Seal the Deal With Fiber Cement Siding

Hardie plank: Nearly everybody who has considered re-siding their house or building an addition or a brand new home has heard of it. However, what’s Hardie plank, or more properly, fiber cement board?

Fiber cement plank in its current form was developed in the 1980s from the James Hardie corporation as a replacement for asbestos cement board. A blend of sand, sand and cellulose, it can be produced in panels, as lap siding and as trim pieces. As it’s durable (many manufacturers warranty the product for 50 decades and the finish for 15), low maintenance, available in many sizes and textures, and easily painted any colour, fiber cement is an perfect siding choice.

Art and designers have taken to the substance’s adaptability. Not only is fiber cement available as a flat lap siding for traditional-style houses, but it also comes in panels that mimic stucco such as Prairie and Craftsman-style houses, shingle panels for both Arts and Crafts-style houses and smooth panels for more modern designs.

Although the longest-lasting finishes are factory applied, the substance can be painted on-site such as wood siding. This makes for easy touch-ups and repairs in addition to the ability to change colour. Below are ways to make use of fiber cement board on home exteriors in a variety of fashions.

Shade it contemporary and daring. Available in large, smooth panels, fiber cement board is excellent for the outside of a contemporary house. The rectangular grid made by the joints between panels provides the outside structure and sequence. The capability to finish the substance in any colour allowed the architect of the home to pronounce each volume so that the layout of interlocked cubes is readily apparent.

Nic Darling

Use it in order to blend in. Fiber cement is a chameleon-like substance. Whether your site is a luxury suburb, a bucolic country field or a gritty urban zone, then it can be coloured and arranged to match the setting.

Resolution: 4 Architecture

The secret is in the joint. The fiber cement panels can be butted to each other or can be installed using a show between every panel. The James Hardie company has developed a very simple installation system when a show is desired. While this show creates a different shadow line that is perfect for a modern design, the joints between panels can be treated in a number of ways.

Blue Brook Architecture

Joints can be full of a contrasting colour to create a two-dimensional appearance.

AIA, Bud Dietrich

Panel joints can be coated with a contrasting colored fiber cement trim to create a Prairie-style appearance.

Beard + Riser Architects

Fiber cement trim also can be colored to match the panels for a modern aesthetic.

Mix it up. An especially powerful method of using fiber cement panels is to combine them with other substances. Or you can join fiber cement lap siding with fiber cement panels. The perpendicular and also gridded panels produce orthogonality using the lap siding.

WA Design Architects

The ability to combine this siding with other substances is one of its great features. It works in a sleek and machined look …

Stuart Sampley Architect

… and at a more rustic and vernacular approach.

WA Design Architects

The panels, that can be quite large, can be trimmed, stacked vertically or positioned horizontally into a stack bond pattern.

Great Neighborhood Homes

Make mine conventional. Most fiber cement board is utilized as horizontal lap siding, perfect for conventional and colonial-style houses.

M.J. Whelan Construction

Many newer houses with conventional styling use fiber cement siding. For a house with a massive exterior surface region, the substance can be utilized in a variety of textures in addition to for shingles at the upper gables.

Eck | MacNeely Architects inc..

It’s also offered in a board-and-batten configuration.

Candlelight Homes

The substance can be completed in a large choice of colors.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

One of my favorite approaches is to use both the lap siding and the panels at a Craftsman-style configuration. This can be particularly successful when re-siding an present house to create something unique.

Fiber Cement Siding at Modern Architecture

9 Top Siding Materials

Fiber Cement Board at Modern Architecture

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Retirement Reinvention: Boomers Plot Their Next Big Move

We’re on the cusp of a great migration that will fundamentally change the landscape of America. It is a simple matter of numbers.

We of the boomer generation, those born between 1946 and 1964, are retiring. The oldest people have started reaching what the Social Security Administration calls “full retirement age.” The likely result over the next decade or so will be a migration from the North into the South. Obviously, not all those 80 million people will decide to move, but those who do will cause massive changes to the built environment.

Just as boomers generated sequential surges in the construction of K-12 schools, suburban home, shopping centers, faculty expansions, more suburban home, vacation homes and hotels; our generation will cause the building of a tide of “retirement home.”

In a feeling, this migration is going to be the final chance boomers might have to reinvent themselves. So what locale and type of dwelling will they select for their golden years? A single-family detached residence? A community of condominiums, townhouses, villas or other attached forms? Will it be on the water, nestled in the woods, by a river, overlooking a fairway, perched atop a hill, place among the cacti or at an urban setting with all the conveniences? Will it be a modern equivalent of the Plains Indians’ cellphone, light-on-the-land teepee, fixed in place, or some blend of the two?

Let us take a peek at some of the chances.

Water, palm trees and an incredible pink blue sky: A house in Florida or the Caribbean has for its reward that wonderful blend of sky and water with you in between. It is a life that disturbs us to love and enjoy each passing blur, each shade of lush green and each rising and setting sun.

Christopher A Rose AIA, ASID

Maybe we favor a 200-acre “backyard.” We would like the expansive vistas and all that green but do not wish to worry about maintenance. In addition, we need a place of community, with a clubhouse and a social life that retains our evenings and days filled with action to replace the old 9-to-5 grind.

Andrew Hinman Architecture

Many of us boomers will hear the call of the open road. We’ll proudly display all those state decals on the side of the RV as we consider in what this vast country has to offer you. And if we are fortunate enough, we’ll have a place we could go back to whenever we need. It’ll be a place that we simply drive the RV around and anchor ourselves while the batteries get recharged. A property yacht indeed!

Carney Logan Burke Architects

How about a cabin somewhere on the Great Plains? A place of reflection and solitude, where we establish a bond with character that could only be located there.

Many people, thankfully, will stay up North near family and all that’s familiar. Cold and snow are all components to be enjoyed. Skating, skiing, sledding, hot cocoa by the fire, snow angels and much more are all things to be cherished and celebrated instead of to be escaping from. A location nestled in a wood however near a little town might be just the right answer.

Edgewater layout llc

Those people who stay near home and kids might need to be certain that we’ve got our own space, even if it’s attached to our child’s house. Something that’s not too little, not too far away rather than a burden on us. Maybe this is a location where, when it is just too hot in the South or cold in the North, we locate ourselves for a few months. Or perhaps it’s a permanent house that we’re able to escape from for travels across the world.

jamesthomas Interiors

And who among us would not want their very own small pied-a-terre? While this might be the year-round residence, it might also be that special place we go to once in a while, once we would like to observe the glowing lights and enjoy city life.

For many, this can be an out-of-reach luxury that makes no sense as a first or second residence. In these cases, we could home swap or perform a temporary rental. Just think, with no 9-to-5 grind along with the kids on their own, getting to research many different lifestyles and places could just be what the doctor ordered.

Sure, there are some who state that people haven’t saved and sacrificed enough to ride into the sunset and revel in their golden years. While the fantastic Recession has made it hard for many, especially where the property markets took a nose dive, the reality is that tens of millions of people are financially protected. And, like they have done in every decade since the 1950s, they will guide the way in a lot of things.

Inform us about your dream retirement house. Are you currently staying stuck or planning a move? Please tell us how are you going to make it a reality, and the way you’ll love yourself once you get there.

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Acid-Etched Concrete

Acid etching is the process of roughing up the glossy surface of concrete with compounds. Concrete can also be roughened with a grinder, but acid can do it with much less dust and muscle strength. Acid creates tiny holes at the surface of the concrete, enabling it to bond with topical treatments like paint, epoxy or stain.

Visionscapes NW Landscape Design

Typically muratic acid can be used to chemically treat concrete so that it can form the proper bond with topical surfaces. This concrete needed metal flakes sprinkled while the concrete was wet, then the surface was acid etched.

Cody Anderson Wasney Architects, Inc..

Acid combined with stain will etch and colour the concrete at precisely the same time. Applying stain can be tricky, and puddles and thin areas should be avoided to prevent the look from being mottled.

Victoria’s Interiors

The more the acid is left on the surface, the more porous the concrete becomes more. Note the grainy pits at the surface of this kitchen floor. After etching, a neutralizer has to be implemented to block the chemical reaction. Some acids time out so that neutralizer isn’t vital.

Artisan Custom Homes

Even with a careful use of an acid or stain chemical, a pure amount of imperfection will lead to. A marble-like effect is created, because the acid is unpredictable. The result is a superbly distinctive surface.

Hufft Projects

Concrete also has to be acid etched before you can apply epoxy. Epoxy is a polymer-based adhesive or paint which has a plastic feel to it. Thicker than paint, it’s the benefits of being stronger as well as oil and heat resistant, and it fills in surface imperfections easier. Epoxy flooring are common in professional garages.

RD Architecture, LLC

The industrial look of this floor was created with an acid stain and the stubborn leftover adhesive from the original floor. Sometimes the top situations arise from mishaps.

Genesis Architecture, LLC.

Acid stain comes in many different colors. Color can also be added by sprinkling pigment onto the moist surface after the concrete is poured.

Treoma Design

Whether the acid happens before the stain, epoxy or paint is added or not, the amount of sheen or gloss is determined by the clear topcoat. A high-gloss topcoat reflects light but also creates the surface.

Holly Marder

This concrete flooring has been acid etched and then painted with a low-sheen paint, making a matte look, and a topcoat was not utilized.

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Board-Formed Concrete

With board-formed concrete, concrete is poured into molds and left to cure, then the forms are removed. The creation of plywood created big forms cheaper, though the original forms were made with timbers or timber planks. The attractive wood grain and seepage between planks of board-formed concrete structures have made them increasingly popular.

Grounded – Richard Risner RLA, ASLA

You can see the wood grain and seepage between the timber planks of the board-formed wall.

Grounded – Richard Risner RLA, ASLA

Long and low are crucial elements in contemporary design, and board-formed concrete includes a textural quality that suits the bill.

Grounded – Richard Risner RLA, ASLA

This outdoor entertaining area has a board-formed wall using a fireplace, alcoves along with a custom wood bench.

A fireplace surround of board-formed concrete looks as striking as natural marble or stone.

Giulietti Schouten Architects

Vertical boards created the shape with this board formed concrete dining room wall.

WA Design Architects

The pipes for this water feature were readily added to the board-formed water characteristic once the concrete was poured.

Photos of board-formed concrete photographs

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Beating the Corner Hearth

Many consider the hearth make an effort to centralize their furniture to adapt this belief and ought to function as the focus of an area. Other household members may consider the video ought to function as the focus. My advice: do not let your chamber to boss you around. Take cost in creating your room how you would like to stay inside.

Recently, the most frequently encountered layout predicament I am approached with includes corner fireplaces. When a home-owner has lives and this problem in a subdivision, it is possible to bet that the others in the area possess the exact same question. So now I provide decorating inspiration for decoration your corner hearth all around, with or with no television set. Each area offers new ideas for handling your issue and represents another design style. Choose nerve homeowners, and be empowered to enhance a house you all adore.

A.S.D. Interiors – Shirry Dolgin, Operator

This corner attractiveness boasts beautiful mirror and a raised fireplace. What I love most about this layout is co-exist harmoniously on the exact same level, the way the media center and hearth, both outstanding layout components.

Debra Campbell Style

On the basis of the furniture positioning alone, the hearth is apparently blown off. Together with the addition of intricate and graphics moldings, it becomes important once more.

Ventana Building LLC

In the middle of eyecatching the fire-place anchors the chamber, colour, providing a focus with this inviting craftsman.

BW Interiors

This is an excellent thought to integrate the corner hearth into created-ins to get a cohesive, constant appearance. Emphasis lighting over the hearth sets the stage to get a master-piece.

HartmanBaldwin Style/Construct

A cozy dialogue place trumps Television- the corner hearth and also viewing, however the emphasis seats that are swiveled can transform the focal point within an blink of an eye of the room’s.

CIH Layout

In an area with numerous focal factors, a mono-chromatic palette is vital for maintaining the space from feeling overly active. They’re beholding the elegance of the picture over the fire-place, in case your eyes are not resting on the flatscreen tv.

With or with no corner hearth as helpful information, ordering a furniture program is an artform. Symmetry is the secret to mastering this appearance. How several furniture pairs does one count in this chamber?

Dan Waibel Designer Builder

Flanked by bookcases that are double, this corner hearth vies for attention having a flat screen tele-vision. But because it carries on a panel that is lovely and sits on a base, itis a winner every time.

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