Fresh Ways With Wood Paneling

Wood paneling of the ’70s might have gotten a bad rap for being dark and gloomy, but today’s fashions, combined with a variety of bright or white accents pave how to posh interiors that sense anything but drab. The trick is with everything you decide to balance the look of the wood paneling — possibly a white accent wall or loads of natural light — as well as the style and volume of timber paneling from the space. Once you hit the balance, your home will feel equally bright and sophisticated. Have a look at the pictures for 11 fresh ways with timber walls.

Accessorize with contemporary art. Think daring photography or anything with a great deal of energy and color.

John Maniscalco Architecture

Lighten the floors. These maple floors allow the wood paneling to act as an accent wall rather than controlling the distance.

Pure Design by Jerry Bussanmas

Wood with light or white furniture. These colors bounce against the wood paneling that is , developing a feel contemporary and tidy. Yes, I understand all of you with kids and pets are writhing. However, furniture in creams and whites may be functional if you go the slipcover route vs. upholstery.

Michael Fullen Design Group

Introduce bold pops of color. Notice how this arrangement contains three dark furnishings: 2 chairs and an ottoman, nevertheless it feels unbelievably bright due to the colorful rug, throw pillows and draperies.

Ian Engberg

Don’t forget to look up — and down. If your ceiling and base moldings are dark, particularly with wood paneled walls and deep floor, brighten up things with white or cream colors for both.

AT6 Architecture : Design Build

Let in the light. When there is anyway to maximize natural light, do it. So the sunlight can spill in rid your windows of blinds or drapery. Skylights and windows create a impact.

Craig Denis

Get your light right. Even if your space has access to plenty of sunlight, every room needs to get its lighting right come night. Make sure you have a mix of ambient and task lighting so that the entire area has balanced lighting.

Studio William Hefner

Incorporate the snowy accent wall. An accent wall in a light color gives wood paneling a dose of warmth.

Tanner Vine – 2Go Custom Kitchens Inc

Limiting the total amount of timber paneling lets you enjoy the beauty of dark timber without overdoing its heavy effect.

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