The best way to Trim a Corn Plant

Using its remarkable peak and extended, variegated leaves that are desirable, a corn plant makes an immediate impact when you’re seeking to add interest into a spartan room or staging your home to market. These crops usually come with 2-3 stalks, or canes, in the pot of various heights, enabling a number of levels of leaves that are green; leaves are only sprouted by the stalks in the top. Prune it back to permit clean, wholesome leaves to develop, if a few of the leaves are turning brown or in the event the plant is getting too tall.

Determine wherever pruning is needed by your plant. Examine the leaves over heads, or the shoots, coming out of the very best of every cane, to discover how tall you want the plant to be after pruning or to see which have spots. Choose a pruning spot-on the stem under the the leaf that is cheapest you want to eliminate, making certain to leave at least three or four inches of stem that is green.

Pull the stem to the side to permit more easy entry by means of your pruning shears. Snip the stem at your preferred area using your pruning shears. Prune stems as required to eliminate leaves that are brown and manage the peak of your plant, but usually leave at least three or four inches of stem.

Place the area that is pruned right into a rubbish bag for disposal, or drive the cut stem to the soil in the pot as your corn plant that is remaining. The cut stem can usually root itself, and water it properly and produce a plant that is new.

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