The best way to Repot a Citrus Tree

Dwarf types of trees are popular as houseplants that are potted. They provide quite foliage, fresh fruit and fragrant blossoms. However they require re-potting every 12 to two years till they attain maturity. A signal that it’s re-potting time is when you see roots coming from the soil area and from the pot’s drainage holes. Repotting a tree is an easy procedure that can revitalize your tree.

Select a pot that’s deeper and broader in relation to the pot keeping your citrus tree. There’s no particular rule for how much bigger your new pot should be, only that it needs to be large enough to give the roots room to grow for at least another year. The pot should have sides that taper down with drain holes in the underside, to the foundation.

Water in the tree for three times to decrease soil moisture. Tip the pot that is existing and roll it on the rim. Lay an old bedsheet on the floor and set the pot onto it. Grasp the tree and tip the pot over while pulling on the tree till it slides onto the sheet from the pot. Roots should be organization and pale. If any roots are slimy and brown, reduce them straight back. Loosen the roots in bottom and the side of the root ball together with your fingers.

Create a citrus planting blend by combining one third peat moss, one third sand and one third sterile potting soil. Put enough of the mix-in the base of the pot that is new to to create the very top of the root ball below the lip of the pot to an inch. Lift the tree and set it up right to the pot that is new. Add soil combine throughout the root ball, tamping it down using the finger tips of your hand s O the soil will help the root ball as you-go across the ball. As you include the s Oil keep the tree up right.

Water the re-potted citrus tree before the s Oil is well-moistened but maybe not sopping-wet. Water your newly tree with water that is enough to keep soil moist but maybe not saturated. After two weeks, cut watering straight back to twice a week for the next 8 weeks. By sticking your fore-finger every one of the way to the soil from then on, check always water wants. In the event the s Oil feels dry, water the tree.

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