The best way to Repot a Satsuki Azalea Kanuma

The Satsuki azalea (Rhododendron indicum) is a finicky and sensitive shrub that creates vibrantly coloured blooms with rich-green foliage. This Japanese indigenous thrives in Sunset’s Environment Zones 5 to 9 and 14 to 24 when potted in a well-drained, however water-retentive loam. The Satsuki azalea Kanuma is a Satsuki azalea raised and planted in Kanuma Tsuchi, a soil produced mostly of volcanic pumice. With the water – ability, Kanuma Tsuchi encourages the vigorous development, resulting in colours and bigger blooms of this azalea.

Repot your Satsuki azalea about every-other year, the soil assumes a rotted look as well as as it becomes root-bound in its container. Throughout mid to late June the re-potting process are fatigued.

Cut away the azalea’s spent blooms and stop any damaged or ailing branches with sharp, sterile shears.Trim straight back vigorously expanding branches and eliminate any water sprouts that appear in the bottom of the azalea.

Scrap the azalea’s soil area gently using a wood stick to eliminate any moss which has grown from the other side of the surface. Remove the Satsuki azalea and comb bottom, sides and the top along with your wood stick of the root-system while untangling its roots to eliminate excess soil in the system.

Sterilize your shears with iso-propyl alcohol and prune the Satsuki’s root-system. Remove rotted and dead roots back to the root mass. Trim the root-system that is whole again about a third of the way, producing a straight, well-formed method.

Replant your Satsuki azalea in Kanuma Tsuchi soil that is clean, if feasible. Choose a compost-based, bonsai that is porous loam, including Akadama, if Kanuma Tsuchi is unavailable. Repot your Satsuki azalea in a potting container that is clear. Line every one of the container’s drainage hole with wire-mesh so that you can keep the azalea’s roots from developing through the holes.

Line of the container having a layer of heart and soil the root-pruned Satsuki azalea in the middle of the container. Fill the container the remaining way with soil. Be certain all roots are coated. Press the soil down around the roots with the wood stick as well as your fingers to remove any air pockets.

Apply a layer of pure moss on the other side of the the top of azalea and drive the moss round and down the surface. Place the recently re-potted Satsuki azalea in the guts of a sink stuffed with water and let it soak before the bubbles cease to to go up to the area. Remove the azalea from your water container and enable the Satsuki that is potted before the extra water ceases to to perform from your holes to relaxation.

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