To Open Double Hung Windows for Cleaning

Wrapped is a phrase used to refer to windows where the window’s top and bottom parts equally open. The two sashes slide up and down, providing options that are better for air flow in homes or homes with higher ceilings. Models of those windows have latches that, when published, allow you to clean each side of the window pane from inside of your house. This eliminates safety issues with using a ladder to clean windows on top floors of the house and the undesirable disadvantage of living with filthy window panes.

Decide on a chair underneath the window region with the back of the chair facing the window. The back of the chair will support the burden of both window panes whenever they are open and you are cleaning them. If you do not have a chair available or your chair is not tall enough, then support the windows along with your palms. Painted finish and the window may incur harm if you enable it to hang.

Turn the locking mechanism at the center of the two sashes counterclockwise to unlock the window. If the latch is secured tight and you have trouble turning it, press down on the lower sash with one hand and flip the latch with the other. This loosens the grip between the two latch pieces, which makes it slide easier.

Twist the sash a minimum of three inches toward the top of the window. Squeeze the two tilt hold and latches inward toward the window. This will disengage the latches. Pull on the window toward your top until it is in a flat position. Once the window sash is free from the frame place, launch the tilt latches. Releasing them until they are totally free of the framework can harm the painted finish on the window.

Twist the top sash down at least two inches. Squeeze the two tilt latches and gently pull the top of the sash towards you as you did with all the lower sash. Rest the top sash.

Clean the top sash first to avoid drips or overspray landing a freshly cleaned bottom sash, which will require that you clean it twice. Raise the top sash After clean and engage the tip latches. Twist the top sash up, then clean and close the back in precisely the exact same method.

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