The best way to Paint a Room With Beadboard

Beadboard is a stylish wallcovering that provides elegance and classical heat to your room. Grooves and the wood panels produce interest in a space that is living. When you paint beadboard, whether it adorns the part of a wall as wainscoting or addresses an entire wall, you must be sure the surface is well-prepared. Beadboard that is painted is a unique characteristic in just about any home.

Mask off areas which you do not want to paint or program to paint a colour that is different than the beadboard. Where dry wall satisfies the beadboard painter ‘s tape seams. Place dropcloths or plastic sheeting on the ground to protect it.

Sand the beadboard with 220-grit sandpaper, utilizing a hand sander that is dry. The sand-paper eliminates topcoat finishes and smooths defects, creating the beadboard ideal to get a clean coat of paint. Wipe sandust the beadboard using a tack cloth off.

Prime the beadboard with oil-based primer, using a paintbrush. According to The Old House on the web, use primer to the area, edge and end-of each bit of beadboard to safeguard it from dampness, shrinking and swelling. Allow the primer to dry.

Pour dip a roller-brush in the paint and paint in a paint tray. A Concord Carpenter suggests utilizing a 3/8 inch roller nap. Roll paint on the portion of the beadboard toward the boards. Roll horizontally vertically in the event the beadboard is installed and in the event the beadboard is installed horizontally. Rolling paint in the grooves just as much as possible.

Dip a slanted-edge paint-brush, typically employed for painting straight and trim lines, in the paint. Paint the grooves involving the planks in the same path as the beadboard. Apply paint with easy strokes to prevent drips and clumps.

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