City and Country Cross Paths in a Dutch Villa

This Netherlands home has the best of both worlds, using all the city at the very front and the lush Dutch countryside at the back. Frank and Marion’s 1931 house sits in a quiet area with a spacious back garden and swimming pool, but it still has clear opinions into The Hague, South Holland’s capital city. Over the years the couple has infused the home with their own contemporary, airy style while still preserving its charming original specifics.

at a Glance
Who lives here: Frank and Marion
Location: Voorburg, the Netherlands
Size: 180 square meters (1,937 square feet); 2 bedrooms, 1 bath

Holly Marder

The living space was decorated with understated luxury in mind. The subtly installed television mirrors a built-in fireplace.

The leaded glass windows are first to the house. This large front window has been left undressed for greatest light.

Sofa: Cartel Living; coffee table: Keijser & Co.; rug: Interieur Decor Delft

Holly Marder

The large sectional a part of a background for the couple artwork.

Table lamps: Tierenlantijn; floor lamp: Artemide

Holly Marder

The long and spacious main living space has a living space at the front of the home and a sitting room that leads to the backyard. A custom made shelf showing decorative items separates the dining room and living room.

Contractor and custom shelving manufacturer: Mart van Adrichem

Holly Marder

Holly Marder

A modern custom lighting fixture and dramatic black dining table and chairs anchor the dining room. The couple has views to the front and back of the house out of here.

Holly Marder

The pantry extends into the right of the kitchen, right supporting the shelving unit. Large windows over the kitchen counters attract even more light into this open space.

Holly Marder

The pair have put most of the rest of their renovation plans on hold for now, but they do expect to upgrade the kitchen.

Holly Marder

The room’s original glass doors look out onto the garden. Together with the television, books, kitchen and scenic views all within arm’s reach, this distance is the best spot for relaxing.

Stool: Tess; couches: Cartel Living; bookcase: custom by Mart van Adrichem

Holly Marder

Upstairs the set decorated their master bedroom in a soothing palette of charcoal and white. Art adds lilac and fuchsia accents.

Cabinets: Interieur Decor Delft; overhead lighting fixtures: Artemide; writing desk: convention by Mart van Adrichem

Holly Marder

The sliding door on the left leads to the en suite toilet, and the sliding door on the right leads to the walk-in closet.

Wall paint: Off Black, Farrow & Ball; light fixtures: Artemide

Holly Marder

The recently renovated bathroom feels spacious and open. The new vanity is decidedly contemporary, with a bright white tile backsplash and charcoal-gray MDF cabinets. The glass spacious shower needed to be custom made on account of the large size.

Floors: natural oak

Holly Marder

The guest room and workplace occupy one room close to the front of the floor. Like the rest of the home, this room enjoys a very simple and understated colour palette; it has one emerald accent pillow.

Holly Marder

The couple shares this home office, with opinions of The Hague’s skyline in the distance. The distance has two separate work areas using a sliding door between them.

Office furniture: Keijser & Co..

Holly Marder

The couple fell in love with the spacious backyard in their first visit to the house.

Holly Marder

In addition they love their swimming pool — an uncommon feature in Dutch houses.

When they bought the house, the couple also bought an extra lot on the left side of their property from their neighbors, such as a garage space (not pictured) they gave a facelift.

Holly Marder

The house backs onto a small waterway, surrounded by lush vegetation.

See more photographs of this house | Share your home with us!

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Hisssss: Get Wrapped Up in the Year of the Snake

Chinese superstition seemingly says that a snake in the house is great luck. And since February 10, 2013, marks the beginning of the Chinese zodiac’s Year of the Snake, why not adopt the scaly reptile with home decor? In the end, bendy, curvy and slithering forms create a hot and fluid design aesthetic. Lucky you!


Alizz C. Cooper Pendant by Ingo Maurer – $925

Twist, bend, stretch, dangle — that the form is a no-brainer for cool light designs.

House & Hold

Ferm Living Mr. Snake Pillow – $146

Drape this color-happy pillow around your neck for comfy, nonconstricting support.

Barneys New York

Spisani Python Bookends – $295

I could see these Italian handmade acrylic bookends, which depict a brown snake with a rhinestone eye, propping up the entire Harry Potter series.

Burke Decor

Chinese Zodiac Placemats from Simrin, Set of 4 – $54

Forget what creature you are in? Not anymore with these trendy Chinese zodiac placemats in a washable cloth.

Jarlath Mellett

Children’s rooms shouldn’t be spared a little snake oil , either. This lively space demonstrates there is nothing frightening about adopting serpents.

Loopee Design

bObles Tumbling Snake Table – $329

This unique children’ snake table comes in a variety of bright colors.

Michael Miller Fabric, Garden Animals from Patty Sloniger – $8.38

Total any children’ area with this Michael Miller fabric, that includes graphic garden snakes and other creatures.

Modern Artisans

‘Copper-Head’ Garden Snake – $42.99

A snake’s natural habitat is the outside, so it is not surprising that garden design benefits from a curvaceous form. A play on the venomous copperhead snake, this slick foot-high copper sculpture is good for gardens and backyards.

Cobra Light – $504.86

Meanwhile, this cobra-shaped light adds texture elegance to any walkway lighting scheme.

Poliform USA

Snake Armchair

The serpent-like kind of this chair and ottoman produces a perfect harmony for kicking.


Snakeskin Knit Throw – $150

Snakeskin includes a natural geometric pattern for this, which makes it perfect for throw blankets and other fabrics.


Faux Serpent/Snakeskin Fabric

For the uber snakeskin enthusiast, this faux material may be used for upholstery and even to cover entire walls.

Cercan Tile Inc..

The Snake Series – Resin Tile

Or create a scaly backsplash using these resin tiles.

Quality Bath

Nameeks Scirocco Snake 66-9010 Towel Warmer – $2,210

Reminiscent of the popular early portable snake game, this design-minded towel rack may create any toilet glamorous.

Emily Winters

This custom-designed faucet in a master bathroom makes an anaconda-size design announcement.

Fusion Mirror – $299

Few this mirror, which remembers two snakes kissing, with all the towel rack and faucet over and you have got one cool snake-themed bathroom.

Michael Lee Architects

Snake plants, found here in this home entryway, are versatile indoor plants proven to improve air quality.


Color Coil Pot, Small – $28

Or spruce other types of plants using these coiled pots.

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12 Coffee Tables to Stir Up a Living Room Appearance

A coffee table can reveal many things about its owner: fashion, reading interests, sometimes even age. My mom has a coffee table in the early ’70s she just won’t eliminate. I am able to recall images of myself as a kid learning how to stand employing the edges to pull up myself. Her sentimental feelings with the table have led her to keep it, and it provides a hint that she is in the baby boomer generation.

Coffee tables are one of the most basic furniture pieces, often one of the best three first purchases when somebody is furnishing a home. And just like style, table fashions vary. Styles reflect the times, including materials, form and purpose. If you’re considering a brand new coffee table for your new year, here are 12 ideas to get you started.

Katie Leede & Company Studio

This simple wood coffee table has a new twist using a lower-than-standard height, about 12 to 14 inches, providing this sunny living space an updated appeal. Stack your favourite books in batches on top for a casual, homey appearance.

Chad Jackson Photo

The glass table is a classic choice for both traditional and contemporary interiors. Glass tables help create an airy, uncluttered feel. If you have a gorgeous rug you don’t want covered up, glass is your answer.

Dillard Pierce Design Associates

A live-edge slab table gives an instant soft modern appeal. With a metal base, it is a fantastic style to mix into eclectic arrangements.

Schwartz and Architecture

Tree trunk coffee tables such as this trio are becoming very popular within the green furniture motion. They’re usually very heavy; purchase ones with casters to make transit easier.

Powell/Kleinschmidt, Inc..

A coffee table made from separate pieces, such as those four square ones, is perfect for men and women who prefer to mix things up and move furniture around regularly. This geometric group has great modern appeal.

Rethink Design Studio

Have a favourite desk but long for a change? Splash on some paint! The color can tie into the room’s palette or present a dab of arbitrary color.

Best & Company

A petite coffee table set to a side is a fantastic option for a daybed. Allowing for simple access to the chair, this small table is just big enough to hold books, a lamp or a mug.

Cecilie Starin Design Inc..

A painted coffee table feels very conventional, adding complicated layers the eye loves to rest on. Note how this black coffee table is mixed with white painted seats and medium-toned end tables.

Branca, Inc..

Make it a soft shirt. An upholstered ottoman is indeed comfortable and legs-up casual that it is hard to resist. You always have the option to place a tray on top as a solid surface for accessories or drinks.

Tucker & Marks

Natural rock tables are beautiful in traditional and modern settings. Durable and substantial, they anchor a space as the focal point. Stone is an excellent starter to get a palette.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Repurpose suitcase or an old trunk. These types of pieces provide a room a lived-in appearance when incorporating storage for blankets and pillows.

Patrick Sutton Associates

Consider a café-style height, exactly like on your favorite coffee shop. A café height changes the appearance and use of the table completely.

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The 20 Most Popular Kitchens of the Week in 2012

From vibrant and contemporary to historic and muted, ‘s featured Kitchens of the Week at 2012 comprised just about every kitchen style, colour and material available. Mixing inspiration and practical tips, the ideabooks showed beautiful kitchens which turned into a hit among ers.

We have compiled the 20 hottest of these kitchens in 1 spot for a significant dose of instant kitchen inspiration. They’re presented in order of popularity, based on Facebook “enjoys” and bookmarks.

Loop Design

1. Aqua Knockout at Austin

Readers adored designer Jennifer Ott’s aqua and lime kitchen in Texas. While the bold-colored island and backsplash captured ers’ eyes, the functionality of this smart kitchen is what causes it to be bookmark worthy. Extra-large drawers instead of foundation shelving, concealed storage from the window seat and two pantries help Ott maintain her kitchen clean.

Susan Brook Interiors

2. Smart Storage Solutions at Indiana

While stunning at first glance, this kitchen includes more than meets the eye. Designer Susan Brook custom designed horizontal-grain cabinetry with built-in tambour doors, trash rollouts, knife storage and a lift to get a mixer — one of the things — to help the family remain organized.

Elizabeth Swartz Interiors

3. Beautiful Blue at Martha’s Vineyard

Set on a pond on the west shore of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, this kitchen includes calming blue cabinetry that struck a note with readers. A spacious backyard pantry, plenty of natural light and entertainment-friendly solutions make this kitchen great for cooking dinner for 10 or 2.

Christopher Michael Interiors

4. Elegant 18th-Century Remodel

Renovating an older dwelling always includes a set of challenges — particularly when you are working with a home by the 18th century! This 1790 New Jersey kitchen had its original grand terrace, and the owners were intent on retaining. Harmony Cabinets and Construction built the fireplace using a practical stove and constructed in new foggy-blue cabinetry for a classic look.

McKinney York Architects

5. Exquisite Artistic Backsplash

Though the handmade stained glass backsplash creates a bold statement in this kitchen, McKinney York’s kid-friendly design alternatives are what drew readers into this space. Multiple action zones –including a smaller, second refrigerator — help with cleanup and cooking, while a dumbwaiter from the garage which makes unloading groceries easy.

UB Kitchens

6. Sweet French Country Design in Austin

simple but sweet, this kitchen has a practical design and practical design. While the space is on the smaller side, UB Kitchens used a cream and white palette to make it feel open and glowing. A backsplash highlighted with grey grout adds visual attention.

Amy A. Alper, Architect

7. Galley Kitchen at the Wine Country

A dream home doesn’t always come with a fantasy kitchen — as these homeowners at Sonoma, California, heard. While the budget meant that the footprint of this narrow galley kitchen couldn’t be reconfigured, architect Amy Alper reorganized the design to generate cooking and cleaning simple. Focusing on appliance positioning and keeping a clean and spacious function triangle enhanced the purpose of the kitchen without adding any square footage.

Jackson Design & Remodeling

8. Stirring Up Two Styles in San Diego

All these Southern California homeowners endangered on their differences in design, integrating elements of modern and rustic design into their new kitchen. Jackson Design & Remodeling used a mixture of subway tile, Caesarstone and reclaimed wood components to successfully unite the 2 looks.

Exquisite Kitchen Design

9. Two Islands at Colorado

This household of five desired extra space so that they could all hang out at the kitchen together. Two islands and 2 refrigerators divide the kitchen by action — cooking and prep, eating and cleaning — so the whole family can operate seamlessly in the space.

Gaspar’s Construction

10. New Traditional Design in a 1900s Home

The small dimensions of this 1900s kitchen — that could hold just a miniature fridge — didn’t make sense for this modern-day household. Sarah Henry knocked a back wall, installed floor-to-ceiling cabinetry and functioned with durable but classic materials to create a new, open space.

Affecting Spaces

11. Budget-Friendly Boosts in Toronto

Though these clients had a restricted budget, Gillian Lazanik knew they could still have a fashionable kitchen. By making use of the existing footprint and appliances, she dressed up the space using Ikea cabinetry and a bold-colored backsplash. A desk area on the other side of the galley kitchen doubles as a workspace for the parents along with a snack spot for the kids.

Howells Architecture + Design, LLC

12. Connected, Open Oregon Remodel

The household needed a kitchen with space to accommodate their three home-schooled kids, and that would still feel connected to the rest of their house. Having an added retro breakfast nook and classic and durable materials which adopt the house’s midcentury origins, the kitchen is now a family-friendly space that’ll last for several years to come.

T.A.S Construction

13. An Austin Galley Kitchen Opens Up

Pear-green cabinetry along with a cute chairs area helped brighten this outdated space and join it to the adjoining living area. Subtle details, from the corner window into the extra-large subway tile, play with the scale and size of the petite kitchen. Custom white oak countertops include essential warmth.

Kelly and Abramson Architecture

14. Vintage Elegance at a Pocket Size

Nestled into 145 square feet, this kitchen stays true to its 1920s origins. Designer and homeowner Robert Kelly wanted all of his appliances and materials (including that gorgeous classic stove) to remain true to his house’s original design, and performed with the circulation and traffic flow inside the footprint to help it work for his family.

Ben Gebo Photography

15. An Entryway Kitchen borrows

This Boston kitchen has been set right inside the primary foyer, along with the clients wanted to ensure it made the right statement. Designer Emily Pinney added extra square footage by simply taking over an adjoining eating area, turning it into an eat-in bar with extra counter space. A classic all-white palette retains the kitchen line with the rest of the home’s style.

Renewal Design-Build

16. Smart, Elegant Atlanta Addition

This kitchen experienced very the transformation, by a 1980s nightmare into a warm and contemporary space. A new design with designated action zones which control traffic makes the space cooking and entertainment friendly. Extra shelves were added, and special coffee and wine channels make sure everyone can get their handle of choice while staying from the cook’s way.

Actual-Size Architecture

17. Historic Queen Anne Renovation

While Geoffrey Gainer’s Queen Anne wanted a new kitchen, he didn’t need a faux old-fashioned or disjointed modern design to replace it. Rather, Gainer merged the kitchen and dining room, with Douglas fir shelves, cork flooring and paper-based countertops which can all show signs of gentle wear. As time passes, this new kitchen will start to combine with the house’s older bones.

Huge Girls Small Kitchen

18. A Cooking Maven’s Little Kitchen

Cara Eisenpress might have a little kitchen, but this New York blogger, author, food stylist and recipe developer nevertheless manages to make the most of it. While she can’t make any major modifications to her leasing space, displaying pretty meals, investing in quality tools and using as much wall space as possible help all of her foodie need get fulfilled.

Hanson Fine Building

19. Little Kitchen, Big View

Bumping outside a bay window in this Philadelphia kitchen provided a beautiful backyard perspective and a small amount of extra space for a dining table and chairs. This Victorian home is on a historic block, so outside changes had to be minimal. But the new bay window perfectly matches the house’s original bay window on the next narrative.


20. Streamlined and Smart at Montreal

ers adored this historic remodel adopted a contemporary design, using easy-to-clean materials. Built-in storage for wine, knives and books uses up each inch, while granite countertop and MDF cabinet facades make cleanup a matter of a simple wipe-down.

Homeowner’s Workbook: How to Remodel Your Kitchen

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10 Unusual Places for Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings conjure notions of cheer and joy as soon as you see them, which makes them a fantastic and effortless addition to holiday decor. Tradition touts, “Hang your stockings by the chimney with care.” But luckily, those without a fireplace or mantel — or even people needing to break with tradition — have many alternatives for hanging their stockings this holiday season.

In the window. Show off those festive stockings by hanging them for all the world to see. Use Control pins or a tension pole to prevent damage.

Christie Thomas

In the bedroom. While stockings at the bedroom may not be revolutionary, hanging Christmas stockings on the bed might be. Try them at the foot or — if you’re courageous — onto a tall headboard.

On doors. Hang them inside bedroom doorknobs or outside on your entry door. Utilize door wreath hangers as pins.

On a chalkboard. Display your sleeves by hanging them from cut a huge chalkboard, such as KeriAnne’s chalkboard made from a vintage window. Get creative and have your nearest and dearest compose their orders to Santa under their stocking.

On the stairway. Hang them in the banister. Hand made these beautiful knit stockings from old sweaters over at Remodelaholics.

On a ladder. Whether your style is contemporary or rustic, you can find a ladder for both and everything in between. Have not been able to obtain the ideal ladder? Make your personal, as Jenn has done here.

On a shutter. Similar to a ladder, a shutter, like this one from Clarendon Lane, could be transferred anywhere in the house — put on the floor, leaned against the wall or set on a sideboard. It can be mounted onto the wall horizontally or vertically, as shown here. The photograph ledge makes a fantastic substitute for a mantel and can be transitioned quite easily from regular decor to holiday.

From a branch. Utilize a natural element, like a branch or a piece of driftwood, in your holiday decor by placing it on your wall including Jaime has done here. Stockings could be hung using ribbon.

Dear Lillie

On a sideboard or hutch. Hang one stocking from the surface of a hutch or hang multiple stockings from a sideboard utilizing stocking hooks.

On a string. Yes, you caught me. This is technically hung onto a fireplace, but do not let this picture fool you. You could hang this string anywhere — vertically or horizontally on the wall, or along the edge of a cabinet — to add a little holiday cheer. Use clips or clothespins, such as Melissa has done here, to hang every stocking.

Just remember: For each of these options, make sure that your hangers are mounted correctly and packaged carefully for security on Christmas morning.

Show us : we would like to see your sleeves, wherever they may hang. Have a photo and upload it to the Remarks section below — your photograph might end up in a showcased ideabook!

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American Architecture: Mission Revival

As a born and bred East Coaster, I’m particularly fascinated by architectural styles that are not widespread in my part of the nation. The California-born Mission revival style is on peak of this listing. Popular throughout the turn of the 20th century, the Mission revival architecture movement was inspired by the Southern California climate as well as also the details and materials connected to the area’s historical churches.

Mission revival architecture commonly includes the following characteristics:
Smooth stucco or plaster sidingLow, pitched roofRed roof tiles
Overhanging eaves with exposed rafter tails
Shaped roof parapets Large square columns Arched doorways and windowsCovered walkways and arcadesRound along with quatrefoil windows All the seven pictures below beautifully exemplifies the movement’s unique characteristics. What is your favorite Mission revival detail?

EASA Architecture

An arched major entry welcomes visitors to this Hillsborough, California, Mission revival dwelling.

Tracery Interiors

An intricately shaped roof parapet sets the Mission revival tone in this Homewood, Alabama, home.

EASA Architecture

Covered walkways are found on particularly large Mission revival homes.

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

In a Mission revival home, you’ll frequently find yourself marveling in its barrel-vaulted ceilings and quatrefoil windows.

James Glover Residential & Interior Design

Smooth plaster siding, wide overhanging eaves, exposed rafter tails, arched doorways and windows, along with a red tile roof define Mission revival.

Conrado – Home Builders

A quatrefoil window provides a front-and-center focal point to this Mission revival home.

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Exposed rafters and large square columns create a covered Mission-style arcade.

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8 New Takes on Time-Honored Textiles

As soon as we sit down to art, we engage in the same kind of procedure as when we design our interiors. We believe form, we are intimately connected to our stuff and we all do it because it grounds us in our sense of place.

Crafting has always been popular in interiors because we thrive on being surrounded by objects together with a human link. And now fiber arts are enjoying a new spin round the house, in creative and graphic reinterpretations of classic techniques and substances.

Have a look at these innovative takes on classic crafting.

Emily McCall

A minimalist room is injected with color, form and texture with one picture quilt.

This isn’t your mother’s macramé! Take things one step further and drape your space in fiber. While this probably would be impractical in your living space, it may be a whimsical way to liven up an event.

Crafts are often handed down through generations. Reimagine your grandmother’s quilt by letting it hang out on an eclectic couch.

Graham and Green

Suzani Quilt

Suzanis are not typically quilted, but both textiles are hugely popular right now, so why not combine them into a gorgeous showstopper?

Ida Lifestyle

Crocheting has a place in the freestanding house at the head of the table. With all these chances, it is not possible to run out of ways to utilize it.


Hexrug Rug or Wall Hanging – $150

This felt carpet touches on a lot of current trends: geometrics, vivid colours and also a nod to a ombré effect. Plus, it is made of one of the most versatile materials out there.


This crocheted patchwork rug softens modern furnishings and modern architecture.

This crocheted bedspread adds a reserved elegance to a dorm room and might be a reminder of house in addition to a hot blanket.

Inform us : What is your relationship with crafts? Are the handmade things in your house some of the most important items?

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Decide on the Ideal Pendant for Your Kitchen Isle

It appears as if every kitchen remodel in each corner of the globe now comprises an island or peninsula. And over most of the islands and peninsulas hang three little droplet lights.

Builder-grade pendant lights have become as predictable as maple and granite. And it is a shame. Because the lights that hang over your kitchen peninsula are a terrific chance to amp things up a bit and bring a whole lot of design into the mixture. Think of them as your kitchen jewelry — a little bling to liven up the ensemble.

Listed below are 19 pendant lights of unique styles. Some are somewhat more subdued, some are major scene stealers, but none of them are same old, same old.

Tim Cuppett Architects

Clear Glass Pendant Lights

Clear glass qualifies to the subdued end of things, but it can also be incredibly lively and elegant and sculptural. It’s best if it is hand blown off and a little wabi-sabi — air bubbles and all.


Globe pendants are extremely popular today (since they were in the ’70s) and may be passed over on first consideration due to their size. However, have no worries — you can see through them! Even in a smaller kitchen that they do not overwhelm.

Cablik Enterprises

A statement is made by A bunch of hand-blown bulb-shape pendants with effect.


Industrial Pendant Lights

These broad aluminum pendants are sculptural (inspired by Indian baskets) but have a rough-hewn industrial quality about them. Muscular although Modern.

Richard Bubnowski Design LLC

Lights, camera, action. These classic stainless lamps remind me of light used in film production. They’ve a crisp, clean look (provided that you maintain them polished) and look like they were made for actual cooks.

Capoferro Design Build Group

The black version of the film production lamps. Much more industrial and serious looking.

This long-armed reading light makes a perfect job lamp for over the peninsula and gives the room an edgy, industrial look.

Insignia Kitchen and Bath Design Studio

Do not let their good looks fool you; these adjustable weighted pulley lamps are also hard workers.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

Colorful Pendant Lights

There are a great deal of horrible colored pendant lamps on the market; you see many of them hanging from the light aisles of big-box stores. However, a better approach is to find some color. These four bowl-shaped lamps in four different colors add little dollops of design pizzazz. Hanging them at various heights makes them stand out even more.

Woodmeister Master Builders

These blue light lamps add a sudden dash of the exotic into this very conventional kitchen.

Meredith Ericksen

Period-perfect ’50s-inspired lamps for a vintage-inspired kitchen.

ZeroEnergy Design

Oversize Pendant Lights

Like color, size disturbs a great deal of people. However, there is no reason overhead pendant lamps need to be teeny tiny (except possibly very low ceilings). Going oversize makes a huge effect and can really liven up an otherwise plain room.

Oversize block lights mimic the traces in the remaining part of the kitchen.

These big silver domes most often hang in the midst of a room, but I love them as over-the-island accent lamps.

Mark MacInnis Architect

This line of giant black dome lights is the major decoration within this kitchen.

Inspired Interiors


I just love chandeliers in kitchens. They are so pretty and surprising, and they can really soften up all of those difficult lines and smooth surfaces. This contemporary version keeps the clean lines of this room but adds sparkle and a touch of the female.

John Kraemer & Sons

A large, dramatic black chandelier over a large, dramatic black island. They were made for one another.

John Kraemer & Sons

Two largish chandeliers take the place of the typical plain hanging pendant lights and provide this kitchen lots of glamour. Together with the hood, they have a different French look.

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Chandeliers can be contemporary, also. In fact, I believe they look best in an eclectic room where frilly and elaborate are somewhat less expected.

More manuals to pendant lights

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Jenny Lind Furnishings Take a Fresh Turn

Few names elicit classic decoration like Jenny Lind does. This distinctive furniture style, using its simple lines and turned detailing, was named for a 19th-century opera singer dubbed the”Swedish Nightingale,” who made a sensation when she toured the USA in 1850. During her tour, the story goes, she slept in a bed using a spooled framework — and the appearance was linked with her name ever since.

When most people today think of Jenny Lind furniture, they believe of cribs, the many classic pieces that keep her name. But mattress frames, chairs, table legs and more also wear that spooled style . And as a result of the growth of eclectic decor and also the energy of paint, Jenny Lind has made her way to the contemporary era. Have a look at how both give these furnishings a fresh, fun face.

Can you have a Jenny Lind bit? We want to see how you’ve updated it! Share a photo in the Remarks.

Tommy Chambers Interiors, Inc..

An unexpected deep purple shade turns these seats into irresistible eye candy.

Anthony Baratta LLC

The newel post and spindles on this grand staircase signify an elegant spin on Jenny Lind style.

Quiet sage greens and creams make a restful retreat that is anchored by the gorgeous lines of this mattress.

CCG Interiors.

Turned bed frames wearing a coat of white paint include a dash of sweetness towards the spicy color palette in this girls’ bedroom.

Julie Ranee Photography

You do not need to paint Jenny Lind beds to make them seem of this moment. With a natural wood finish, these include a touch of gravitas to the area’s sprightly decor.

Similarly, this mattress provides a familiar note in the middle of a gathered, slightly bohemian bedroom.

The Land of Nod

Kids Aqua Blue Spindle Jenny Lind Bed – $549

Brilliant aqua blue modernizes this venerable mattress profile — your grandmother’s eyes will pop.

The Land of Nod

Jenny Lind Bookcase – $299

In pristine white, a spool-turned bookcase looks fresh enough for a nursery or a kids’ playroom.

Eclectic Dining Chairs And Benches – $537

Dramatic black paint indicates the craftsmanship on this Jenny Lind–fashion chair.

Uttermost Marsala Wood Frame Wall Mirror – $293.91

Turned detailing provides a simple wooden mirror. I could see this over a fabric-covered parson’s table in a hallway, or perhaps to break a sea of beige and cream in a transitional powder room.

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6 Easy Ways to Skillfully Hang Your Artwork

Buying art or posters, or print out pictures, is the easy part. We’ve all been faced with the hard component that comes next: choosing frames and mats at the art store or standing before a clean wall with a hammer and hammer in hand. What color frames should you choose? At what height should you hang paintings? How do you do a salon wall? The first rule is to conquer your fears. Do not leave your art in a box for many years, your walls bare. Only dip in and begin.

Erica George Dines Photography

1. Keep it simple. With mats and frames, the easiest thing to do is stick to the many versatile colors: white black and mats frames. Then have all your art framed the same manner.

Viscusi Elson Interior Design – Gina Viscusi Elson

Choose various colored frames at a coordinating palette if you want to liven up a neutral atmosphere.

Beckwith Interiors

2. Hang pieces at eye level. Most galleries hang their art at ordinary eye level, about 58 inches. The center of this artwork, not the top of the bit, but should be at that height. This usually means that you have to do some math: Measure the distance between the wire and the top of the frame, and measure the height of this art and split it in half. Measure 58 inches onto the wall, then add the dimension of half of the artwork’s height and subtract the distance between the wire and the top of the frame. Put here .

Shannon Malone

The gallery-height guide also works for film ledges.

Little Black Door Designs

Yup, salon-style galleries and art hung in a grid operate well centered at eye level, also.

Lauren Gries

You may want to correct for furniture under so that you’re not creating a awkward large gap between the art and the sofa.

Adjust gallery height for the people in the house. Think about hanging art a bit lower in kids’ rooms.

Michelle Salz-Smith, ASID, CID, NCIDQ

If a room will be used mainly for sitting, then hang your art lower to keep it at eye level.

Dawna Jones Design

3. Hang art in a grid. Hanging a grid of photos is a excellent way to earn a large announcement while still maintaining the focus on the individual photos. A symmetrical grid require some extra time and math. Have patience. Keep about 2-3 inches between frames.

4. Go for salon style. Start with the largest piece of art. Center it in the middle or simply off the middle, place the remaining portion of the art around it in a manner that pleases your eye. You can decide on a design by laying the art on the floor till you find a solution which works or by cutting out the shape of every piece of art in brown craft paper and taping it to the wall to check out ideas.

Jute Interior Design

If you do not have one piece of art that is demonstrably larger, weight the centre with darker pieces and frames.

Sarah Greenman

Frames with no art also look good hung salon style. Find a lot of frames at a thrift store and paint them one color for an inexpensive custom art installation.

Madison Modern Home

5. Create a singular sensation. When you’ve got an ornate frame, give it breathing space by not hanging lots close to it. Thin, slick frames are better for grids or rows.

Christie Thomas

6. Think outside the frame. Flourishes such as ribbons and hanging wire add extra character to hanging art and give it more of a conventional look.

Shannon Malone

Clipboards are great for hanging out children’s art or art that is rotated frequently.

Lauren Donaldson

An art grouping like this may not have the lasting power of art, but it wins awards for creativity.

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