Best DIY Budget Kitchen Remodel

So, you are not looking to remodel your kitchen in a full scale but you would like to improve or update its look and feel. Whatever your reason is, may it be your finances or you are not just ready yet to start the handyman Chandler AZ from the scratch, we will show you a couple of simple ideas that you can use to give your kitchen the facelift it needs without hiring the entire demolition team.

Install A Tile Backsplash

With this project, you’ll be able to add texture and color to your walls. If you have a backsplash already, consider painting your existing tile work as it will give it a new look. There are thorough guides available online on how you can properly paint your tile backsplash. Cheap and easy handyman in Chandler AZ.

Paint The Wall

Repainting your kitchen walls can give the entire room a brand new feel. If the current color of your walls is dark, choose a fresher, lighter color as it will make the room feel bigger. It’ll also open up space. This is a budget-friendly and easy DIY project as you won’t have to knock down the walls. Affordable handyman services Chandler AZ done right.

Repaint Existing Cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets are outdated, you may have thought of changing them. You might also want to change their color. Fortunately, you won’t have to install a brand new set of cabinets just to give your kitchen a new look. All you have to do is to repaint your existing kitchen cabinets!

Open Shelving

If you don’t want to repaint your kitchen cabinets, there’s another option for you that won’t require a cabinet replacement: opting for the open shelving look. You don’t have to take out all the doors of your cabinets. Just pick one or two sections that you will use as an open storage to highlight your favorite serving pieces and dishes. The open storage will add depth to your kitchen. It’ll also give it the needed burst of color!

Update Cabinet Hardware

Since we are already on the topic of cabinets, why don’t you update your cabinets by installing modern cabinet hardware? A new drawer and cabinet pull and knob will easily give your kitchen a fresh look. Are you looking to add extra personality? Just look for inexpensive or eclectic antique pieces for perfect handyman Chandler.

Replace The Faucet

Does your sink still have its original faucet? You can update the kitchen sink by swapping out the faucet. You don’t just have the chance to opt for a newer model as you’ll also be able to choose from different finishes which will brighten up the entire sink area.

While you are already working on your faucet, you can purchase beautiful refillable lotion and soap dispensers to adorn your sink area. If you don’t like this idea as you’d rather keep your sink area uncluttered and simple, just add a small plant or a soap container. That will already give you the detail that the area needs without making you feel like it’s cluttered.