The best way to Install Twist & Fit Curtain Rods

One typical kind of curtain rod needs brackets that connect to the wood-work or the wall. Twist-and-fit rods can not connect something to the wall and provide an option when you do not want to mar your wall or are leasing. These simple-to-install curtain rods conform to to any size window-frame. Different lengths and diameters are available to give the correct dimensions curtain rod to each window. Twistandfit curtain rods save installation time, also.

Measure the the length in one, of the window opening aspect of the the inner to another side, using a tape measure. Ensure you’re measuring the distance in the window opening, excluding any trim parts that body the window.

Slide the rubber ring onto the slender part of the twistandfit curtain rod to ensure it’s about two inches away from the part that is thicker.

Holding the curtain rod with one-hand at every end, twist the rod clockwise to shorten it or counter-clockwise to lengthen it, before the distance between both tabs that protrude from every end of the rod is the same as the window measurement.

So the two tabs are to the rear, turn the curtain rod. Position the rod just just beneath the leading edge of the window opening. Insert the tabs to the window opening, modifying them when they’re slim or too broad.

Remove the twist-and-fit curtain rod in the window and slide the curtains.

Hold the curtain rod straight back in to location in the window opening. Until the tabs fit tightly from the sides of the opening twist the rod counter-clockwise.

Let go to check whether it’ll will remain in position. Include more pressure by twisting it counter-clockwise in case it slips.

The rubber ring to the thicker aspect in the side of the rod. The rubber ring holds the two-pieces together and maintains the stress that is suitable.

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