The best way to Cut a Fiber Glass Door

Whether you are slicing a window in your fiber glass door, including a little door on your pet or taking a few of the peak off, reducing a fiber glass door is a procedure that is fast. Doors are helpful and low-maintenance to the surroundings by decreasing the amount of trees required to make wood doorways. As an alternative to replacing your door with the expensive one that satisfies your requirements, reduce it along with your jigsaw.

Remove your door in the frame by tapping out the pins using a screw-driver that is slim and hammer. Pick out the door outside and place it on a function table or across two saw-horses.

Measure the location you want to minimize in your fiberglass door. Calculate these things then transfer the measurements for your door in the event that you are installing a mail slot, puppy door or glass mild panel. Draw the outline of the cut using a straightedge as well as a marker.

Center masking tape on the marker lines you drew. Cover corner and each line together with the tape. Doors are manufactured from glass fibers — as the title suggests — as well as the tape helps support the the cut edges of the door as you reduce.

Put on security mask or your respirator and goggles. Cutting the fiber glass door releases small bits of glass to the air, and you also do not want these parts to get in to your lungs or your eyes.

In the event you are cutting a shape from the inside of the do-or drill a hole in every corner. Your jig saw blade should not be larger-than the hole, s O evaluate your drill bits to your own blade to seek out a one that is bigger . There is no need to drill to the door, in the event you are cutting several inches off the peak.

Set your jig-saw blade square to guarantee a straight-cut. The blade should have an edge that is fine; the mo-Re abrasive the blade, the mo-Re jagged the cut on your own door. A good-edged blade requires a small longer to produce the cut, but the edge is smoother. Cut through the tape along with the do-or following the lines, beginning in a hole in the corner and utilizing your jig-saw. You are given room to to show your jig-saw blade to another line by the holes in every single corner. Commence a-T one edge, in the event you are shortening the do-or and noticed straight-across your line of tape.

Remove the tape. File the cut edges of the do-or with a superb-grain file. File utilizing a stroke to keep the edge sleek; fibers can be upward loosened by submitting and generate a ragged edge.

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