The best way to Create a Shelf

Installing shelving on a wall of your house lets you create space for storage on an area which is otherwise unused. Having brackets in simple view can detract from your room’s look; installing “floating” shelves removes the need for brackets. These are shelves are connected to the wall using a cleat which is covered by the shelf, providing the shelf the look that it “floats” against-the-wall. An effortless way to finish the project requires reducing an 18-inch hollow-core door in two length-wise and utilizing each piece.

Using a stud finder, locate the studs and mark their place. When setting the cleat draw a line on the other side of the wall to offer a manual. Use a level to make sure that the line is straight.

Saw an 18-inch hollow-core door in two length-wise. Use a 40-tooth carbide blade in a circular saw to slice the the door, when performing it, and use safety goggles.

Measure the inside edges of the door panel on the side where it is minimize by you. Cut a cleat to to match these dimensions from a 2 by-4 board, using the saw.

Place the cleat from the wall together with the aid of an assistant. Position the leading fringe of of the cleat from the line you drew on the wall to mark the area of the shelf. Drill 1/8 inch pilot holes throughout the cleat and in to each stud.

By driving lag screws throughout the pilot holes connect the cleat to the wall. Use wrench or a drill to tighten the screws.

By scraping out the cardboard core in the shelf using a wood chisel create space for the cleat in the shelf. Remove 1.5-inches of the card-board.

By putting it check the match of the shelf. Hollow-out mo Re of the card-board until it does, in the event the back fringe of of the shelf does not rest flush against-the-wall.

Apply a bead of carpenter’s glue to the edge over the base of the shelf, where you hollowed-out the card-board core as well as the very top of the cleat.

Slide the shelf within the cleat. Place a framing square in addition to the shelf from underneath to square it, and raise it.

Drive 1inch brad nails throughout the bottom fringe of of the shelf and to the cleat. Use one nail every 8″ over the shelf. Wipe a-way any carpenter’s glue that seeped out having a moist rag.

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