Glulam is the nickname for timber. Thin sheets of wood are pressure bonded with waterproof adhesives, resulting in a wood material that’s stronger than traditional woodcan cover longer spans, since it’s stress engineered and not sawn wood. Glulam can also be moisture resistant and can be a flame retardant.

Doerr Architecture

Glulam can be produced in curved shapes, in lengths exceeding 100 feet.

bright designlab

Glulam is manufactured after the same formulation as plywood sheets of wood glued together.

Chris Johnson

Glulam timbers are stronger and less expensive than steel beams or sawn wood, which makes them a fantastic selection for open areas with long spans.

Not only for use, glulam has flexibility.

Browse more glulam photographs

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A Vancouver Condo Organizing a Modern Note

Small space apart, Richard Liang knew his Vancouver condominium was exactly where he wished to live. Even though the 650-square-foot living space was a little intimidating, he was able to match all his furniture by creating a drawing of the room to scale and experimenting with countless furniture structures before going in. “The biggest design challenge for me personally was accommodating the limited quantity of space without sacrificing aesthetics or usefulness,” says Liang, a mechanical engineer. The result is a comfortable and masculine bachelor pad, with accessories that show Liang’s life pursuits along with a gorgeous city view.

at a Glance
Who lives here: Richard Liang
Location: Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Size: 650 square feet; 1 bedroom
That is intriguing: Liang is a gifted guitarist and has played live acts across the South of France.

Heather Merenda

Music has a significant effect in Liang’s interior design and artwork — you will find tributes to his fire in every area. The piece above the dining table is among the earliest forms of composed music on sheepskin. “I’ve been told it’s a dirty hymn, however I can’t read Latin, so that I may never know,” Liang says.

What seems like a framed polka dot print in the space was produced by Liang’s buddy Natalia Grosner. The smart illustration depicts their buddies are connected.

Heather Merenda

Liang commissioned artist David Ko to make this oil and acrylic canvas for the living room. In addition to paintings, Ko also does T-shirt illustrations, album artwork, package design and skateboard graphics.

Heather Merenda

The dining area light merges a conventional shade and a wire cage into an industrial-inspired but elegant pendant. Paired with a classic table, it gives the room a postmodern feel. “I’ve always been fascinated with depictions of the future that are unmistakably in yesteryear,” Liang says.

Pendant lamp: Bluff City, Jonah Takagi for Roll & Hill

Heather Merenda

The inside color schemes were made by Portico Design Group. Liang opted for a contemporary look with polished Caesarstone slab countertops, sleek stainless steel appliances and walnut cabinets.

Heather Merenda

The ice cream silkscreen by Natalia Grosner is a welcome addition to the kitchen. The design was motivated by rap legends about food.

Heather Merenda

This antique table features a crank system that makes it ideal for entertaining. When flipped, the fold enables the table to be raised to pub height or reduced for dining. Visible rivets adorn the iron trim, adding to the industrial styling of this dining area.

Dining table: Antiques Direct Worldwide

Heather Merenda

The framed Joan Miró lithographs propped atop this rustic bookshelf have been a present from Liang’s mother. The classic bits are Liang’s treasured artwork in the house. “I’m a spontaneous shopper and buy on instinct. When I like something, I usually know right away and take care of it. The decorating comes afterwards,” he says.

Heather Merenda

The south-facing living area boasts expansive views of the city. The living room’s guitar installation is a smart combination of storage and artwork.

Sofa: Niels Bendtsen for Bensen; rug: from Hong Kong

Heather Merenda

Liang was playing music since he was 6 or 7. The acoustic guitar on the wall with the D-shape sound hole is a style of guitar frequently associated with gypsy jazz. The guitar has deep sentimental value.

Heather Merenda

When the canvas color on this floor lamp is illuminated, the patchwork, stitching and texture shine through. Together with the classic leather seat, these particulars include a tailored, masculine edge to the room.

Floor lamp: Diesel’s Successful Living collaboration with Foscarini

Heather Merenda

Low-maintenance succulent varieties from neighborhood shop Balconi Floral Design Studio sit on top of a living room console.

Heather Merenda

Liang’s bedroom is a work in progress — he is currently on the lookout for a new bed frame. A painted portrait by Ben Tour hangs over the headboard, and a ceiling lighting made by Ramón Benedito to get Vibia illuminates the space.

Heather Merenda

Liang’s home office desk has a excellent cord management system: Walnut wood panels front and back make it simple to keep wires and cords from view. A discreet multifunctional front drawer allows the computer keyboard to be stowed away to get a minimum look. The side of this desk is at a satin aluminum finish. Liang hopes to find a fashionable new office chair to increase the space.

Framed artwork: Bahaus Museum; painting: secondhand; desk: Inspiration Furniture; ceiling lighting: Egoluce

Heather Merenda

Liang put outdoor furniture and a barbecue on the balcony to include livable square footage. With fantastic views of the town, this is a choice place to hang out with buddies night or day.

Heather Merenda

It is hard to beat the view from Liang’s balcony. When he hosts larger events at his condominium there is rooftop access, complete with a barbecue and a fireplace. The scenic views are worth a trip up to the very best. Liang says, “I believe the place has changed radically in the past couple of years, and I find it exciting. Although Vancouver is not that large a town, I still feel I can get lost”

telephone: have you got an eclectic, imaginative residence? We’d really like to see it.

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Organize Photos in a Flash

Every gadget these days seems to come with a built-in camera and easy access to photo-sharing sites. However, the convenience of technology can sometimes also be a diversion. According to The Association of Professional Photo Organizers, at least 750 million photographs were uploaded to Facebook on New Year’s Day in 2011. We’re so busy posting our pictures to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which the majority of us do not make time to maintain the lot organized.

And then there are the hard copies of photographs which are in a box (someplace ). Remember when we actually printed photographs? No matter the format, obtaining photographs organized probably has a permanent spot on your mental to-do list. Let’s go from to-do to to-done.

Burnham Design

Start off organizing the photograph format which will provide you the largest reassurance. For almost all of us that is hard copies. Professional organizer Christie Gelsomino indicates to sort by motif (kids, pets, holidays, vacations) or by date. You might even use a combo of the two.

Natalie Myers

After you have sorted all of your pictures into classes, decide on their destination. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Photo boxes: make sure that the boxes are big enough for the photographs you are storing. The Container Store has some great options to stash your stuff. And whatever you do, do not forget to tag.

Albums: that I love these binders from Russel + Hazel. All you’ll need are inserts for organizing the photographs.

Collection cabinet: Serious photograph collectors may think about a collection cabinet for photo storage requirements.

Quick-start tip: Use what you’ve got available to store photos until you find the perfect container — believe shoe boxes.


For some, tossing photographs is simple; for others, it is a cardinal sin. In case you’ve got a set of rules to go by, let go of extraneous pics is a breeze.

Toss outside:
• Blurry photos
• Photos where you need to ask yourself,”Who’s that?”
• Doubles


You will inevitably have a pile of photographs that you’d like to scan for safekeeping. Before you scan, research the best alternative for keeping them digitally.

A external hard drive or flash drive: Produce folders which mimic the classes you have already established so that the digital pictures remain organized.

A cloud hosting support: Once your set is from the cloud using a service such as iPhoto, Flickr or Shutterfly, it is easy to share memories with loved ones near and far.

CDs: These are great for maintaining a number of copies and handing over a photograph collection to your friend or family member.

Patrick Sutton Associates

In case you keep the negatives? It depends upon if they are the only copies you have of a particular set of photographs. Cross-check negatives against your pics. If you have all the photographs, you can throw the downsides.

You may also wish to scan a few of the negatives. Here’s a tutorial in Popular Photography which uses your flatbed scanner and a little DIY art to handle this job.

Any downsides that you are keeping should be safely stored in an archival photograph box to prevent moisture or moisture damage.

April Force Pardoe Interiors

Once you’ve organized your photos, you’ll have a clearer idea of what you’d like to exhibit (as everything is going to soon be searchable). A wall of your favorite photos exhibited salon style is a superb way to showcase your own collection. Whatever you decide, you can rest easy knowing that your memories are preserved for posterity.

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Paperless Home Offices Show Reams of Style

By now I am confident you’ve heard the term “going paperless.” When I first heard this term, I used to picture some type of future alternate world where robots dominated (insane but accurate). I’ve come to know that a paperless lifestyle is organized and efficient (anything but bare and crude). But the fact is, the paperless home or paperless office will look different for everyone.

Going paperless might mean you opt to switch to using Google Calendar instead of your paper planner. Or it could mean getting all of your invoices by email instead of snail mail. And even though I’ve wanted to rely less on paper in my home office, I’ve never committed 100%. I use an internet calendar but still get paper invoices. Along with my receipts (while filed) are overpowering, present as write-offs for my enterprise.

So in 2012, I’ve decided to go closer to paperless by substituting my “To Document” folder with a “To Scan” folder. I also invested in a Fujitsu Scan Snap Scanner for most of the paperwork I need to keep for tax purposes. Please join me as I explore ways in which we can rely less on paper and make more space for clutter-free style.

Atypical Type A

For starters, take a look around your home. Have a look at your home office, the entryway and the countertops. How great would it feel if all that paperwork should happen to evaporate? There will be a decreased likelihood of misplacing important bills, and you wouldn’t be scrambling to find stamps to mail late paperwork.

And can you imagine a universe without a file cabinet or file? Across the desk, the file cabinet systems in this image. A gorgeous plant or just open space would be a serene option to have if the paperwork in this home were online.

Janell Beals – House of Fifty

While I like the notion of getting rid of that paper, I really love the concept of living a more mobile life. That means working my business from any room in the house without leaving a trail of paper. And traveling would be a breeze, as I wouldn’t need to worry about asking a friend to catch my mail or panic about the unopened bills piling up.

Shirley Meisels

With rooms that pull double duty, it is even more important to maintain files and paper. This home office can eliminate working as a spare space because there’s no paper to clutter up the room.


A good deal of people who aren’t even technology savvy are taking the paperless plunge because it’s a greener choice. Less paper means great things for the environment — making the switch a more mindful choice. Not to mention lots of firms are currently offering incentives for customers to get invoices online and serving up penalties to people who don’t.


Among the best reasons for disorganized folks to get onboard with the paperless movement: Paper piles are not searchable, but your computer files are. Once your paperwork is cataloged online, finding it’s a breeze with a fast keyword search.

Emily Ruddo

Maybe you have some reservations about going paperless. Below are some common concerns.

• reduction of control. Imagine if you can’t find what you’re looking for?
• Is virtual storage (such as “the cloud”) protected?
• Imagine if there was a tragedy, and the electricity goes out?

These are things to think about when determining to what extent you need paper from you life. I will also be addressing these things in future ideabooks.

For People design

Similar to getting organized, you’ll want to have realistic expectations when considering going paperless. If you don’t plan toss the papers once they’re scanned, your new system won’t work. And even in the event that you request every bill reminder to come by way of email, be aware that there is a level of maintenance involved.

Ultimately, no dwelling will be totally paperless. You’re bound to still get some mail and arbitrary newspapers coming in. And there are some files that a physical copy is absolutely necessary. Fortunately those are few.


It is important to think about such things and pinpoint why you want to go paperless. I encourage you to take the plunge with me and use the Remarks section to ask questions and gain support from people looking to do precisely the identical thing.

Meet Your Desk: How to Produce a Workspace This Works

Home Offices That Make You Wish to Look after Business

28 Great Real-Life Home Offices

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Although this mid-century house is perched on a mountain overlooking the bay in San Francisco’s Noe Valley, its original design did nothing to embrace its clear views and natural light. The client, half a design-savvy couple with a young son (and baby number 2 on the road), desired an open and glowing area in which to boost your family. “Their main priority has been opening up the house,” says interior designer Regan Baker. “The original house was a dark warren of clutter and walls.”

Architect Mason Miller knocked down almost every interior wall at the 1,600-square-foot apartment’s most important floor, clearing the way for a opinion in each main room. A master suite was inserted into the top floor, also Baker gave the house a unique textural blend of rustic, contemporary and retro-inspired décor. The perspective of the blue skies, the endless sea and the city “is exactly like a piece of artwork on the walls,” says Baker. “It is best seen about white walls and less clutter.”

Regan Baker Design Inc..

“The client’s love of this juxtaposition of organic components with shiny and slick contemporary components really inspired the concept,” says Baker. Walls were retained white to allow the finishes shine and keep the house feeling contemporary.

The client and her husband have been over 6 feet tall, so they desired to bring some visual height into the 8-foot ceilings. The crown molding was stripped off, 8-inch baseboards were additional and white paint was used to help visually extend the wall area.

Starburst mirror: Crate and Barrel
Couch: Andre Sofa, Room & Board
Console: Anders Media Cabinet, Room & Board
Armchairs: Gigi Chair, Room & Board
Rug: Jute Chenille Herringbone Rug, West Elm

Regan Baker Design Inc..

The stunning fireplace is tucked into a corner between the joint space. Even though the outcome is amazing, restructuring this fireplace was a small struggle. “Corner fireplaces are never a fantastic idea –,” says Baker. “We needed to minimize the awkward angle of the fireplace yet also bring in color without highlighting it too much” The heavy, textural gray of this tile was shown to be the ideal match for your surround, and it contrasts with the warm hues of this red oak hardwood flooring.

Fireplace surround: Spec Ceramics, Sentousai
Hearth: Ann Sacks, Ozone Metallic

Regan Baker Design Inc..

The fresh and contemporary kitchen is one of Baker’s favorite rooms in the house. “I love the way the graphite penny-round backsplash really frames the view of the bay in the instant you walk in and complements the walnut accents,” she says.

The husband is an avid cook, so having a big and workable kitchen was a must. A deep solitary kitchen sink has been high on the priority list, as were plenty of storage and counterspace.

Counters: soapstone, Integrated Resource
Island counter: Calcutta Oro, Integrated Resource

Regan Baker Design Inc..

The home’s unique mix of textures is especially evident in the kitchen. “Sheen and texture were very important in the color and material choice,” says Baker. “An overabundance of shiny finishes are too retro, and the contrary would be too rustic and not as contemporary. A combination helped marry both styles.”

Stove: 30-inch Viking convection array
Bar stools: Leo pub stool, Room & Board
Refrigerator: Miele KF1800 collection
Subway tile: Rittenhouse Square, DalTile

Regan Baker Design Inc..

Open shelving provides storage and effortless accessibility for frequently used glasses and dishes. The warm Boos walnut shelving plays off the trendy graphite tones of this penny-round backsplash.

Penny rounds: Waterworks

Regan Baker Design Inc..

Architect Miller functioned to optimize the home’s natural light. Like many homes in San Francisco neighborhoods that are close-knit, this one stocks two walls with houses. Getting enough natural light in was certainly an issue, as the north and south walls are the only ones with windows. To solve this, Miller knocked out many of the home’s interior walls to open up the area and put a big skylight in the center of the house.

Regan Baker Design Inc..

A high-gloss reddish gives this custom made desk a retro touch. Baker played glistening paints, fixtures and lighting to bring a couple of subtle mid-century touches into the contemporary design.

Desk: Custom by Mason Miller
Desk paint: Salute, Sherwin Williams
Seat: Enzo Chair, Room & Board

Regan Baker Design Inc..

The contemporary half-bath was outfitted with an off-the-shelf dressing table to offset price and save some time for the team. High- and – low-end tile has been mixed in across the room to extend the budget without scrimping on style. The light fixture is one of Baker’s treasured pieces in the house — the exceptional pendant is a custom combination of three individual fittings from Design Within Reach.

Tile: Pillowed wall tile, Ann Sacks
Lighting fixture: Custom made with E27 Pendant, Design Within Reach

Regan Baker Design Inc..

Baker’s initial decision to depart walls relatively bare was abandoned in a few of the home’s bigger spaces. The patterned background in the bathroom feels present but still has a old-school vibe that works nicely with the rest of the house.

Wallpaper: Winter Trees, Larsen

Regan Baker Design Inc..

Considering that the house didn’t originally have a master suite, figuring out how to configure one on the upper floor has been a challenge. This smaller area was the home’s authentic living room, so every inch counted when squeezing a bedroom and a bath into it.

Interior color: Benjamin Moore, Imperial Gray
Cabinets: Custom Ripple Fold Track Drapery, The Shade Store
Dresser: Anders Dresser, Room & Board
Mirror: Infinity Narrow Mirror, CB2
Wall pendant: BL5, Design Within Reach
Bedding: Dwell Studio

Regan Baker Design Inc..

The client had completed quite a bit of homework on substances for the bathrooms and kitchens. She understood right off the bat she desired glass tile at a matte finish, and scattering Carrara marble. Miller enjoys working with walnut, so it had been used for these custom pieces, which have been created to complement the glass and stonework in the master bath.

Backsplash: Lucian Glass, Ann Sacks
Flooring tile: Black Slate, Waterworks
Vanity counter and tub apron: Statuary Carrara marble slab, Integrated Resource
Tub and shower tile surround: Carrara tile, Integrated Resource

Photography by Odessa

More Tours:
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Guest Picks: Ideas for Autumn Entertaining

From pumpkin patch outings to Thanksgiving dinner, fall brings up the warmest of parties each year. These are a couple of of my favourite fall-themed accessories to help in all your entertaining needs this season. — Annemarie from Brunch at Saks

Pottery Barn

Pumpkin Punch Bowl – $49

What better way to welcome guests to a fall-themed celebration or dinner than using a pumpkin-shaped punch bowl? I would imagine cold apple cider for a brunch would be ideal, or a hot citrus to accompany dessert would be nice as well.


Heirloom Pumpkin Spreaders – $19.95

These are too adorable for words. Fantastic for Thanksgiving dinner or at any time.

Pottery Barn

Acorn Vase Filler – $14.50

I adore these acorns to fill mason jars, votives or vases on your desk. I think they would look great lightly sprinkled across your desk as well.


Leaf Napkin Ring in Napkin Rings – $2.95

Simple yet perfectly fitting for fall entertaining, these napkin rings will go with any decor theme you have in mind and will add a finishing touch to your place setting.


Botanical Pumpkin Napkins, Set of 4 – $40

These botanical pumpkin ribbons will make a beautiful addition to any autumn-themed table setting.


Set of 12 Bronze Apple Leaf Picks – $79.50

These apple leaf picks are so adorable and flexible. Add them to your garland, door or incorporate them in to every place setting.

West Elm

Thanksgiving Wishbone Platter – $49

I adore this dish. I think it would be interesting to use this to get a dish, and as people plate their food, everybody takes a turn sharing their wishes for the period ahead.

Nell Hill’s

Metal and Wood Server – $139.25

This metal and wood server is the best touch of rustic decor for your table. I would love to fill this with beers or bite-size desserts.

Grandin Road

Martha Stewart Flicker Flame Light Strand – $19

I think this flicker flame light strand by Martha Stewart is so much fun and amazing to get an autumn-themed get-together. Hang it around your door, package it upon your mantel or string across the side of a dessert table — it is going to be a welcome addition any way you use it.


Michael Aram “Botanical Leaf” Salt & Pepper Caddy – $89

This botanical leaf pepper and salt caddy is actually adorable and fun. Keep it on your stove top or counter top when not enjoyable.


Verde Salad Plates – $40

These salad plates are joyous, fun and will certainly liven up any table setting.


Manzanita Garland – $99.50

I love the whimsical appearance of this branch-filled garland. It would be ideal on your own fireplace mantel throughout the season or perhaps along a runner on your desk.


Nambé “Eclipse” Nut Bowl – $75

This serving piece would be great for your coffee table or bar during cocktail hour.


Heirloom Pumpkin Place Card Holders – $19.95

These are so adorable for your Thanksgiving table. Occasionally I skip name cards and rather fill them with holiday-related trivia cards. Just Google interesting facts about Thanksgiving, write them down in question form, and sew! An instant conversation starter.

Pottery Barn

Penelope Kalamkari Tablecloth

I adore this tablecloth, particularly if you are utilizing wrought china and dishware. It’s chic and strays only enough from the traditional colour palette of fall to give you a new twist on this season.


Monogrammed Dessert Bowl – $39

I adore this monogrammed bowl for serving something sweet after a huge meal. Layered desserts such as whipped cream and fruit would make for a beautiful presentation, or an ice cream sundae would do just fine as well!


Pumpkin Patch Wreath – $99.95

Greet your guests with this miniature pumpkin wreath. I think it would look great in your front door or hanging from a mirror over the fireplace.

Ballard Designs

Mercury Glass Votives – Assorted Set of 5 – $29

This mercury glass set is ideal for fall and winter decor. I enjoy incorporating votives to any surface, particularly my table during romantic dinner parties and holiday parties.

Pottery Barn

Mason Jar Mug, Set of 6 – $26

These mason jar mugs are fantastic for serving hot cider to your guests. Reuse them during the year for coffee and other special drinks.


Venezia Wood Tray – $69

I like the idea of using this menu to function hot cider in mason jars or to arrange fall-themed sugar biscuits for dessert.

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Regional Modern: Metro New York Shows Its Modernist Roots

My last ideabook on regional modern architecture presented urban interiors in nyc, largely lofts. Architects practicing in and around Manhattan will gladly work on these and other small interior commissions, since ground-up building in town is really costly and is relatively infrequent compared to renovations inside old buildings.

So to visit freestanding homes by region architects one needs to look beyond the five boroughs into the larger metropolitan region. The five boroughs number only over 8 million people, however the larger urban area — encompassing Long Island and parts of New Jersey, Connecticut, and even Pennsylvania — accounts for over double that number, a lot of potential customers.

These homes present the New York area and its architects as rather progressive yet deeply rooted in modernism. Based on a home’s place, exterior materials can allow the home blend into its surroundings or standout, representing the objectives of the architect and the needs of the client.

More regional modern architecture:
Boston | Chicago | Austin | NYC | Seattle | Oregon | No. Calif.. | San Francisco | L.A. | Coastal L.A.

Eisner Design LLC

A”fact” that’s been carried together with modern architecture is that buildings at the idiom have flat roofs. Of course many do (for numerous reasons, from after Corbusier’s”Five Points,” to price of construction), for example homes with sloped roofs stick out from the pack. This endeavor from East Hampton, on Long Island, features an L-shaped program with roofs that slope perpendicular to each other.

Eisner Design LLC

From another direction the home appears more traditional, but the standing-seam roof which wraps to the wall is definitely unique compared to most Hamptons homes.

Elsewhere in East Hampton is the home whose rear part overlooks a pool. From the garage back is a series of sloped roofs, with this rear volume sloping the contrary direction. This opens the home to the rear yard, particularly in the covered terrace past the dining table and chairs. The timber cladding gives the home a sense of being suspended in its place.

Narofsky Architecture + ways2design

Another home on Long Island that appears rooted to its website is the house in stone and wood. The landscaping also plays a part in this presence, particularly the way that the it rises from front to back (such as the house), culminating at the trees behind the house.

Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects

In one of those other Hamptons — Bridgehampton — we find this home striking for cantilevering on both ends. This gesture isn’t arbitrary, as it allows the dunes and course pass under the home with minimal intervention. The glass walls take in opinions on all sides.

Resolution: 4 Architecture

While the Hamptons is littered with second homes of Manhattan’s wealthy, Fire Island is a favorite weekend spot that explodes in the summertime. Fire Island is technically a barrier island on the Atlantic side of Long Island. Obviously, views of the ocean and access into the sand is of the utmost importance. This home greets visitors with two options: a ramp to the home or a walk straight into the beach.

Resolution: 4 Architecture

From the shore, the Fire Island home is made of a series of terraces that provide lots of outdoor space for taking from the Atlantic. The lower floor opens to attract more of the outdoors inside. The wood-slat outside is a very nice cladding that origins the home in its own sandy environs.

Resolution: 4 Architecture

Another home by the same architects shows the similarities and differences of the prefab modules that the firm uses in their residential commissions. Situated in New Jersey, this home is more closed than the Fire Island House, although it employs a comparable cladding and massive expanses of glass.

Murdock Solon Architects

Another home in New Jersey shows a more Global Style design, with all the whitewashed top flooring and ribbon windows. I like the way the home is formed to an L-shape, creating an outdoor space obtained by sliding glass doors on either side. The cantilevered upper floor and the window at the wall adjacent to the terrace indicate something specific can be located to the right past this photo.

Hanrahan Meyers Architects

Moving north, this home in New York’s Hudson River Valley can be reminiscent of the global Style with its easy volumes and horizontality. Yet the way the home responds to the contours of the website by following the drop of the property is notable, giving the building a sense of respect toward the landscape.

Hanrahan Meyers Architects

Another view of the home shows the other side extending to the landscape, alongside the rugged slope. The windows make it obvious this is the side away from the road, where the interior is connected to the landscape via lots of glass.

WXY architecture + urban design

This home in Connecticut, a renovation along with a classic yet reasonably modern home, is yet another International Style home, originating from the whitewash that covers new and old. While the addition has larger windows, it looks like a natural extension of the existing home, carrying on the personality of the home.

WXY architecture + urban design

Another view of the home shows the intimate scale of the addition. I love the firewood nook next to the doors.


Last is this home too in Connecticut. Here we return to the timber cladding that integrates a home more strongly with its surroundings. With time the skin is going to weather to provide the timber a much sexier look, melding it with all the rock garden in front.

Another view shows this home straddling the two approaches I presented here: It equally origins itself together with the timber cladding and stands out from the natural surroundings with all the corrugated metal siding that’s perpendicular to it.

The rock garden is surely a unique touch, something transplanted from everywhere but still appropriate with the easy, modern forms.

More regional modern architecture:
Boston | Chicago | Austin | NYC | Seattle | Oregon | No. Calif.. | San Francisco | L.A. | Coastal L.A.

Next: More Inspiring Architecture
Modern vs. Contemporary: What’s the Difference?

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Guest Picks: A Cabinet of Curiosities

Cabinets of curiosities first emerged in the 16th century and became popular since men and women explored the world, discovering great wonders along the way. Part natural, element man-made, part fantastical, the collections were meant to awe, shock and impress. In the event you decide to make your own, you definitely don’t have to shell out money — you only have to go outside and find things that fill you with wonder. — Brandi from Not Your Typical Ordinary

Evan Chambers NIckel Plated Hawk Rocket Lamp with Green Glass – $850

This light would be ideal for a child who’s fascinated with distance. At the right spot, it would be an perfect nightlight — though it will seem like it needs a title.

Blue Coral – $98

Simple but gorgeous, this blue coral could be a beautiful paperweight or accessory on a mantle.

Rectangular Armadillo Tray by John Derian – $185

Animal prints like the one on this tray may be somewhat unusual, but they would make an excellent addition to any formal library.

Megalodon Shark Tooth Fossil – $395

Whether it’s from a mythical dragon or a long-extinct shark, a tooth like this in your coffee table could be an instant conversation piece.

Sikhote-Alin Meteorite – $285

Few objects are more uncommon or marvelous than a meteorite out of distance. And they are such a beautiful reminder that we are all made of stardust. I would keep this 1 right in my desk.

Christopher Marley Limited Edition Mosaic Prism – $4,400

This really is an incredible art piece created from bugs. Your wall won’t ever be the same. And if the actual bugs disturb you, a similar piece may be created from pictures of bugs.

Narwhal Whale Print by Vintage by the Shore – $12

Narwhals were the first unicorns, and their horns were popular bits in people’s cabinets. Fortunately, this piece may be framed, hung on your wall and admired this way instead. Wouldn’t it be adorable for a toilet?

Laboratory Grown Bismuth Crystals – $39

The geometry and the colors in this mineral can hypnotize a guest all evening. It is another great trinket for a coffee table.

Pearled Chambered Nautilus – $29

A bowl of pearly shells like these would make any seashore-inspired room complete.


Hand Carved Museum Quality Wood Antelope – $392

This carved wooden antelope mind is equally somewhat frightening and imposing. It would be an easy addition to a library or den.

Iron Mouse – $21

Strange little bits, these iron mice are fantastic Halloween decorations or decorations for a bookshelf.

Gold Leafed Shells – $110

To get a more expensive shore house or just for bringing some organic glamour into your house, these golden seashells are the thing, particularly on a desk. They’re also an easy DIY project.

Orchid Botanical Poster – $98

You can have these delicate blossom pieces on screen without worrying about them wilting. This piece is so versatile; it’d be amazing in an office, greenhouse, library or living room.

Morpho Butterfly – $98

Butterflies display a few of the most stunning and vivid colors on earth. Any picture of one on a wall or a mantle could have visitors wondering about nature.

Andy Paiko Small Etched Bell Jar – $430

These unusual etched bell jars would be ideal for showcasing a collectible piece in a really unique way. You may need a special stand for them though.

White Owl – GBP 25

A snow white owl is among the loveliest creatures. This faux one could be ideal in the room of any Harry Potter fan, or simply as an unusual addition to your library or workplace.

Set of 6 Bug Prints – GBP 29

Some of the most amazing animals will also be the smallest ones. These prints capture insects in intricate detail and would make a wonderful group of framed pictures.

The Ruby Slippers Automaton by Automaton Man – $2,250

Automata were exceptionally popular with cupboard owners. In 1 instance, an automata wrote out an entire poem. This sweet one, inspired by the Wizard of Oz, clicks its heels together three times and reminds you that there’s no place like home.

Monsters of the Household Variety – $1,200

As you can’t capture those annoying household creatures, you can show off an amazing book full of hand-sewn pictures of these. This coffee table book is really a conversation piece.

Small Stacking Metal Number Trunks – $238

As you may need a means to store your curiosities in some situations, these numbered boxes are a stylish means to do it.

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