Guest Groups: Kaleidoscopic Shade to Shake Up Your Rooms

I will be the first to admit that I’m fearful of using colour. In a world of neutral insides, it’s easy to play it safe and stay away from anything bright or lively. I think that it’s time for a switch. Most of us must throw the doors open and allow some colour in. And why use only 1 color as soon as you’re able to utilize many? Below are 20 ways to bring a few kaleidoscopic color in your house. — Emma from The Marion House Novel

Modern Rugs

Paul Smith swirls his trademark stripes into a kaleidoscope of colors with this rug. I would really like to use this piece as the only hit of colour in an all white room.

Alice Supply Co..

Metal Dustpan, Striped – $26

I like the notion of making sweeping a little more fun. This brightly striped metal dustpan would surely make your everyday chores a little more entertaining.


Origo Bowl, Orange

The first time that I watched these striped bowls I knew I had to have them. They make my morning cereal that much more enjoyable.


Poketo Rainbow Bunting Cake Flags

Is there a birthday party or celebration in your long run? Top the cake with this rainbow bunting in a selection of vibrant colors.


Line by Line Tiles, Rainbow – $50

I’m a big fan of Flor’s modular carpet tiles. They can be configured in almost any shape and are easy to maintain.

Sari Throw – $198

Yet again, bold stripes of colour make this up beautifully textured throw. Place it to the arm of a chair or in the conclusion of your mattress to bring some excitement in your room.

West Elm

Kantha Chevron Pillow Cover – $29

These pillows pack a powerful punch with their broadest variety of colors arranged in a chevron design. I really like them paired with a charcoal grey or white couch.

Dash & Albert Rug Company

Kaledo Primary Cotton, Micro Hooked – $134

A zigzag of patchwork colour brings this rug into life. It is available in a variety of sizes and could also be utilized as a runner up your staircase.


Rainbow Hammock by Veronica Colindres – $75

While we’re all used to seeing more colour outdoors, nothing says summer like a brightly hued hammock. Set this up on your deck or between 2 trees and allow the breeze take you away.

NY.08. #06 – $24

Add a jolt of color to your walls with one of these prints by Jennifer Sanchez. I like the vibrancy and energetic nature of her job.

Magic Pony

Pantone: 35 Inspirational Color Palettes – CAD 18

If all this talk of colour has you thinking about how to utilize it, check out this novel by Pantone. It supplies you with readymade color palettes and resources on how to use them.


Paint Chip Placemats by Avril Loreti – $104

I’m always swayed by the massive wall of colour palettes in the paint store. You can now bring a bit of the rainbow of colour house with Avril Loreti’s paint palette placemats. They would be a fun way to dress up your dining room table.


Rainbow Rug Deposit by Green In Heart – $75

Considering all the colors of the rainbow, this round rug can brighten up your kitchen or even a child’s bedroom.


Vitaminer Vimpel Pair of Curtains With Tie-Backs – $29.99

Flags of colour make these animated curtains. I could envision them in a child’s bedroom with a carnival theme.


Arturo Alvarez Vento Pop Sconce – $1,706

Strips of brightly colored glass make up this mild by Arturo Alvarez. In addition, it is available as a short or long pendant light and a brief or long table light.


Bold Stripe Shag Mat, Multi – $75

A riot of playful colors make up this utility mat. I adore the bright-on-bright mix. It would earn a rainy day not so grey and cloudy.


Shipping Printing Set

These arbitrary stripes of colour punctuated with circle end stops are motivated by the subway maps you see in major cities. I believe that this triptych would look great in a living room or room.

Orla Kiely

Multi Stem Background – $90

This classic Orla Kiely wallpaper in a muted range of retro colors would be the perfect focal point for a nursery or young girl’s bedroom.


Nos Da Pillow, Blush – $102

Looking to add a bit more colour to your bed or living room? Look no further than those Donna Wilson–made pillows. I really like the subtle mix of colors and textures.


Spirit Pillow – EUR 80

This crazy mix of pixelated colour brings a smile to my face. Bid farewell to neutrals and adopt the power of colour with these wonderful pillows.

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