How to Remove & Replace an Aluminum Threshold

A threshold is a strip across the bottom of a door opening that seals it if the door is closed, so cold (or warm ) air doesn’t seep in under the door. A threshold can be wood, plastic or metal, but there is a solution aluminum, that needs no regular maintenance, clogs easily and is resistant to rust or water damage. Lots of aluminum thresholds have when the door is closed to supply a seal rubberized strips that bend. Replacing a threshold using a brand new aluminum one is rather simple.

Assess the bottom of the doorway with a tape measure and buy an aluminum threshold to fit entry doors are approximately 36 inches wide. Match height of this threshold into the older; make sure the new threshold is no greater off the floor to avoid door closure problems. Utilize a threshold if the older one had such a bit.

Locate the mounting screws onto the present threshold, typically at every outside end and typically one or two in between; a few aluminum thresholds have screws clearly observable, but on the others they are hidden under the rubber centre, which must be pulled off to get at the screws. Take the screws using a screwdriver or screw gun out.

Eliminate the threshold that is older; a few styles fit between the two side door jambs, while some are mounted under the jamb finishes. Pull the old threshold out, using a pry bar if necessary to discharge it from under the jambs. Clean any dirt, dust and debris that had collected under and about the brink up.

Place the new threshold with a finish flush against one jamb, and indicate the other end to be cut. Trim off any extra aluminum using a hacksaw and clean up and smooth the cut edge. In the event the aluminum threshold is not predrilled, mark the location for holes. Drill holes in the aluminum using a power drill and metallic bit.

Lay the new threshold and use a pencil or nail to indicate the wood plate under the threshold for screws. Drill holes in the wood and take out the threshold, then set the new threshold back using a screwdriver or screw gun in position and fasten screws. Assess the threshold holes and mark the floor with them if the ends slide under the side jambs, then slide the threshold under the jambs and twist it down.

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