How Do You Transfer Property having a Quitclaim Deed?

A quitclaim deed is a document made to transfer whatever interest you’ve got to someone else in property, in accordance with MortgageFit. Unlike having a warranty deed, you make no warrantee which you have any interest whatsoever in the house. Due to the insufficient warranty, a quitclaim deed isn’t appropriate for use in a property sales transaction. Nevertheless, it’s ideal for transferring a a house interest between alternative members of the family or partners as well as in scenarios that are similar.

Find a quitclaim deed type in the county where the realty is situated in the register of deeds office.

Request a duplicate of the existing title on file together with the register of titles in once that the deed type is obtained by you.

Complete the quitclaim deed. Add the name or names of the present owner or owners of the house. Add the title of the party to whom the interest in the realty will be transferred by the quitclaim deed.

Add the description for the home. You have the description in the copy of the existing title to the real estate acquired in the register of titles office.

The quitclaim deed before a notary public, who’ll sign and stamp it.

Return to the register of deeds office and file the quitclaim deed. The transfer procedure is completed by the submitting of the title.