Merge Your Tub Space into a Shower — the Fixtures-Shopping Stage

Before you shop for shower fixtures, it is important to understand the fundamentals of shower controls. What choices are there? What will fit your space and budget best?

There are three basic systems for controlling the water temperature and flow speeds:
Simple single levers or knobs which control both water temperature and flowCombination temperature controls, which can comprise two or even three extra fixturesA separate thermostatic control valve (temperature only) and flow valve (volume only)Regardless of what system you select, the fixture will probably arrive in 2 parts. The rough-in matching is that the guts of the shower fixture and is normally made from brass. The matching will probably get hooked up into the lines.

The next part is that the tile trim. Have your plumber install the trimming prior to determining the depth of the fixture, since this will make it possible for you to find the finished look. Most levers or knobs project too far to the shower, however you can work this out by test fitting beforehand.

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Pick your temperature and stream zones. A thermostatic control valve comes in numerous styles and versions it can make your head float.

A well-designed control will have a separate temperature setting, perhaps in the collar, and the flow valve at the handle. Decide how many flow and temperature zones you want before purchasing. There are numerous alternatives in plumbing setups; knowing what you want in advance can make the process easier.

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Decide in your handheld nozzle’s placement. If you’re intending to have a shower seat, ensure you can achieve and manage the handheld whilst sitting down. A committed flow valve for a handheld is excellent, but often the controls can still be achieved in the middle of the shower.

You can also put the shower controls close to the entrance for simple startup with minimal splashing.

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Mix and match fixtures. When shopping for fixtures, do not just walk by the tub bundles. These packages usually include a controller, a tub filler and a showerhead. The bath filler can be redeemed and the water sent straight to the shower head rather. A simple system such as this is ideal for a basic one-fixture shower. Often the bathtub packs are priced better than shower-only fixtures. Mixing and matching a couple flow valves or a handheld with a tub package can help you save a good deal of cash in the long term.

Attempt to decide on a fixture with adjustable flow prices. This is great for families with young kids or anyone with a rain showerhead. It makes cleaning the bathtub less messy also, since water doesn’t need to blast whole strength in the handheld.

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Plan forward for steam showers. If you’re intending to have steam in your brand new shower, then look for shower fixtures which have steam vapor flashings included with the rough-in. This may be tough for some sales people to determine, so be prepared to look into it more after you leave a store.

You’ll also have to search for a steam generator. Make sure it can be easily accessed — try not to put in the generator at the ceiling or under the shower seat. In a particular mechanical room or over the washing machine will be a good place that provides more serviceability and drain-pan connection points.

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Don’t overlook inspectors. If your toilet is being inspected, you need to ask about the approval ratings needed. Sometimes European fixtures include an endorsement letter to your inspector. If the inspector asks for it, then you are going to want to have it useful.


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Assess the shower arm. Make sure that your showerhead has a high quality arm. Chrome-plated brass is a great option. It looks great and has some weight to it. Many budget fixtures include chrome-plated plastic; those can fail in time and are far inferior to chrome-plated brass shower arms.

Leaks at the wall can cause thousands of dollars in damages when they go undetected. If you and your partner are various heights and each adjusts the showerhead every day, this is even more reason to have a quality shower arm or sliding bar with a handheld sprayer.

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Consider integrating different adjustment levels. In this photograph you can see the thermostatic control valve in the lower left side. Above is the circulation valve to the left-hand human body jets. On the right is a flow valve to the handheld.

Adding various degrees of adjustment can add to the enjoyment of a steam shower in particular. A terrifying burst of cold water can be a welcome treat in the middle of a steam session.

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Decide in your own hose’s placement. Before putting the supply line on your handheld unit, get the hose out and positon it on the wall. Where does this look best? This photograph shows a great installation. Most hoses look better with 8 to 10 inches of spacing. This seems to make the natural bend and permits the swag to remain continuous and not kinked.

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Remember — your dream shower can be right at which clunky old tub sits!

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