Gosselin

With this”Pink Up It” girl’s bedroom I was searching for something big to soften the feel of this large wood headboard. The parents wanted to bypass the box spring before their kid was tall enough to safely get in and out of bed, therefore more of this headboard is exposed. The new DIY art takes the attention off all that heavy wood.

Shoshana Gosselin

Provides you need:
Canvas board (I used a 36″ x 24″ size for this particular project)
Faux flowers (20 bunches ought to fill a board this size)
Hot glue gun

Shoshana Gosselin

You can grab canvas boards in craft shops and art supply shops.

Shoshana Gosselin

My daughter and I had fun. I used mainly yellow for this project with a couple of sexy pink ones to include color contrast.

Shoshana Gosselin

1. Pop the flower tops off the stems. They should readily come right off. I placed my blossoms.

Shoshana Gosselin

2. Find a flat surface near an electrical socket. Protect your table from adhesive spills, and then plug into your glue gun. Place your canvas board and flower tops on the table as shown here. This is a good time to turn in your picture.

Shoshana Gosselin

3. Start gluing the flowers to the canvas board. Add a generous number of hot glue to the base of the flower and put it at the board. The adhesive won’t be seen when finished. It doesn’t matter where you start placing the flowers; I began in 1 corner and worked out my way.

Shoshana Gosselin

Your canvas board should start to look similar to this. I used mainly yellow flowers but added a couple of hot pink ones for collection.

Shoshana Gosselin

As soon as the popcorn runs out, you’re done.

Shoshana Gosselin

Extra-credit measure: Insert lightweight flying friends such as butterflies and birds employing thin floral wire, available in craft and floral shops. I discovered these very thin metallic butterflies in a grocery shop (they had been part of cheap outdoor chimes).

Shoshana Gosselin

I wrapped the wire around the wings, pulled it underneath the butterfly, then twisted the cord around among those flowers already attached to the board. Twist the wire around a couple more times to steady it. It ought to proceed when touched, but remain attached to the installation.

Optional: To soften the borders, I inserted a narrow yellow ribbon around the sides of the canvas board with fabric glue.

Shoshana Gosselin

Ta da!!!!!

Shoshana Gosselin

This frilly canvas can be used in almost any kids space, such as bedrooms, nurseries and play places.

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