How to Install a Pendant Light Into an Existing Track Light Fixture

Lights add a track lighting system and beauty in addition to efficiency. The lights hang down from the track and throw more light onto places that are specific. Lights are useful in areas like the kitchen where you want to obtain more lighting in your top — rather than scattered throughout the area — and still maintain a classy look. Installing a pendant lighting will take to complete and is hassle free.

Test the power to the track system by turning on the light. Turn off the light. Turn off the power .

Confirm that the new pendant lighting won’t overload the wattage rating of this track light system. Eliminate at least one of the present lights to allow for the wattage of this lighting, if necessary.

Align the touch blades onto the stem of this lighting parallel to the track at the stage of installation. Turn the pendant lighting stem 90 degrees clockwise. The stem will lock into place.

Install the color on the stem. Depending on the model you’ve bought, the color will screw without hardware into place or tighten them to grip it and you will have to insert screws to the stem. Should you have to insert screws, then there’ll be precut holes onto the stem and they will be included in the hardware kit that came with the pendant lighting.

Insert a light bulb to the pendant lighting that fulfills the specifications to the lighting.

Turn on the power and examine to make sure all lights are working correctly.

Adjust the lighting. So that the light doesn’t move once you’ve got it set correctly, tighten the position adjustment screws. The burden of this light and vibrations can dislodge it in the position over time.

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