Readers' Choice: The 10 Most Popular Garages and Sheds of 2012

Garages and sheds on came with lots of surprises this season. While users added lots of photos showcasing organizational theories to their ideabooks, they loved seeing creative transformations of the often-underused space. A backyard workplace, a exceptional play pavilion and an amazing man cave are just a few of those spaces that topped the popularity list for the past year. Which one is your favorite?

TransFORM | The Art of Custom Storage

1. Ultimate organization in Brooklyn. This little New York garage includes a place for all. The compact solutions — hooks onto the walls, file cabinets, open shelving — could prove useful in any storage area.

Sett Studio

2. A 92-square-foot refuge in Austin. A wonderfully modern surprise at a Texas backyard, this prefab shed serves as a backyard office and part of an outdoor harbor. Many ers thought something this small are the perfect way to experiment with prefab layout.

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Cardea Building Co..

3. San Francisco backyard cabin. Even homes with a lawn smaller than this one often have room for specific touches. This lawn has many inspiring small-space notions — readers especially liked the raised garden beds.

Menter Byrne Architects

4. Seattle garage-turned-playspace. These homeowners turned their garage into the greatest play pavilion to their kids. While the first floor still stores the family car, the next floor now acts as a multipurpose space that concentrates on action instead of TV.

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Lands End Development – Designers & Builders

5. Cabin-style Minnesota carriage home. This heavenly winter house is actually a spacious carriage home, constructed at a rustic log-cabin style. ers adored every little detail of the space — including the red trim, exposed rock and shingled dormer.

Woodbourne Builders Inc

6. Customized storage to get a Massachusetts family. A big and active family can always use a little help with organization. These custom-built storage units in a glossy gray each possess a little bench where family members may take shoes off, and a lid that lifts up for additional storage.

Siemasko + Verbridge

7. Conventional stonework in Marblehead. Nestled next to a romantic house in Massachusetts, this garage has the exact same storybook feel as the main property. Most ers spared this photo for its exquisite custom garage doors made from dark wood.

Flow Wall System

8. On-the-wall storage. The best thing you can do to maintain your garage organized would be to get things from the ground. This garage makes use of a useful system that keeps everything to surfboards out of the way.

Norris Architecture

9. Rustic Tennessee shed. ers adored the dreamy, rustic feel of the potting shed. It’s set amid rural forests, and recycled wood pallet walls provide the space the worn-in look and feel of a barn.

TR Building & Remodeling Inc..

10. Car lover’s man cave in Connecticut. Made to be the greatest man cave, this space stores a whole lot more than just a few great cars. A wine cellar, subterranean parking, a vehicle elevator and a vanishing TV in the bathroom mirror are only a few of its amazing capabilities.

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These photos made the 2012 Most Popular list based on how many times they were inserted to user ideabooks. Still looking for your dream garage or shed? Find thousands more here

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