Planting Info on Calycanthus Floridus

Calycanthus floridus, also called Carolina allspice or sweetshrub, is a shrub that will grow about 10-feet 9-feet wide and tall. This member of the Calycanthaceae family can prosper in Sunset’s Environment Zones 3A, 3B, 4-to 9 and 14 to 17. and is indigenous to the south-eastern United States Using its reddish brown flowers in spring this shrub can include construction and fragrance to your own garden.


Calycanthus floridus can prosper in a partial area of the backyard. It could not get as tall as when planted in part shade, when planted in full sunlight. Place the plant in an area that is sheltered because cool winds may damage spring development. The 2 inch blossoms that come in in spring are aromatic and their fruity scent is said to resemble a combination of of strawberry, banana and pineapple. To totally appreciate the fragrance of Calycanthus floridus, develop it near a patio, an entrance or a walkway.

Soil Needs

Under ideal conditions, assume a year, Calycanthus floridus to develop at least one foot. Despite the fact that this shrub tolerates several various kinds of soil, developing it in soil that is dry might result in slower progress. The crops are developed 36 to 60-inches aside in a soil that is deep, rich and drains water-but nevertheless retains moisture. Working a-2-inch layer of compost to the indigenous soil can help market drainage and include nutrients.


Calycanthus floridus may be propagated from cuttings, seed or suckers. Growing the plant might result in a shrub that isn’t true-to its parent — it varies in look or scent. Suckers and cuttings do develop true to to make as well as the latter is stated to be most easy — the suckers instantly transplanted within their position and may be eliminated. To a void expanding a plant that does not smell excellent or lacks fragrance, buy a Calycanthus floridus species that is recognized to have an in Tense fragrance.


Once it is proven, Calycanthus floridus needs minimum servicing. Provide the plant having an average sum of water, because although it might tolerate drought, Calycanthus floridus prefers s Oil that is moist. Increase your watering frequency through the warmth of summer. To shape the plant and to keep it from growing exceptionally in dimensions, after flowering, prune it just after. Remove any suckers surrounding the shrub should you not want it to spread.

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