Decide on the Ideal Pendant for Your Kitchen Isle

It appears as if every kitchen remodel in each corner of the globe now comprises an island or peninsula. And over most of the islands and peninsulas hang three little droplet lights.

Builder-grade pendant lights have become as predictable as maple and granite. And it is a shame. Because the lights that hang over your kitchen peninsula are a terrific chance to amp things up a bit and bring a whole lot of design into the mixture. Think of them as your kitchen jewelry — a little bling to liven up the ensemble.

Listed below are 19 pendant lights of unique styles. Some are somewhat more subdued, some are major scene stealers, but none of them are same old, same old.

Tim Cuppett Architects

Clear Glass Pendant Lights

Clear glass qualifies to the subdued end of things, but it can also be incredibly lively and elegant and sculptural. It’s best if it is hand blown off and a little wabi-sabi — air bubbles and all.


Globe pendants are extremely popular today (since they were in the ’70s) and may be passed over on first consideration due to their size. However, have no worries — you can see through them! Even in a smaller kitchen that they do not overwhelm.

Cablik Enterprises

A statement is made by A bunch of hand-blown bulb-shape pendants with effect.


Industrial Pendant Lights

These broad aluminum pendants are sculptural (inspired by Indian baskets) but have a rough-hewn industrial quality about them. Muscular although Modern.

Richard Bubnowski Design LLC

Lights, camera, action. These classic stainless lamps remind me of light used in film production. They’ve a crisp, clean look (provided that you maintain them polished) and look like they were made for actual cooks.

Capoferro Design Build Group

The black version of the film production lamps. Much more industrial and serious looking.

This long-armed reading light makes a perfect job lamp for over the peninsula and gives the room an edgy, industrial look.

Insignia Kitchen and Bath Design Studio

Do not let their good looks fool you; these adjustable weighted pulley lamps are also hard workers.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

Colorful Pendant Lights

There are a great deal of horrible colored pendant lamps on the market; you see many of them hanging from the light aisles of big-box stores. However, a better approach is to find some color. These four bowl-shaped lamps in four different colors add little dollops of design pizzazz. Hanging them at various heights makes them stand out even more.

Woodmeister Master Builders

These blue light lamps add a sudden dash of the exotic into this very conventional kitchen.

Meredith Ericksen

Period-perfect ’50s-inspired lamps for a vintage-inspired kitchen.

ZeroEnergy Design

Oversize Pendant Lights

Like color, size disturbs a great deal of people. However, there is no reason overhead pendant lamps need to be teeny tiny (except possibly very low ceilings). Going oversize makes a huge effect and can really liven up an otherwise plain room.

Oversize block lights mimic the traces in the remaining part of the kitchen.

These big silver domes most often hang in the midst of a room, but I love them as over-the-island accent lamps.

Mark MacInnis Architect

This line of giant black dome lights is the major decoration within this kitchen.

Inspired Interiors


I just love chandeliers in kitchens. They are so pretty and surprising, and they can really soften up all of those difficult lines and smooth surfaces. This contemporary version keeps the clean lines of this room but adds sparkle and a touch of the female.

John Kraemer & Sons

A large, dramatic black chandelier over a large, dramatic black island. They were made for one another.

John Kraemer & Sons

Two largish chandeliers take the place of the typical plain hanging pendant lights and provide this kitchen lots of glamour. Together with the hood, they have a different French look.

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Chandeliers can be contemporary, also. In fact, I believe they look best in an eclectic room where frilly and elaborate are somewhat less expected.

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