A Modern Garden Pavilion Sprouts Up on an Ex–Pot Farm

After agents captured an old 1940s house in East Dallas and its neighboring bunch during a marijuana raid, the land landed on a national auction. The site was ideal for a local avid gardener (a more legal one), that snatched both the house and the next-door whole lot for approximately $120,000 ($60,000 for each parcel).

Wanting to maximize the yard area, the owner tapped TKTR Architects to create a small, budget-friendly house that felt connected to the leafy whole lot — then rented out the old house near it. Main designer Thad Reeves, now of A Gruppo Architects, created a design that successfully anchors the house to the eclectic, bohemian area and determines the website as exceptional — and for much better reasons than its shady past.

in a Glance
Who resides: An avid gardener
Location: Little Forest Hills area of Dallas
Size: 1,450 square feet; 2 bedrooms, 21/2 bathrooms

A.GRUPPO Architects – Dallas

Reeves worked with the client to come up with the idea of a garden pavilion house with lots of glass and sliding doors. The small footprint, about 1,450 square feet, meant there wasn’t too much design freedom for him to perform with the design; he was made to make a stubby structure. However, Reeves smartly extended the shape with overhangs along with a large pavilion-style cedar roof which extends for colour and also makes the structure feel bigger.

Triangular windows help highlight the idea of a floating roof and allow light into the second-floor bedrooms.

A.GRUPPO Architects – Dallas

Reeves estimates that the entire cost for the project was approximately $100 per square foot. The original owner has since moved, but the new homeowner, also an avid gardener, snatched up the house after considering building a small glass box of his own. Reeves’ design was just what he wanted.

The present homeowner uses different bins to make a vegetable garden where he develops leafy greens (although nothing smokable), tomatoes and peppers. He’s also a beekeeper. His yellowish bee box is near the metallic fence.

A.GRUPPO Architects – Dallas

A.GRUPPO Architects – Dallas

A metallic walkway leads to front garden. The aluminum subway grate in addition lets light through so plants could grow underneath. Overhangs help divide the massiveness of the structure.

A.GRUPPO Architects – Dallas

The interior materials are fairly subdued — Reeves used brown Masonite panels and doors to keep things cheap and easy — therefore the architect thought the floor deserved some texture. It’s concrete polished with a grinding wheel to expose the aggregate.

Dining table: custom by Sean Springer; chairs: Crate & Barrel

A.GRUPPO Architects – Dallas

Reeves left the trusses from the second floor vulnerable to save money but also to bring a raw feel to the house. “Usually people insure that with Sheetrock,” he states. “However, I wanted the juxtaposition of glistening and unfinished.”

Sofa: Crate & Barrel; rug: Design Within Reach

A.GRUPPO Architects – Dallas

Reeves calls the area the lightbox. Polycarbonate panels insure a laminate veneer timber frame. Not only would glass have been pricey, but also the light could have been too intense and created too much heat gain indoors. The panels help diffuse light and provide much better insulation than clear glass “We travelled with diffused light rather than perspectives,” he states.

Because there aren’t external plywood panels to maintain the structure from changing, X-bars offer lateral bracing.

The treads are more laminate veneer timber.

A.GRUPPO Architects – Dallas

The kitchen counter top is stainless steel on plywood.

Tile: Home Depot

A.GRUPPO Architects – Dallas

The floor on the second floor is polyurethane plywood to help keep down cost. Reeves states that the sheets came out to approximately $1 per square foot for materials and labour.

To split up the light-diffusing panels, a glass window captures a few outside views.

A.GRUPPO Architects – Dallas

“In a house so small, you have to actually think about where to set the windows,” Reeves says. “In a small area, sometimes you only get one.”

Triangular windows and a screened-in porch in the principal bedroom help bring light in, while a strategically positioned wall window extends directly out from the hallway to capture a sliver of a view, which makes the room feel bigger.

A.GRUPPO Architects – Dallas

The homeowner converted a spare bedroom into a music space, with a grand piano, guitars a banjo and a seating area.

Paint: Antique Tin, Behr

A.GRUPPO Architects – Dallas

The cedar trellis roof extends to the rear of the house, in which a wraparound deck leads to a rolling green yard. The outside panels are gray Hardie boards, one of which can be painted lime green.

A.GRUPPO Architects – Dallas

Reeves says the biggest challenge was making the compact house feel spacious. Connecting the house to the leafy whole lot by sliding glass doors, smartly placed windows and the diffused lightbox created the winning solution.

A.GRUPPO Architects – Dallas

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Warm Up to White All Round the House

We often associate white interior colour with modern minimalism, but it is also perfectly in your home with cozy Shabby Chic design. While colour lovers would assert that cold, bland and sterile, its advocates would say it could create a feeling of space, conceal blemishes and soften architectural quirks.

Glossing over the discussion concerning whether white is actually a colour in any way, let us take a look at what colour experts can tell us about white and how we could use it to make designs that seem anything but dull and cold.

Neslihan Pekcan/Pebbledesign

In ancient Rome the priestesses of the goddess Vesta wore white as a symbol of purity, loyalty and chastity. The Christian church embraced this symbolism — even today traditional brides in several nations wear white.

This stunning lace bedspread cries femininity, but the room still manages to balance traditional and modern, male and female, dark and light — so smart!

Jeanette Lunde

Darryl Carter, writer of The New Traditional, states, “White makes old things look more present. White rooms are more complicated than they look, because there are no distractions. Every decision gets critical.”

This gorgeous green corner blouse features a superb warm patina and will be the main focus of this simple room, preventing it from feeling too stark.

Woodmeister Master Builders

From the Renaissance influential architect Leon Battista Alberti invited artists to incorporate white to their colors to make them lighter and lighter.

Here white is beautifully blended with watery blue-white paneled walls to make a coastal layout.

Ed Ritger Photography

Whitewashing helps protect up and gloss over any painting errors, providing you a blank slate — painting everything white can hide a multitude of sins. Rooms appear larger, and bounds blur.

Some tricky architectural components in the little space here have been skillfully dealt with using white.

Griffin Enright Architects

Buddhist pilgrims in Japan use white robes for rituals, purification and bathing in sacred rivers.

This serene white bathroom is warmed by the timber, but the views are what make a natural harbor for daily cleansing rituals.

JONATHAN CALVERT | Interiors Photographer

The pairing of black and white is a timeless: dark and light, good and evil, yin and yang. This combination also reflects formality and seriousness, as from the outfits of judges and tuxedos.

This superb chandelier provides an essential splash of colour to prevent the room from taking itself too seriously.

Eran Turgeman – Photographer

In feng shui white is the colour of the metallic element. In accordance with feng shui expert Rodika Tchi, white is a very versatile colour that can brighten a room’s energy immediately. Tchi recommends utilizing white everywhere in the house, especially to contrast darker colours.

Lauren Liess Interiors

Talking about white is supposed to be a symbol of joy at home — consider how a white picket fence frequently surrounds the safe and happy homes we dream of.

This room shows how white could be warm, with various colors of it mixed with warm neutrals and loads of texture. I don’t think it’s only the adorable pooch who feels safe and happy here!

Creative Space Architectural Design

Layering whites are able to look stunning, but remember that not every single white is the same — be sure you are working with the exact colors before you begin painting or putting in vinyl.

This layout employs the exact same bright white but in alternating gloss and matte finishes. The contrasting brown flooring adds heat, and a dash of color in the end of the room gives a focal point for the room.

How to Pick the Right White Paint

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8 Remodeling Touches That Make a Big Difference

After we did our remodel, our contractor suggested a million things I had never really thought about. They were not necessarily design concerns; they were more quality-of-life concerns — just small things you didn’t know you were missing until you had them.

Listed below are eight small touches I didn’t know I couldn’t live without until I lived together. What are yours?


1. An integrated dish soap dispenser. Because I really don’t care how nice the jar is; it’s only one more thing cluttering up your countertop.

2. Soft-close hinges. It is not possible to slam a drawer or cupboard in my kitchen. Each closes with a small whisper. It’s relaxing.

Chang + Sylligardos Architects

3. Huge kitchen drawers. Looking right into a well-lit space is much better than looking deep into a dark cupboard. In this kitchen large drawers have completely replaced cabinets. Just make sure they’re soft near.

Echelon Custom Homes

4. Undercabinet lighting. I know this seems like no-brainer, however before I had it I never knew just how useful it might be for task light and mood light. But spring for LEDs. We opted for fluorescent to save money, and we regret it.


Maestro Incandescent Smart Light Dimmer by Lutron – $41.50

5. Dimmer switches. Because there are several thousand stops involving off and on.

Site lines architecture inc..

6. A garage keypad. You’ll never be locked out of your home again.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

7. A motion-activated porch light. You’ll never fumble in the dark for your keys.

Land Design, Inc..

8. An automated drip system. Folks told us they did. But we didn’t listen, and due to that we killed a great deal of plants over 12 years. This past year we finally had an irrigation system set in. The yard is nicer, the crops are healthier and life is simpler.

Your turn: What small fixes are you glad you additional — or sorry you didn’t include?

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Historical Richness to Get a Stately Alabama Home

Built in 1909, this four-story Birmingham, Alabama, home’s rich history, design and amazing craftsmanship immediately attracted in homeowners David and Atalie Whitley, who purchased the home in 2009 later David detected a for-sale hint on it on his way to operate. He made an offer that day.

The pair has since worked to conserve the first hand-cut wood walls, beams and floors and general historic charm by choosing to modify very little within the 104-year-old construction.

To underline the wood-rich interiors, they carefully integrated some of their existing furniture, consisting mostly of solid wood bits from Stickley. Richard Tubb, a regional interior designer, worked with the Whitleys on several rooms to incorporate additional furnishings to create the space and details unique and purposeful, much like the first structure. Tubb added natural colours and soft textures throughout the home to ground the warmth.

in a Glance
Who lives here: David and Atalie Whitley, 2 of their 5 kids and their dog, Annie
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Size: 10,000 square feet; 6 bedrooms, 4 full baths, 2 half baths
That’s intriguing: The home includes an original silver sink in functioning state.

Corynne Pless

The large living room rests from the foyer and opens to a workplace and sunroom. The soft tones and textures added by Tubb effortlessly boost the living space without taking away from your area’s architectural beauty. The large windows and warm tones bring in light and warmth. The area’s original fireplace stays Atalie’s favorite detail.

Furniture and decor: Richard Tubb Interiors

Corynne Pless

Unique qualities such as the first tile flooring, steam radiator and French doors provide this small living room a rich character.

Table: Stickley; lamps: Pottery Barn

Corynne Pless

The home is across the road from a local park. Trimmed hedges and springtime blossoms color front steps.

Corynne Pless

The foyer introduces a number of the house’s timeless qualities. The wood was cut, for example, molding details. Panels grace doors and the walls, and beams that are floating shine above.

Pottery: Door Pottery

Corynne Pless

A console table below the stairwell shows standard lighting and Hogmill pottery. The hand-cut wood on the staircase is ebony and can be from the house’s original construction.

Console table: Richard Tubb Interiors

Corynne Pless

The office area boasts a beautiful mix of antiques and shows craftsmanship from the past and present. “Plenty of times we come in the afternoons and kind of sit down in one of those chairs and have a glass of wine,” David says.

A stuffed pheasant accents the dark wall in which the elegant bookmatching shines.

Side table (alongside chair): Darren Hardman

Corynne Pless

The breakfast corner brings light to the rear of the foyer and joins to the kitchen via a small hallway.

Console table: Richard Tubb Interiors

Corynne Pless

The chandelier over the nook’s table hints in a Tiffany first, however no official stamp or piece has been found, leaving the classic a beautiful puzzle.

Corynne Pless

In the 1950s past owners added that this kitchen into a rear room — the cooker replaced the fireplace — because the first kitchen was built in a distinct structure several yards behind the home. The space is currently used by David as his woodworking studio.

Corynne Pless

The butler’s pantry shows the house’s famous initial silver sink, which was found in the loft when the home was remodeled in the 1970s. “They went back and found photographs and understood where it belonged initially and brought it back and put it in its place,” David says.

In the early 1900s, silver has been used for sinks because its softness protected china and glassware while it had been washed.

Corynne Pless

The pantry connects into the kitchen, dining room and foyer and provides excellent storage for dishes, wine and serveware.

Corynne Pless

The Whitleys took joy in decorating their formal dining room with original Stickley furniture and works by local artists.

Original pottery tiles (a sought after collectible) still surround the fireplace, that, like every one of the fireplaces at home, is fully functional.

Corynne Pless

Between every wall is a solid panel surrounded by ceramic bricks. Some of the walls downstairs are 3 to 4 ft thick.

Original pocket doors separate virtually every room on the main level. “Every single one still functions. They run on a solid brass railing,” David says.

Corynne Pless

A small bathroom with white subway tiles supplies a bright respite from the dark hallways.

Corynne Pless

A sitting area using Stickleychairs and a side table divides the first and second floors. The lamp has been custom made for the Whitleys.

Lamp: William Morris

Corynne Pless

A classic phone decorates the second-floor hallway. This floor initially had five bedrooms arranged symmetrically, with two bedrooms plus a Jack and Jill–style bathroom on every side of a tiny central nursery.

Corynne Pless

The nursery is currently used as a small reading room. Large windows bring in light, and stunning French doors open into a walkout porch.

Two of the few five children still live at home and also have bedrooms on the floor too.

Couch: Birmingham Wholesale; art: IO Metro

Corynne Pless

The couple worked with Tubbs to redecorate their master bedroom. An adjoining room currently functions as a large walk-in closet, and a sleeping porch serves as a workout room. Customized linens and draperies soften the area’s feel.

Corynne Pless

Art by local artist Ben Carlisle hangs over a fireplace that’s still in its initial state. “It probably looks awful with cracked tiles but I’d rather see it and possess it first than attempt to replace them” Atalie says.

Corynne Pless

The prior owner altered the master bathroom, adding Alabama light marble and silver appliances.

Tub: Kohler

Corynne Pless

Following the couple lived in the home for a year, David turned to a switch and found that the bathroom has heated floor tiles.

Corynne Pless

Colorful bedding and mantel decorations brighten up the guest room.

Corynne Pless

This bathroom still has its first subway tile and shower. The exceptional shower sprays water from four different points: a traditional showerhead and three extended pipes on the shower’s wall.

Corynne Pless

The third floor was once a billiards room but now functions as the family room.

Corynne Pless

Down from the spacious cellar, a corner functions as an additional living room for watching television or playing pool, while three bedrooms can comfortably host guests and the couple’s other three kids.

Corynne Pless

The courtyard and pool with Roman fountains were added from the 1970s.

Corynne Pless

The outside’s terra-cotta planters in front porch were fired and glazed onsite in 1909 by a company from New York. This was necessary, as shipping may have meant breakage.

Corynne Pless

The roomy front porch provides a breezy sitting space.

Corynne Pless

What the homeowners (shown here) think was once a sleeping porch currently functions as the family’s sunroom. With its white and cream furniture and large windows overlooking the serene neighborhood, it’s no wonder that the Whitleys call this their favorite room.

“My home is my favorite spot in the world to be,” says Atalie. “No matter where we’ve traveled, my husband and I look forward to coming back home.”

See more photos of the home

Couch and decor: Richard Tubb Interiors

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19 Ways to Get Organized Fast With Containers

The ideal containers are crucial to making any space look fantastic, even in a moment’s notice — just toss things in and you are done. These ideas for picking the ideal basket, bin or box for the job will help you to get your space looking sharp and also make maintaining order a cinch. Of course, clearing the mess before embarking on your quest to get organized will make matters simpler. As soon as you’ve your possessions pared down, then you can evaluate what’s left and check this out of organizing ideas that will assist you determine where it all will go.

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Tiffany Farha Design

A wall of fitting baskets and labels. Keep projects neat at work, shop movies and media in the living room or kids’ toys in the playroom — no matter what you have to organize, this installment will make it look amazing.

Oak Hill Architects

Color-coded bins. When you have a large family, easy organization is essential. Make things simple by assigning a color to each family member (including the dog) and fit up bins or baskets accordingly.

Anthony James Construction

Photo-labeled files. Another wise tip for households would be to use photographs to label frequently used file boxes for quick and easy access.

Jute Interior Design

A wall mounted organizer for smaller products. Keep little random items from crowding your desk by giving each item its own home in a wall organizer, such as the one displayed here.

Bonus for homes with kids: This type of organizer will keep sharp items like scissors out of reach of little hands.

The Decorologist, Kristie Barnett

A portable basket tote. Use a handled basket or sturdy canvas tote as a temporary home to get “go-backs,” items that have to be put out everywhere. Be sure to empty it every day.


Wall pockets. Hang a few wall-mounted magazine racks in a small entry, kitchen or office to maintain mail and magazines from spreading across each surface.

Closet & Storage Concepts

Glass jars. In case you have a lot of small crafts materials, this is a great way to keep them neat yet also visible. Labels can be very useful, but when you are trying to find a specific bead or colour of thread, then nothing beats visual comprehension.

Caitlin Wilson Design

See-through drawers. On precisely the same note, wire bins or drawers such as the ones shown here are ideal for keeping colorful fabric or paper. This setup is also fantastic for kids’ rooms, because it makes it easy for little ones to assist themselves.

Becki Peckham

One capacious bin. Sometimes all you need is just one great big basket or bin to create a space feel neater. Put one in the living area to hold more pillows, blankets and odds and ends.

Corynne Pless

Long and low baskets. Perfect for keeping books and magazines when you have run out of shelf space, long, shallow baskets can slide beneath tables, couches and beds easily.

Leverone Design, Inc..

Totes on hooks. Up the organizing power of wall mounted hooks by adding a tote or 2. Keep one in the bedroom to get delicates or dry cleaning, and another from the front door for scarves and sunglasses.

Leverone Design, Inc..

Luggage on display. Have a stunning suitcase or duffel? Quit hiding it in the cupboard — put it into function rather holding off-season clothing or spare linens.

California Closets Twin Cities

Outfit high shelves with bins. Items on large shelves have a inclination to teeter and topple. Keep things looking fantastic and also make retrieval a breeze by lining top shelves with fitting bins.

Tip: certainly are a must for storage on large shelves, since you don’t want to have to pull each bin down to see what’s in it.

Casa Greer

Lacquer boxes. These slick storage boxes are as easy as they are posh. Consider using one to maintain your wallet, watch and change neat on the dresser, or stash remotes in one on the coffee table.

jamesthomas Interiors

Lined baskets. The lining will keep modest items more secure, so this kind of container is ideal when you need portability. Consider storing bathroom products at a lined basket under the sink, then carry it out whenever you are prepared to fill the bathtub.

Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

Accessorize your kitchen cart. Open shelving that homes purely functional items can benefit from fine containers. Try open bins for napkins and tiny tools, and a wide basket for sheet pans and cutting boards.

sarah & bendrix

Go large and small in a kids’ area. Small open baskets are wonderful for keeping like items together. However there are occasions when you only have to create some order from chaos in five minutes level — and that is where a major toy chest comes in. Just fill it up and shut the lid.

See Jane Work

Fabric Bucket Storage, Big – $22

Choose the best size for the endeavor. Before searching for storage containers, look closely at what you have to shop. Massive baskets, however beautiful, won’t be helpful if you are attempting to stash clothespins.

Mary Prince Photography

Important Note!

Keep it up. Any planning system has the potential to just become more mess if it isn’t maintained. Use your bins and baskets as a type of measuring instrument: If one starts to bulge or bulge, let that be your cue to pare down.

Establish a normal date on your calendar to remove clutter — because keeping things neat is a lot simpler than creating order from utter chaos!

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Garden BFFs? Why Your Vegetables Are Begging for Companion Plants

Nobody likes to see valuable garden vegetables eaten off by bugs. What if you could keep those damaging pests from your edibles without using insecticides? All it requires is a couple helpful plants, better called companion plants.

Companion plants keep unwanted bugs off, but they also attract pollinators for many veggies, such as cucumbers, melons, tomatoes and squash. You could be surprised to discover that you’re likely already familiar with many of those helpful plants.

Noelle Johnson Landscape Consulting

How Companion Plants Work

there are lots of companion plants which help repel damaging insects. You may wonder, how do they do this?

Insects are usually guided to plants by their odor. Aromatic plants such as marigolds, garlic, nasturtiums and basil will keep away bad bugs away from your vegetable garden.

Noelle Johnson Landscape Consulting

Other techniques companion plants assist in the vegetable garden is by attracting beneficial insectsthat assist pollinate flowering vegetables. Some companion plants also attract good bugs that will eat the undesirable bugs.

Shown: Female cucumber flower

Noelle Johnson Landscape Consulting

Companion plants operate best when planted alongside veggies. You can plant them between rows of veggies, or you could merely intersperse them through the developing vegetables. Most companion plants are easily grown from seed and can be planted in precisely the exact same period as your vegetable seeds.

Shown: Marigolds, garlic and nasturtiums planted next to leaf lettuce

Noelle Johnson Landscape Consulting

Cucumbers, tomatoes and squash are only a couple of plants from the vegetable garden which will need to have their flowers pollinated to produce delicious vegetables for your table. Flowering companion plants such as alyssum and bachelor’s button add beauty to your garden whilst attracting pollinators.

Noelle Johnson Landscape Consulting

Popular Companion Plants

Companion plants are not fussy and are simple to grow. Listed below are a couple that could help out in your own vegetable garden.

Repel unwanted bugs: Basil, garlic, geraniums, marigolds, lavender, nasturtiums, petunias, rosemary, sage and thyme

Attract beneficial insects: Alyssum, bachelor’s button, cosmos and chamomile

Shown: Alyssum, bachelor’s button and marigolds planted along with a young tomato plant

Noelle Johnson Landscape Consulting

Basil masks the alluring scent of your own vegetable plants, keeping bad bugs off. Listed below are two other reasons to develop basil in your backyard:
Basil is very easy to grow from seed or seedlings once the danger of frost has passed. You can also develop it into containers.It’s hard to beat the fresh taste of basil at a popular Italian dish.

Noelle Johnson Landscape Consulting

Nasturtiums are excellent companion plants since bugs hate their peppery odor. They not only repel bugs you don’t want around, they alsoattract pollinators. However there are different advantages of incorporating nasturtiums to a vegetable garden:

Every part of nasturtiums is raw, plus they add a delicious, peppery flavor to salads.
they’re simple to grow from seed.
The flowers add beauty to any vegetable garden.

Noelle Johnson Landscape Consulting

Marigolds add a bright and bright spot of colour. Pest bugs simply hate them and stay away. Buy them in six-packs or start them from seed.

Noelle Johnson Landscape Consulting

Alyssum does double duty as a companion plant. Its flowers attract pollinators in addition to great bugs that feed upon the undesirable ones. They have other advantages too:
The flowers have a sweet fragrance.You can buy them from six-packs from the nursery or simply scatter seeds throughout the backyard. More: Things to Do in Your Garden Today

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Merge Your Tub Space into a Shower — the Fixtures-Shopping Stage

Before you shop for shower fixtures, it is important to understand the fundamentals of shower controls. What choices are there? What will fit your space and budget best?

There are three basic systems for controlling the water temperature and flow speeds:
Simple single levers or knobs which control both water temperature and flowCombination temperature controls, which can comprise two or even three extra fixturesA separate thermostatic control valve (temperature only) and flow valve (volume only)Regardless of what system you select, the fixture will probably arrive in 2 parts. The rough-in matching is that the guts of the shower fixture and is normally made from brass. The matching will probably get hooked up into the lines.

The next part is that the tile trim. Have your plumber install the trimming prior to determining the depth of the fixture, since this will make it possible for you to find the finished look. Most levers or knobs project too far to the shower, however you can work this out by test fitting beforehand.

Residential Resurrections

Pick your temperature and stream zones. A thermostatic control valve comes in numerous styles and versions it can make your head float.

A well-designed control will have a separate temperature setting, perhaps in the collar, and the flow valve at the handle. Decide how many flow and temperature zones you want before purchasing. There are numerous alternatives in plumbing setups; knowing what you want in advance can make the process easier.

Xstyles Bath + More

Decide in your handheld nozzle’s placement. If you’re intending to have a shower seat, ensure you can achieve and manage the handheld whilst sitting down. A committed flow valve for a handheld is excellent, but often the controls can still be achieved in the middle of the shower.

You can also put the shower controls close to the entrance for simple startup with minimal splashing.


Moen TS2713 90 Degree Posi-Temp Single Handle Tub and Shower Faucet Trim, Chrome – $169.12

Mix and match fixtures. When shopping for fixtures, do not just walk by the tub bundles. These packages usually include a controller, a tub filler and a showerhead. The bath filler can be redeemed and the water sent straight to the shower head rather. A simple system such as this is ideal for a basic one-fixture shower. Often the bathtub packs are priced better than shower-only fixtures. Mixing and matching a couple flow valves or a handheld with a tub package can help you save a good deal of cash in the long term.

Attempt to decide on a fixture with adjustable flow prices. This is great for families with young kids or anyone with a rain showerhead. It makes cleaning the bathtub less messy also, since water doesn’t need to blast whole strength in the handheld.

Veranda Estate Homes & Interiors

Plan forward for steam showers. If you’re intending to have steam in your brand new shower, then look for shower fixtures which have steam vapor flashings included with the rough-in. This may be tough for some sales people to determine, so be prepared to look into it more after you leave a store.

You’ll also have to search for a steam generator. Make sure it can be easily accessed — try not to put in the generator at the ceiling or under the shower seat. In a particular mechanical room or over the washing machine will be a good place that provides more serviceability and drain-pan connection points.

Designer’s Plumbing Studio

Gessi Shower System

Don’t overlook inspectors. If your toilet is being inspected, you need to ask about the approval ratings needed. Sometimes European fixtures include an endorsement letter to your inspector. If the inspector asks for it, then you are going to want to have it useful.


Lacava Minimal Wall Mount Rain Showerhead – $420

Assess the shower arm. Make sure that your showerhead has a high quality arm. Chrome-plated brass is a great option. It looks great and has some weight to it. Many budget fixtures include chrome-plated plastic; those can fail in time and are far inferior to chrome-plated brass shower arms.

Leaks at the wall can cause thousands of dollars in damages when they go undetected. If you and your partner are various heights and each adjusts the showerhead every day, this is even more reason to have a quality shower arm or sliding bar with a handheld sprayer.

Holger hoos layout

Consider integrating different adjustment levels. In this photograph you can see the thermostatic control valve in the lower left side. Above is the circulation valve to the left-hand human body jets. On the right is a flow valve to the handheld.

Adding various degrees of adjustment can add to the enjoyment of a steam shower in particular. A terrifying burst of cold water can be a welcome treat in the middle of a steam session.

Ironwood Builders

Decide in your own hose’s placement. Before putting the supply line on your handheld unit, get the hose out and positon it on the wall. Where does this look best? This photograph shows a great installation. Most hoses look better with 8 to 10 inches of spacing. This seems to make the natural bend and permits the swag to remain continuous and not kinked.

Cynthia Lynn Photography

Remember — your dream shower can be right at which clunky old tub sits!

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Past: Convert Your Tub Space into a Shower — the Planning Stage

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Tickle Your Valentine Table's Fancy With Neon Pink

A romantic table set for 2 is almost always a particular affair. This Valentine’s Day, whether you’re wanting to impress a new romantic interest or refresh a relationship, try adding an unexpected jolt of colour for your tablescape. Netherlands designer Sonia van der Zwaan-Barrigas of Gosto Design helped me put together a fresh and playful spin on a candlelit dinner. See how just a couple vibrant bursts of neon may set the mood to celebrate love on February 14.

Holly Marder

“[We] approached this concept from a contemporary point of view using amorous aspects in a more modern atmosphere,” says van der Zwaan-Barrigas. “While a lace tablecloth would not typically be correlated with a modern interior, it softens the room, giving it the perfect backdrop for a romantic dinner for 2.”

Holly Marder

A delicate handmade fabric garland of both muted and bright tones weaves its way throughout the tablescape. This one has been made with a sewing machine; you also can create one by cutting circles out in different colors of fabric or paper, punching a hole in each circle, then connecting them together with twine or string. Sprinkle edible candy hearts on the table for much more color and whimsy.

Garland: Gosto; dinnerware: Royal, Villeroy & Boch; cutlery: Oscar, Villeroy & Boch

Holly Marder

Add small romantic details, like a delicate velvet ribbon for a napkin ring with a tiny white narcissus.

Cutlery: Oscar, Villeroy & Boch

Holly Marder

New honeydew melon hearts with paper cubes may add a dash of fun to any Valentine’s beverage.

To create them, simply press a miniature heart-shaped cookie cutter into the flesh of any melon. Then cut into 1 side of their heart and put it carefully on the bottom of the glass. Add a few umbrellas into the very best cheek.

Holly Marder

Modest vases with blooms. For our arrangement we included white and pink roses, a white narcissus, a white hyacinth, a pink anemone, white and orange gerberas and a pink carnation.

“Adding neon-pink candles to the scene gives it a playful and edgy sense, while perfectly tying in with much more delicate ribbons in pink and pastels from the vases and flowers,” says van der Zwaan-Barrigas.

Candelabra, pendant lights: Muuto; candles: Dille & Kamille; dining chairs: Eiffel, Eames

Holly Marder

Decorate vases of all shapes and sizes with ribbons, trimmings and washi tape. Each vase has its thoughtful decoration. Most were given a layered therapy, but one can be dressed with a simple pink grosgrain bow.

Holly Marder

Holly Marder

“We loved the use of neon pink for a way to splash color in an otherwise neutral setting,” says van der Zwaan-Barrigas.

To add subtle hints of this colour to the tablescape, we painted the petals of some of the fresh flowers with neon-pink acrylic paint. You could even customize the blossom with your loved one’s name or initials. The concept is inspired by the work of London-based writer, designer and stylist Sania Pell, who did a similar project using florals located in her garden.

Holly Marder

This lone carnation also has the neon-pink remedy to add a hint of pleasure to its frilly edges.

“Though Valentine’s Day isn’t something that I celebrate back into my hometown of Portugal, I would surely use this table setting all year round to keep the romance alive,” van der Zwaan-Barrigas says. Now light the candles and toast to love.

Tell us How will you be decorating your table this Valentines Day?

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City and Country Cross Paths in a Dutch Villa

This Netherlands home has the best of both worlds, using all the city at the very front and the lush Dutch countryside at the back. Frank and Marion’s 1931 house sits in a quiet area with a spacious back garden and swimming pool, but it still has clear opinions into The Hague, South Holland’s capital city. Over the years the couple has infused the home with their own contemporary, airy style while still preserving its charming original specifics.

at a Glance
Who lives here: Frank and Marion
Location: Voorburg, the Netherlands
Size: 180 square meters (1,937 square feet); 2 bedrooms, 1 bath

Holly Marder

The living space was decorated with understated luxury in mind. The subtly installed television mirrors a built-in fireplace.

The leaded glass windows are first to the house. This large front window has been left undressed for greatest light.

Sofa: Cartel Living; coffee table: Keijser & Co.; rug: Interieur Decor Delft

Holly Marder

The large sectional a part of a background for the couple artwork.

Table lamps: Tierenlantijn; floor lamp: Artemide

Holly Marder

The long and spacious main living space has a living space at the front of the home and a sitting room that leads to the backyard. A custom made shelf showing decorative items separates the dining room and living room.

Contractor and custom shelving manufacturer: Mart van Adrichem

Holly Marder

Holly Marder

A modern custom lighting fixture and dramatic black dining table and chairs anchor the dining room. The couple has views to the front and back of the house out of here.

Holly Marder

The pantry extends into the right of the kitchen, right supporting the shelving unit. Large windows over the kitchen counters attract even more light into this open space.

Holly Marder

The pair have put most of the rest of their renovation plans on hold for now, but they do expect to upgrade the kitchen.

Holly Marder

The room’s original glass doors look out onto the garden. Together with the television, books, kitchen and scenic views all within arm’s reach, this distance is the best spot for relaxing.

Stool: Tess; couches: Cartel Living; bookcase: custom by Mart van Adrichem

Holly Marder

Upstairs the set decorated their master bedroom in a soothing palette of charcoal and white. Art adds lilac and fuchsia accents.

Cabinets: Interieur Decor Delft; overhead lighting fixtures: Artemide; writing desk: convention by Mart van Adrichem

Holly Marder

The sliding door on the left leads to the en suite toilet, and the sliding door on the right leads to the walk-in closet.

Wall paint: Off Black, Farrow & Ball; light fixtures: Artemide

Holly Marder

The recently renovated bathroom feels spacious and open. The new vanity is decidedly contemporary, with a bright white tile backsplash and charcoal-gray MDF cabinets. The glass spacious shower needed to be custom made on account of the large size.

Floors: natural oak

Holly Marder

The guest room and workplace occupy one room close to the front of the floor. Like the rest of the home, this room enjoys a very simple and understated colour palette; it has one emerald accent pillow.

Holly Marder

The couple shares this home office, with opinions of The Hague’s skyline in the distance. The distance has two separate work areas using a sliding door between them.

Office furniture: Keijser & Co..

Holly Marder

The couple fell in love with the spacious backyard in their first visit to the house.

Holly Marder

In addition they love their swimming pool — an uncommon feature in Dutch houses.

When they bought the house, the couple also bought an extra lot on the left side of their property from their neighbors, such as a garage space (not pictured) they gave a facelift.

Holly Marder

The house backs onto a small waterway, surrounded by lush vegetation.

See more photographs of this house | Share your home with us!

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Hisssss: Get Wrapped Up in the Year of the Snake

Chinese superstition seemingly says that a snake in the house is great luck. And since February 10, 2013, marks the beginning of the Chinese zodiac’s Year of the Snake, why not adopt the scaly reptile with home decor? In the end, bendy, curvy and slithering forms create a hot and fluid design aesthetic. Lucky you!


Alizz C. Cooper Pendant by Ingo Maurer – $925

Twist, bend, stretch, dangle — that the form is a no-brainer for cool light designs.

House & Hold

Ferm Living Mr. Snake Pillow – $146

Drape this color-happy pillow around your neck for comfy, nonconstricting support.

Barneys New York

Spisani Python Bookends – $295

I could see these Italian handmade acrylic bookends, which depict a brown snake with a rhinestone eye, propping up the entire Harry Potter series.

Burke Decor

Chinese Zodiac Placemats from Simrin, Set of 4 – $54

Forget what creature you are in? Not anymore with these trendy Chinese zodiac placemats in a washable cloth.

Jarlath Mellett

Children’s rooms shouldn’t be spared a little snake oil , either. This lively space demonstrates there is nothing frightening about adopting serpents.

Loopee Design

bObles Tumbling Snake Table – $329

This unique children’ snake table comes in a variety of bright colors.

Michael Miller Fabric, Garden Animals from Patty Sloniger – $8.38

Total any children’ area with this Michael Miller fabric, that includes graphic garden snakes and other creatures.

Modern Artisans

‘Copper-Head’ Garden Snake – $42.99

A snake’s natural habitat is the outside, so it is not surprising that garden design benefits from a curvaceous form. A play on the venomous copperhead snake, this slick foot-high copper sculpture is good for gardens and backyards.


Cobra Light – $504.86

Meanwhile, this cobra-shaped light adds texture elegance to any walkway lighting scheme.

Poliform USA

Snake Armchair

The serpent-like kind of this chair and ottoman produces a perfect harmony for kicking.


Snakeskin Knit Throw – $150

Snakeskin includes a natural geometric pattern for this, which makes it perfect for throw blankets and other fabrics.


Faux Serpent/Snakeskin Fabric

For the uber snakeskin enthusiast, this faux material may be used for upholstery and even to cover entire walls.

Cercan Tile Inc..

The Snake Series – Resin Tile

Or create a scaly backsplash using these resin tiles.

Quality Bath

Nameeks Scirocco Snake 66-9010 Towel Warmer – $2,210

Reminiscent of the popular early portable snake game, this design-minded towel rack may create any toilet glamorous.

Emily Winters

This custom-designed faucet in a master bathroom makes an anaconda-size design announcement.

Fusion Mirror – $299

Few this mirror, which remembers two snakes kissing, with all the towel rack and faucet over and you have got one cool snake-themed bathroom.

Michael Lee Architects

Snake plants, found here in this home entryway, are versatile indoor plants proven to improve air quality.


Color Coil Pot, Small – $28

Or spruce other types of plants using these coiled pots.

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