The Way to Spray Paint Cabinet Hardware

Durable closet hardware is well worth keeping even if its finish is outdated or no longer matches the decor of the room. Rather than settling for hardware in its present less-than-attractive condition or completely replacing every knob or pull when repainting cabinets, give that cupboard hardware a makeover of its own with spray paint. Spray paint leaves a smoother finish than brushing the paint, as the spray travels around curves and into particulars without leaving brush lines about the hardware.

Clean out the hardware thoroughly using a vacuum cleaner and moist sponge which has a nylon scrub pad. Wipe away the cleaner with a damp sponge, then dry the hardware with paper towels.

Cover the work area with paper. Sand each hardware bit to scuff the paint or complete, which makes it increasingly receptive to paint. This is important if the hardware is made from metal, plastic or wood. Wipe away the dust with a soft fabric.

Set the cupboard hardware atop a bit of scrap corrugated cardboard or shipping foam. If the hardware has a screw backing such as a drawer pull, push the end of the screw through the cardboard or foam so the pull sits erect.

Don a face mask and ventilate the region. Shake the spray primer can for a moment or as directed by the can’s instructions. Prime each piece of hardware by spraying it with smooth, even strokes, holding the can 12 to 18 inches away. Allow the primer to dry completely.

Shake the spray paint may as indicated from the paint instructions. Paint each bit of hardware in the same manner as applying the primer, using smooth, slow strokes, overlapping each marginally for a comprehensive application. Enable the paint to dry completely. Apply a second coat if the finish appears uneven in any areas, allowing it to dry also.

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