Guest Picks: Pack a Playful Picnic for Kids

Having a picnic is your very best way to prevent and enjoy the beauty of a summer’s day. Whether you catch some snacks and sit on your garden or package the perfect lunch and trek to your favourite park, there is no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than lounging under a shady tree, eating favorite meals and enjoying together. — Mari from Small for Big

French Bull

Animals Everyday Tray by French Bull – $26

Prepack each kid’s lunch using these super fun cafeteria style trays and fitted covers.


Anorak Kissing Rabbits Picnic Blanket from Anorak – GBP 36

These blankets incorporate a watertight backer and the straps to take them anywhere, but I am smitten with the bunnies. (It’s also available with other animal prints!))


Guyot Designs Squishy Bowl and Cup Set – $15.08

I am a sucker for squishy silicone, and that I think that the kids are too — squishing their potato salad since they eat it! More importantly to your own picnic, these items squish level for storage.

Fred Flare

Lomography Mini Diana Camera by Fred Flare – $75

While you’re enjoying the sunshine, catch some family memories using an old-fashioned camera which shoots photos that are funny. This iconic Diana camera utilizes, gasp, film!

French Bull

Multidot Storage Container Set by French Bull – $34

I love that which French Bull does with melamine, and these nesting storage containers are a perfect summertime picnic staple.

Picnic Fun

Curved-Top Aluminum Framed Picnic Cooler Basket by Picnic Fun – $91.98

Wow, picnic baskets have come a long way! This insulated version nevertheless gives a nod to this traditional form, but it provides extra cooling and storage power.


Zoku Duo Quick Pop Maker by Amazon – $36.99

Prior to going, whip up some popsicles in ten minutes level; I swear they remain colder longer than the normal freezer pops too. Grab the Zoku accessories to take them in style.

The Land of Nod

On the Lookout Binoculars by The Land of Nod – $12.95

Really take time to enjoy your environment; assist the kiddos find birds, bunnies and squirrels, or perhaps only spy on your neighbors.

Mattie Luxe

Melamine Trays by Mattie Luxe – $50

These gorgeous melamine trays (they have Lucite versions too!) Are customizable — you will be picnicking in style with your own name directly on it. So classy.


Fred 9-Ounce Pick Your Nose Animal Paper Cups by Amazon – $7.52

Add some laughs to your meals — bring together these paper cups using another creature snout for everybody.


Fatboy Headdemock w/ Stand Lime Green – $499

A quick rest in a hammock would be the best way to end a major picnic lunch, and this one includes a padded bed for extra comfort. Doesn’t it look like a leaf?


Marimekko Picnic Blanket by SewnNatural – $195

Marimekko’s classic blossoms just shout summertime. What better place to see them than in your handmade, padded picnic quilt?

Perpetual Kid

Pocket Kite by Perpetual Kid – $9.99

You can rest and lounge while the kids unpack their own pocket kites. They’re affordable enough to receive one for everybody!


Greendale Home Fashions Round Floor Pillow by Amazon – $34.99

For ultimate luxury, I’d love to bring some floor pillows to my own picnic fashion. I am particularly in love with these chevron poufs.


Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker by Amazon – $24.77

Mmm, ice cream. Simply add your ingredients, some ice and elbow grease; toss the ball till it churns the ice cream for you.


Table in a Bag – $59.95

The greatest dining table, this classic rolls up into a mobile tote. It is just the right height for eating your own picnic lunch while sitting on your own blanket.

French Bull

Ziggy Plate 11″ by French Bull – $11

A complete set of these melamine plates will add some vivid zest to your meal. I love the quirky take on chevrons; kids may love the rainbow colors.

Perpetual Kid

Dining Table Ping Pong Set by Perpetual Kid – $29.99

Put that picnic table to great use; tabletop ping-pong seems best done outdoors — no breakables nearby!

Fred Flare

Fortune Cupcakes by Fred Flare – $16

Bake some cupcakes to your picnic, then utilize these fortune teller liners to keep everybody guessing.

Perpetual Kid

Glitter Touchabubbles by Perpetual Kid – $2.99

Bubbles 2.0: These bubbles actually harden, so you’re able to touch them, roll them, stack them. I love the crazy colors and glitter.

The Land of Nod

To some Tea Set by The Land of Nod – $29

Perchance a full-on picnic sounds like too much work? Younger kiddos will be equally happy with a teapot filled with water and this friendly tea set out in your deck.

House 8810

Happy Camper Set by House 8810 – $12

Perhaps these plates and cups can help the entire family be happy campers!


Croquet Set by Plan Toys – $35

Croquet for your young’uns, this collection is simple, modern and timeless.


I wish this table came from adult sizes too; it’s diamondback pattern and bright colors are a great fresh approach to the typical picnic table choices.

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