The best way to Paint a Wood Bookshelf

Give an old book shelf a facelift together with the aid of paint. It’s possible for you to use paint to dress a great wood or particleboard shelf up to produce it playful or newer. Wood absorbs paint, therefore some planning is required by a previously painted book shelf it is possible to grab the brush and get started before. An un-painted shelf is prepared for painting with little to no planning.

Remove shelf brackets and the shelves, if relevant for the style of your bookshelf.

Sand the whole book-case, such as the shelves, lightly using a fine-grit sandpaper. Remove the end from prior paint and somewhat roughen the area of finishes using the sand-paper when relevant. The wood should nevertheless feel after sanding easy.

Remove any residue that is sawdust in the bookcase. Vacuum the dirt in the crevices or use a hardly dampened rag to eliminate the dirt.

Should you be painting the book-case a great color paint a coat of primer on shelves and the book-case. Use a paint brush to apply the primer and paint toward the woodgrain. Select an oil-based primer for oil-based paints, as well as a latex primer for latex paints. Allow the primer.

Apply a coat of paint on the primer that is leading, painting toward the woodgrain.

Remove paint in the the bracket installation holes in the event that the shelves were eliminated by you before painting. Use a wood or nail choose to scrape the paint in the holes.

Allow the paint to dry between coats. Apply three or two coats to achieve colour and the required coverage. Sand latex paint between each coat. Oil-based paints don’t need sanding. Allow the situation before re-assembling the shelves to dry.

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