The best way to Know in case Your Tub Drain Is a Drop-in or Threaded?

The tub drain is an after thought for a lot of homeowners — till it gets clogged. Before start cleaning it out, you you should know know what kind of drain you have.This will decide which components need to be cleaned or that which you what you should to displace an existing drain. You will find lots of different types two of the most frequent are threaded and Drop in drains. Threaded drains are typically identified in tubs that were older, while the fall-in model is typical in newer versions. Determining whether you’ve another or one involves a little inspection.

Drop-In Drain

Check your drain stopper. A Drop in drain has a stopper having a knob that is notable.

Lift the stopper by means of your thumb and fore finger to its fullest capability.

Reach to get a nut beneath the the stopper as well as a feel. Merely twist the nut by means of your thumb and forefinger before the stopper comes free, in the event that you would like to eliminate the stopper.

Threaded Drain

Check to find out in case your drain has an over-flow plate. It is a plate underneath the faucet using two screws and a lever. If it does, you’ve a drain that is threaded.

Have a look in the stopper in the underside of the tub. A drain that is threaded typically has a steel display which is screwed into place.

Flip the lever on the over-flow plate to the place that is open.

Unscrew the over-flow plate. Attached to the back of it’s a steel linkage that threads into the drain. On some tubs, you could possibly be in a position to pull out the linkage entirely.

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