What Kind of Floor Should I Place in a Beach Themed Bathroom?

Your bathroom may be miles from the beach, but you still need a little seaside ambiance with the everyday shower. Remember the floor when you’re busy painting those tropical fish around the walls. You may not be able to cover it with sand, however, the right floor helps pull the rest of your tide-line touches together in the beachy bathroom.

Blue in the Shallows

The dazzling white bathroom with the blue sea glass bottles along with a subtle drape of fishing net over the high window needs something more connected to the shore to make your point. Turn the floor into a shallow tidal pool or a wave in the lagoon with variegated delicate blue shades of square ceramic tiles. The shine of the the delicate pastel blues, punctuated here and there by a medium blue tile, will shimmer like water against that white. Fill the towel racks with fluffy white and hardly blue towels, and cue the seagulls.

Sandy Shore

It is not real mud, however, the next best thing to get a beach-themed bathroom floor is foot-square blocks of sand-colored tile. The light brown clay tile includes a naturally mottled appearance, like the mixture of light and dark coarse grains on a golden-brown Hawaiian beach. Tile the wall halfway up with little pale-blue or turquoise ceramic squares; paint the upper ceiling and walls white. Now you’ve got sand, sea and sky in your bathroom. All you will need is a toilet, sink and tub.

Rocky Point

Pave the bathroom floor in custom or premade sheets of pebble tile. Re-create that rocky New England shore of your childhood with smooth polished stones in a mixture of delicate natural colors. Maintain the palette true to nature with stormy gray painted walls, white fixtures with oil-rubbed bronze faucets and distressed driftwood shutters on the window. Hunt for a nautical touch in antique antique stores — an old life preserver, a brass steel porthole cover to become a mirror, a barnacled oar to hang on the wall or add hooks to for towels could be perfect finds. A conch shell holding an air plant to the window ledge adds a little green to symbolize the dunes above your pebbled beach.

Underwater Adventure

Dive underwater in your beach-themed bathroom with a lagoon-colored blue glass tile border at the ceiling that runs all of the way round the room. Create a tile frieze around 18 inches deep on peak of the wall with watery shades of blue 1-inch-by-6-inch tiles that look like a moving current or a wave overhead. Finish the walls in large squares of white marble tile. Then cover the floor in pure white translucent marble tiles, like the gleaming white sandy bottom of a pristine dive site just offshore — snorkel optional.

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