The best way to Use Lifeless Leaves as Ground Cover

Instead of sending them off to the closest dump where the leaves rot and in the course of time decay and bagging up your leaves, use them in your backyard as groundcover. Turning leaves right into a mulch retains your garden healthy and is green. Leaves help protect the floor from quick temperature changes and buffer the soil.

Leaf Shredder

Gather the leaves from around your entire trees. Leave them out to dry on an outdoor patio in the event the leaves are saturated with water. Wet leaves will not shred properly.

Turn the leaf-shredder on and fall the leaves to the shredder or mulcher. Place a bag beneath the the shredder to catch the leaves that are shredded as they exit the shredder.

Cover the floor using the mulch that is recently developed. Avoid within the the stems of crops as well as the trunks of trees. A 2- to 3 inch layer of mulch aids stomp out weeds and gives essential nutrients for your soil.

Lawn Mower

So they can be evenly dispersed across your whole garden the leaves. There really should not be be any piles of leaves.

Run your lawn-mower on the leaves to shred the leaves. Be sure to use all of the leaves to be collected by the collector attachment that is clipping.

Spread the leaves in your lawn over places that were un-covered. As the leaves decompose, they offer safety for groundcover and your garden.

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