The best way to Install a Door Stop

A quit that is magnetic functions a two piece style where the door is attached to by the post side as well as the receptacle attaches to wall or the baseboard. A less-common design may be mounted into a hardwood floor. Both install in simply the the same way.

Position the door-stop post to the lower exterior region of the door. Mark the screw-holes, usually three in number, in the post flange on the door. Drill a pilot hole. Place the flange on the holes and screw the post in location, using a self tapping a brief wood screw for wood doorways or steel screw for steel doors.

Slide the ring that addresses the screw-holes on the post and thread it onto the threads that are flange.

Move the door in order for the post baseboard or touches the wall. Draw an outline round the head using a pencil. Push on the middle button portion of the foundation and pinch the bottom. Unscrew the cover in the base. It’s going to come aside as protect, spring, spring cap and a foundation.

Place the foundation within the outline on the baseboard. Mark your screw-holes and drill pilot holes. Screw the foundation to the baseboard using a screwdriver. Place the cap and insert to the cover. Center compress before it is possible to thread the cover on the bottom and tighten it and the cover on the bottom.

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