The best way to Install a Wine Glass Shelf

Wine glass shelves help safeguard your wine-glasses from injury by storing them away from cupboards you use often, plus they release more room within your cupboards for eyeglasses that are normal. Most wine-glass shelves are installed under a cupboard and are a basic shelf of a wooden base with grooves to support the the bottom of the wine-glasses. Installing a wineglass rack is an effortless procedure that demands a number of tools that are simple.

Measure the dimensions of the bottom of your cupboard where you want to install the wine-glass shelf. Make sure that the space is big enough to to carry your wine glass shelf.

Measure the thickness of your cupboard shelf if feasible; the installed on some cupboards might keep you from obtaining an accurate measurement. Calculate the thickness of still another shelf inside the cupboard in the event that you if you fail to calculate the shelf; you require an estimate of the the tiniest achievable thickness of your shelf, although it might be thinner than the shelf. Measure the thickness of the wood foundation of the wine-glass shelf, and include that amount to the thickness of your cupboard shelf. As an example, wine-glass shelf foundation is 3/4 inch-thick, the your in case your cupboard shelf is 3/4 inch-thick and total is 1 1/2 inches. Measure the wood screws that came to ensure they’re shorter in relation to the thickness of wine-glass shelf and the cupboard shelf foundation. In the illustration above, the screws should be 1.25 inches long. This guarantees the screw does not poke through the cupboard shelf. Buy shorter kinds in a hardware-store, in the event the integrated screws are also lengthy.

Place the wineglass shelf on the base of the cupboard, li-ning the holes that are mounting up with cupboard help slats if feasible. If perhaps not, heart it at the underside of the cabinet.

Drive screws through the holes on the very front of the wine-glass shelf to the bottom shelf of the cupboard. Repeat the with screws that are again. Most wineglass shelves have four holes; one in each corner. Some greater kinds might possess a middle hole that is mounting too, so make certain to use all holes.

Pull ahead and slightly down about the wineglass shelf. Tighten the screws, in case it shifts. If perhaps not, the shelf is prepared to to carry your wine-glasses.

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