How to Install a Chandelier Lamp Cord

Many chandeliers are intended to be hard-wired into a securely attached junction box in the ceiling that is connected to a wall switch. If you’re renting your house or apartment, however, and would like to install a chandelier, a less-permanent connection is desirable. In these scenarios, you can install a swag kit on your chandelier. This will allow you to plug the chandelier into a standard outlet. A swag kit could be installed on a chandelier in around one hour with a few basic hand tools. Remove the chandelier’s canopy before you begin.

Rank a stepladder directly beneath the area on the ceiling from which you would like to hang the chandelier. Find the nearest joist with a stud finder and mark a drill hole location on the drywall corresponding with the center of the joist using a pencil.

Insert a 1/8-inch drill bit into the chuck of a power drill, and drill a pilot hole through the drywall and into the ceiling joist. Then screw one of the decorative hooks in the swag kit into the pilot hole before the base of the hook is flush with the drywall.

Go the stepladder so that it’s positioned beside the socket to which you would like to connect the electrical cord for the chandelier. Drill a pilot hole into the ceiling to get a second swag hook above the socket. If there’s no ceiling joist in this location, tap a drywall anchor in the swag kit into the pilot hole with a hammer, then thread a swag hook into the anchor.

Feed the exposed-wire finish of the swag kit’s electrical wire through each other link of the swag kit’s string. Then separate the previous link of swag kit’s string with a pair of pliers and then slip the previous link of the chandelier’s string onto the broken link. Shut the link with the pliers to guarantee the swag kit string to the chandelier string.

Slide a piece of heat shrink tubing over the ends of the wires of the swag kit. Strip off 1/2-inch in the ends of the two insulated wires with a pair of wire strippers. Attach the exposed ends of the striped wire from the swag kit into the black wire from the chandelier, and wrap the connection with electrical tape. Then connect the two remaining wires in the exact same method.

Slide the heat shrink tubing over the links, and secure the tubing across the wires with a hair dryer to shrink the tubing.

Put the stepladder beneath the hook from which the chandelier will hang. Lift the chandelier and then carry it next to the hook. Raise or lower the chandelier till it’s in the desired height, then hook the nearest link into the ceiling hook. Move the ladder into the hook above the wall socket, and loop the string onto this hook, allowing the string to traverse the ceiling. Adjust the loop attached to the second hook so the traversed string looks most appealing to your eye.

Insert the swag kit’s electrical plug into the socket, and turn the rotary switch to check the lighting.

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The way to Operate a Pool Pump & Filter

Constituents of a swimming pool are highly interdependent. Without proper operation of each element, water comfort and quality degrade and damage may occur to other parts. The fundamentals of pool design are consistent whether implemented to in-ground or scattered pools. The system is designed to maintain a large volume of water correctly filtered, circulated, heated and treated with disinfecting chemicals. The two main components in any pool program would be the pump and the filter.

Pool Circulation

A pool pump circulates water in the pool through the filter and back to the pool. The pool pump is generally located next to the filter at a concrete pit or recess under the water level of the pool so water flows by gravity into the inlet of the pump. Water entering the pump input first passes through a strainer basket at the pump casing to remove debris. Leaving the pump, the water circulates through the filter and the heater, even if one is installed. Water is reintroduced into the pool via return jets embedded in the walls of the pool. In a frequently utilized pool, the pump may run continuously to offer consistent filtration and circulation. To conserve power, many residential pool pumps have been connected to timers so the circulation is restricted simply to hours of this day when the pool is very likely to be utilized.

Priming The Pump And Filter

Sometimes a pool pump may discard its prime and air may enter the machine, interrupting circulation of water. The most common cause is evaporation, causing the pool water level to drop below the intakes in the skimmers. Priming a pool filter and pump is a standard process in pool systems. Adding water restores the pool’s proper water level. You may remove the cover of the pump casing to fill the pump chamber and intake line with water. When you replace the open and cover the air-bleed valve in addition to the pool filter. The intake and release valves should be available and you can turn on the pump. When water is found going through the obvious sight window at the top of the pump chamber, circulation is restored. Wait until water starts to spurt out of this air-bleed valve on the filter, then close the valve.

Kinds Of Pool Filters

Pool filters vary according to the media utilized to filter the water. The easiest variety is a typical replaceable filter cartridge at a canister installed at the discharge line following the pump. These are generally utilized in smaller volume, above-ground pools and need no maintenance apart from scheduled filter changes. Sand filters utilized in larger in-ground pools use a bed of industrial-grade silica to filter the water as it percolates under pump pressure during the sand. Another number utilizes diatomaceous earth as the filter media, a porous powder that provides very nice filtering properties. Both sand and DE filters need periodic backwashing to wash the filter.

Pool Filter Settings

Pool filter multiport valves have generic settings that are pertinent to all major brands of sand and DE filters. The “Filter” setting circulates water through the sand or DE media, then out the filter via the return port into the pool. The “Backwash” setting redirects the stream of water backwards through the filter media to flush contaminants out as part of scheduled maintenance or when the filter pressure indicates it is becoming obstructed. During backwash, dirty water exits the filter via the waste vent and is discharged into the sewer drain. The “Waste” valve place bypasses the filter. Water in the pump enters via the pump port and leaves straight through the waste vent into the sewer. This setting can be used to vacuum the pool or to decrease the water level. “Recirculate” also bypasses the filter however sends the circulating water back to the pool rather than down the drain, a helpful setting when performing certain chemical therapies that would soften the filter media. “Closed” shuts off all water entering the pool.

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The way to Tighten Hands on a Genre

Dangling hands on the surface of a clock do not do anyone any good. The clock may continue to operate, but it certainly doesn’t longer tell you the moment, and if you possess a clock that chimes on the hour and the half hour, then it may not let out one note. Several clock hands are held to the surface of a spreadsheet by friction and a little nut, and it takes just a very simple repair to tighten them. If the fingers on your clock refuse to stay tight, then you may have to replace the nut or the clock hands.

Catch the hand against the clock shaft. Friction holds the hand on the shaft, and pushing it back on the shaft will tighten it. Once you tighten the hour hand, rotate it too the suitable moment.

Tighten the nut on the end of the shaft holding the second hand. Employing needle-nose pliers can allow you to grasp this little nut. This nut holds the second hand in place. Rotate the second hand to the correct moment.

Push the stem on the rear of the second hand into the opening on the end of the shaft in case your clock has a second hand. Friction holds the second hand at the little opening at the end of the shaft.

Verify the hands when you tighten them. Make sure nothing obstructs the fingers or they catch on each other. Carefully bend the fingers to whip them if needed.

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The way to Set the Depth of a Rough-In for a Shower Drain Installation

Shower drains rely on gravity to function, so drain pipes must slope downward away from the shower drain and toward the waste line resulting in the septic tank or tank. At a rough-in, the drain line is laid out from the location of the shower enclosure to the waste line leading to the septic tank or tank.

No Set Method

There’s no specific method for setting the thickness of a shower drain rough-in, but pipes codes typically need that shower drains drop by at least a quarter-inch each foot of run to ensure adequate drainage. That would mean a 12-foot-long shower drain line must drop by at least 3 inches between the shower drain and also the point where it connects the main waste line. Plumbing codes also want a water-filled P-trap in the shower drain line to avoid backup of sewer or septic gasoline to the shower enclosure, so an installation must allow room for the snare.

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What Causes a Hot Tub Heater to Be Dry?

The electric water heater in your hot tub ensures your water will have a comfortable temperature whenever you want to use the tub. Most hot tubs pump their water through a heater tube that contains an electric heating element to heat the water as it recirculates. If there is little if any water in the heater tube, the heater is said to be dry. A dry hot tub heater may get dangerously hot and requires immediate investigation.

Water Level

Newer hot baths have an electronic screen for error codes that can assist with troubleshooting. A message like “dr” or “dry” or “heater dry” is just a warning that there is no water in the heater tube. Although safety sensors are supposed to detect a dry state and shut off the heater, make sure you manually disconnect power to the heater and pump before troubleshooting the unit. First, check on the water level in the tub. If the water is low, add water to the proper level and try restarting the heater and pump.

Other Issues

Check for other problems that can impair or block water flow through the heater. They include blockage of the intake fitting or consumption skimmer, a dirty water filter, air trapped in the heater tube or a serious plumbing leak. Also check for improperly sealed valves that obstruct water flow through the pump.

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The Way to Generate a Sink Sieve

A sink sieve is a handy tool that is placed to catch silverware food scraps and other debris. The sieve allows the water to flow through while trapping the debris, and you can remove it from the drain to get debris disposal. The sieve part of a home made sink sieve is created of a piece of steel wire screen or steel wire mesh cloth. Allow 10 minutes to make a sink sieve.

Assess the opening of the drain where you would like to place the sieve. Pick a embroidery hoop of the dimension.

Just take the embroidery hoop apart.

Center and place the inner hoop over the drain opening.

Cut a piece. For example, if using a hoop, cut on on a 6-inch square of wire mesh fabric.

Center and place the wire mesh fabric over the inner hoop.

So that the screw is holding the two sides 14, unscrew the upper hoop. Set the hoop onto the hoop and center placed over the drain.

Press the best hoop over the hoop to encase the wire mesh between the two hoops. Don’t tighten the screw.

Hold the two hoops with your hand. Push at the middle of the mesh display down and into the drain to make a cup-shaped pocket. Until roughly 1/2 inch of the display is observable around the exterior of the embroidery hoop Proceed to push and mold the display into the drain.

Turn the screw on the outside ribbon to the proper to secure the net display in place. Continue to twist the screw until it cannot be turned.

Cut the surplus stainless steel wire mesh fabric flush with the embroidery hoop surface.

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Advice on Short Sales

Short sales are alternatives to foreclosure when borrowers can’t manage their mortgage obligations. However, if you’re considering short selling your home, you must know about the severe financial risks. The California Department of Real Estate encourages homeowners that are thinking of a short sale to completely educate themselves at the mechanics and dangers of short sales and look to other alternatives before making a decision.


A short sale is an arrangement between you and your lender to sell your home for less than the worth of your mortgage balance. Short sales are initiated when borrowers can’t cover their mortgage or need to move to another place and are having trouble selling their property. Foreclosures are lengthy and costly processes, so lenders will sometimes accept a short sale to decrease their losses instead of risking the doubt of a foreclosure.


A short sale may be an alternative to a foreclosure but it includes dangers of its own. According to the California Department of Real Estate, you must know of three chief issues. To begin with, your lender could sue you to get the difference between the short sale price along with your mortgage balance. Secondly, if your creditors will”forgive” some of your debt, the IRS may tax any forgiven debt as a form of income. Finally, in case you have other debts secured on a property you short sell, your other lenders–also known as junior liens–might not be prepared to forgive the debt and could file a deficiency judgment against you demanding payment. Short sales can also be devastating from a credit rating standpoint. For credit rating companies, a short sale is just as poor as a foreclosure. Credit ratings are a part of a rating system lenders use to measure the reliability of a borrower. If your credit rating drops, your credit card interest rates could rise or you could find it harder to get a loan application accepted.

Safer Short Revenue

It is possible to avoid some of the dangers of quick sales by applying for a short sale through the Foreclosure Alternative program of the Creating Home Affordable Strategy. This federal program gives lenders–primary lenders and junior exemptions –incentives to”forgive” any debt following the short sale and grants homeowners up to $3,000 toward relocating costs.

Tax Breaks

The Tax Relief Act of 2007 allows homeowners to exclude earnings from”forgiven debt” following a short sale if the property was their primary place of residence. If the property you sell isn’t your main residence, such as vacation homes or investments, then you might still be eligible for a tax break. For instance, if you’re insolvent or the debt was discharged through a bankruptcy, then you could submit an application for exclusion.


If you’re considering a short sale, educate yourself and receive professional assistance before making a decision. The California Department of Real Estate recommends you seek the help of a certified real estate agent, an accountant, a lawyer and a HUD-approved home counselor. Consider other options before opting for a short sale. The Making Home Affordable Strategy provides struggling homeowners with Various mortgage aid programs, like the Home Affordable Refinance Program, the Home Affordable Modification Program and the Home Affordable Referral Software.

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Guest Picks: 20 Singular Children' Ceiling Lights

Children spend a lot of time looking up, whether it’s reaching for snacks on the counter or just laying in bed. Make their bedrooms and playrooms intriguing with fun, creative and one of a kind ceiling lighting fixtures tailored for children. They’ll put a smile on kids’ faces and add a stylish touch to any house. — Maria from Bicultural Mama

Lighting Direct

Philips 1-Light Fluorescent Down Light Pendant – $108

Children love reading novels about the stars and the moon, and now they could see the moon while lying in bed because they wait for slumber to come. Made from non invasive, cadmium-free and lead-free materials, this also includes an energy-saving light bulb.

The Land of Nod

Licorice Rope Rainbow Pendant – $159

The title itself implies fun, and parents may personalize the look with distinct light bulb shapes.

Rosenberry Rooms

Basketball Court Pendant, Satin Nickel – $238

Have a basketball player in your home? Foster their love of the sport with this particular light fixture in the shape of a basketball court. Complete with a giant basketball in the middle, this hanging fixture is sure to be a conversation piece when your kid’s friends encounter.

The Land of Nod

Like a Bird in a Cage Pendant, White – $129

Children can pretend that they have a pet bird inside their rooms using this gorgeous light fixture. The iron cage comes with a matching hanging chain and ceiling plate.

Lamps Plus

Glow-in-the-Dark Rocket Ship Ceiling Light – $154.91

Children that are scared of the dark will love seeing the soothing mild from the glow-in-the-dark rocket ship and planet light fixture. They’ll have fun imagining galactic experiences before falling asleep with dreams of space flight.

Rosenberry Rooms

Teddy Bears Pendant Light Fixture – $78

Teddy bears are a traditional kids’ toy, and what better way is there to decorate baby’s nursery than to hang up this adorable teddy bear? It features three panels of teddy bears to give infant’s nursery with a comforting environment.

Lamps Plus

Dolphin Splash Ceiling Light Fixture – $160.91

For the dolphin lover, here is a light fixture that playfully shows three dolphins jumping through metal hoops.

All Kids Lamps

Airplane Light – $99.50

Zoom, zoom! What’s flying in the atmosphere? It is a cute little bug in a classic plane that doubles as a light fixture. It provides multicolor light to brighten any room.


Trans Globe Lighting Kids Satin Flower Wreaths Crystal Pendant, Pink – $188.99

This glitzy chandelier will add bling to any room. It features a lace drum shade with blossom wreath cutouts, and miniature crystal strands hang in the centre to reflect and disperse light.

Pottery Barn Kids

Classic Ruler Pendant – $149

Too cool for school? Not here for this hanging lighting fixture made with replicas of vintage rulers. The wood tones offer a warm touch to any room decoration.


Philips KidsPlace Cheeeez Pendant Light,Multi-Colored – $81

Your children are going to be saying “cheese” if they appear at this adorable pendant lighting in the shape of Swiss cheese. Little mice decorate the fixture to include whimsical fun!

Lighting Direct

Philips 3-Light Fluorescent Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture – $171

This three-bulb light fixture features fun animals with noses that light up. It is made from non-toxic, cadmium-free and lead-free materials and is accompanied by an energy-saving light bulb.


Philips KidsPlace Fairy Godmother Pendant Light, Multi-Colored – $117

This fairy godmother light pendant will watch over small ones, making them feel safe and secure as they fall asleep. Brightly colored and whimsical, this fixture is made with child-safe and environmentally ethical materials.


Elena 1-Light Skateboard Pendant – $643.20

Does your adolescent love to skateboard? Decorate his or her area with this chrome necklace skateboard light. They’ll have the coolest room from all of their buddies!

Sweet Retreat Kids

Mocha 5-Arm Waterfall Chandelier, Cheetah Shades – $458

Produce the purr-fect space for the diva at home with this animal print light fixture. It features teardrop crystals on each arm and provides a great deal of glam, style and light.

Sweet Retreat Kids

Pink Chloe Chandelier – $496

There’s nothing about a floating flowery sphere light fixture that provides a feeling of calmness and peacefulness. For added “wow” factor, combine several in various colors at various lengths to make a one-of-a-kind fashion.

Lighting Direct

Elk Lighting Semi-Flush Choo Choo Ceiling Fixture – $238

For the small conductor in the household, here is a really trendy two-bulb light fixture.


Ceiling Light Fixture, Rainbow-Color Roses by Flowers in Light – $110

Who wouldn’t love to appear at the ceiling and see this beautiful, floral, floral light fixture? The roses are made from handmade wool. As the light beams through the roses, it creates stunning shades of rainbow colors on the wall.

Lamps Beautiful

Novelty Starstruck Semi Flush Mounted Ceiling Lamp – $183.75

This resembles a crossover between an atom and a shooting star, but either way, its unique shape makes this light fixture a standout. It is available in a chrome finish with star-shaped, multicolor glass details.


Cupcake Nursery Chandelier by Whimsical Collections – $275

What child doesn’t have a sweet tooth? Indulge them with this whimsical cupcake chandelier. Each arm features a sugar-sprinkled cupcake layout. You may even customize colors at no extra charge. Additionally, lovely crystal drops and beading grace the bottom of the adorable chandelier.

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Guest Groups: Kaleidoscopic Shade to Shake Up Your Rooms

I will be the first to admit that I’m fearful of using colour. In a world of neutral insides, it’s easy to play it safe and stay away from anything bright or lively. I think that it’s time for a switch. Most of us must throw the doors open and allow some colour in. And why use only 1 color as soon as you’re able to utilize many? Below are 20 ways to bring a few kaleidoscopic color in your house. — Emma from The Marion House Novel

Modern Rugs

Paul Smith swirls his trademark stripes into a kaleidoscope of colors with this rug. I would really like to use this piece as the only hit of colour in an all white room.

Alice Supply Co..

Metal Dustpan, Striped – $26

I like the notion of making sweeping a little more fun. This brightly striped metal dustpan would surely make your everyday chores a little more entertaining.


Origo Bowl, Orange

The first time that I watched these striped bowls I knew I had to have them. They make my morning cereal that much more enjoyable.


Poketo Rainbow Bunting Cake Flags

Is there a birthday party or celebration in your long run? Top the cake with this rainbow bunting in a selection of vibrant colors.


Line by Line Tiles, Rainbow – $50

I’m a big fan of Flor’s modular carpet tiles. They can be configured in almost any shape and are easy to maintain.

Sari Throw – $198

Yet again, bold stripes of colour make this up beautifully textured throw. Place it to the arm of a chair or in the conclusion of your mattress to bring some excitement in your room.

West Elm

Kantha Chevron Pillow Cover – $29

These pillows pack a powerful punch with their broadest variety of colors arranged in a chevron design. I really like them paired with a charcoal grey or white couch.

Dash & Albert Rug Company

Kaledo Primary Cotton, Micro Hooked – $134

A zigzag of patchwork colour brings this rug into life. It is available in a variety of sizes and could also be utilized as a runner up your staircase.


Rainbow Hammock by Veronica Colindres – $75

While we’re all used to seeing more colour outdoors, nothing says summer like a brightly hued hammock. Set this up on your deck or between 2 trees and allow the breeze take you away.

NY.08. #06 – $24

Add a jolt of color to your walls with one of these prints by Jennifer Sanchez. I like the vibrancy and energetic nature of her job.

Magic Pony

Pantone: 35 Inspirational Color Palettes – CAD 18

If all this talk of colour has you thinking about how to utilize it, check out this novel by Pantone. It supplies you with readymade color palettes and resources on how to use them.


Paint Chip Placemats by Avril Loreti – $104

I’m always swayed by the massive wall of colour palettes in the paint store. You can now bring a bit of the rainbow of colour house with Avril Loreti’s paint palette placemats. They would be a fun way to dress up your dining room table.


Rainbow Rug Deposit by Green In Heart – $75

Considering all the colors of the rainbow, this round rug can brighten up your kitchen or even a child’s bedroom.


Vitaminer Vimpel Pair of Curtains With Tie-Backs – $29.99

Flags of colour make these animated curtains. I could envision them in a child’s bedroom with a carnival theme.


Arturo Alvarez Vento Pop Sconce – $1,706

Strips of brightly colored glass make up this mild by Arturo Alvarez. In addition, it is available as a short or long pendant light and a brief or long table light.


Bold Stripe Shag Mat, Multi – $75

A riot of playful colors make up this utility mat. I adore the bright-on-bright mix. It would earn a rainy day not so grey and cloudy.


Shipping Printing Set

These arbitrary stripes of colour punctuated with circle end stops are motivated by the subway maps you see in major cities. I believe that this triptych would look great in a living room or room.

Orla Kiely

Multi Stem Background – $90

This classic Orla Kiely wallpaper in a muted range of retro colors would be the perfect focal point for a nursery or young girl’s bedroom.


Nos Da Pillow, Blush – $102

Looking to add a bit more colour to your bed or living room? Look no further than those Donna Wilson–made pillows. I really like the subtle mix of colors and textures.


Spirit Pillow – EUR 80

This crazy mix of pixelated colour brings a smile to my face. Bid farewell to neutrals and adopt the power of colour with these wonderful pillows.

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Guest Picks: Pack a Playful Picnic for Kids

Having a picnic is your very best way to prevent and enjoy the beauty of a summer’s day. Whether you catch some snacks and sit on your garden or package the perfect lunch and trek to your favourite park, there is no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than lounging under a shady tree, eating favorite meals and enjoying together. — Mari from Small for Big

French Bull

Animals Everyday Tray by French Bull – $26

Prepack each kid’s lunch using these super fun cafeteria style trays and fitted covers.


Anorak Kissing Rabbits Picnic Blanket from Anorak – GBP 36

These blankets incorporate a watertight backer and the straps to take them anywhere, but I am smitten with the bunnies. (It’s also available with other animal prints!))


Guyot Designs Squishy Bowl and Cup Set – $15.08

I am a sucker for squishy silicone, and that I think that the kids are too — squishing their potato salad since they eat it! More importantly to your own picnic, these items squish level for storage.

Fred Flare

Lomography Mini Diana Camera by Fred Flare – $75

While you’re enjoying the sunshine, catch some family memories using an old-fashioned camera which shoots photos that are funny. This iconic Diana camera utilizes, gasp, film!

French Bull

Multidot Storage Container Set by French Bull – $34

I love that which French Bull does with melamine, and these nesting storage containers are a perfect summertime picnic staple.

Picnic Fun

Curved-Top Aluminum Framed Picnic Cooler Basket by Picnic Fun – $91.98

Wow, picnic baskets have come a long way! This insulated version nevertheless gives a nod to this traditional form, but it provides extra cooling and storage power.


Zoku Duo Quick Pop Maker by Amazon – $36.99

Prior to going, whip up some popsicles in ten minutes level; I swear they remain colder longer than the normal freezer pops too. Grab the Zoku accessories to take them in style.

The Land of Nod

On the Lookout Binoculars by The Land of Nod – $12.95

Really take time to enjoy your environment; assist the kiddos find birds, bunnies and squirrels, or perhaps only spy on your neighbors.

Mattie Luxe

Melamine Trays by Mattie Luxe – $50

These gorgeous melamine trays (they have Lucite versions too!) Are customizable — you will be picnicking in style with your own name directly on it. So classy.


Fred 9-Ounce Pick Your Nose Animal Paper Cups by Amazon – $7.52

Add some laughs to your meals — bring together these paper cups using another creature snout for everybody.


Fatboy Headdemock w/ Stand Lime Green – $499

A quick rest in a hammock would be the best way to end a major picnic lunch, and this one includes a padded bed for extra comfort. Doesn’t it look like a leaf?


Marimekko Picnic Blanket by SewnNatural – $195

Marimekko’s classic blossoms just shout summertime. What better place to see them than in your handmade, padded picnic quilt?

Perpetual Kid

Pocket Kite by Perpetual Kid – $9.99

You can rest and lounge while the kids unpack their own pocket kites. They’re affordable enough to receive one for everybody!


Greendale Home Fashions Round Floor Pillow by Amazon – $34.99

For ultimate luxury, I’d love to bring some floor pillows to my own picnic fashion. I am particularly in love with these chevron poufs.


Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker by Amazon – $24.77

Mmm, ice cream. Simply add your ingredients, some ice and elbow grease; toss the ball till it churns the ice cream for you.


Table in a Bag – $59.95

The greatest dining table, this classic rolls up into a mobile tote. It is just the right height for eating your own picnic lunch while sitting on your own blanket.

French Bull

Ziggy Plate 11″ by French Bull – $11

A complete set of these melamine plates will add some vivid zest to your meal. I love the quirky take on chevrons; kids may love the rainbow colors.

Perpetual Kid

Dining Table Ping Pong Set by Perpetual Kid – $29.99

Put that picnic table to great use; tabletop ping-pong seems best done outdoors — no breakables nearby!

Fred Flare

Fortune Cupcakes by Fred Flare – $16

Bake some cupcakes to your picnic, then utilize these fortune teller liners to keep everybody guessing.

Perpetual Kid

Glitter Touchabubbles by Perpetual Kid – $2.99

Bubbles 2.0: These bubbles actually harden, so you’re able to touch them, roll them, stack them. I love the crazy colors and glitter.

The Land of Nod

To some Tea Set by The Land of Nod – $29

Perchance a full-on picnic sounds like too much work? Younger kiddos will be equally happy with a teapot filled with water and this friendly tea set out in your deck.

House 8810

Happy Camper Set by House 8810 – $12

Perhaps these plates and cups can help the entire family be happy campers!


Croquet Set by Plan Toys – $35

Croquet for your young’uns, this collection is simple, modern and timeless.


I wish this table came from adult sizes too; it’s diamondback pattern and bright colors are a great fresh approach to the typical picnic table choices.

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