Batter Up!

Baseball Hits Home

It’s that time of year when summer turns to fall along with the Alberta clippers find their way South. It’s when the boys of summer abandon our areas, yards, parks and stadiums. Yes, it’s nearing the end of the baseball season, an event that for many of us marks the real end of summer and the start of winter. Sure the second season of baseball and the playoffs are just going to get started. But the end of the regular season is, for many of us, when we place the dreams of our group catching it all away for another year.

Like the smell of new-mown bud, the sights, sounds and smells of America’s pastime soon will fade to memory. So to help get us here are some ideas to remind us that next year’s opening day is just round the corner.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

Arrange the pennants from each area, park, lawn and stadium in a colorful wall setup.

Adorn a wall using an oversized slice of baseball pop art.

2 level design

Bring baseball art to a child’s room …

Michelle Jamieson Interiors / New England Style

… as a reminder that a number of adults get to play a child’s game.

Celebrate baseballs as the items they are.

The Land of Nod

Kids Wooden Baseball Podium Trophy – $19.95

And immortalize baseballs to stay living those moments.

Layla Grayce

Oopsy Daisy Nightlight Baseball – $25

Have a baseball light the way.

eco-artware. com

Major League Baseball Bar Stool by Tokens & Icons : Eco-Friendly presents from recy – $950

And also a base for security and comfort till you get home.

Sundance Catalog

Major League Baseball Bat Bottle Opener – $85

Be reminded of the crack of the bat and the pop of the jar top: two good noises in one!


Baseball Processor – $134.40

A ceiling light can have a bat, ball and glove all in a single. How cool is that?

The Business Store

Grand Slam Sudden Shadow – $22

Think about a full size stick-on wall poster to motivate a player in your household to practice her swing.

Chicago Cubs Baseball – Wrigley Field Art – $259.95

Hang something that reminds you of Wrigley, Fenway along with the other areas, yards, parks and stadiums that are baseball’s cathedrals.

The New York Times Store

Women’s Baseball League – 1947 Photograph – $169

And keep in mind that baseball is not just about the boys of the summer.

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