The best way to Move a Reclining Chair Upstairs

A chair positioned in a upstairs area gives visitors a useful resting place, but damage can be caused by shifting this cumbersome piece of furniture. The folding motion and fat of this chair make managing it particularly difficult. The trick to moving a recliner effectively doesn’t lie in power, but in organizing. Before starting an up-stairs transfer, calculate the doorways and hallways involving the potential and present areas. Sometimes, shifting an over-stuffed chair up a a hallway that is a good isn’t feasible. These types of moves need specialist movers experienced in accessing routes like attics or windows.

Measure the width of doorways, the chair and staircases. The width of the reclining chair requirements to be smaller in relation to the width of both staircase and the doorway. Move an hurdles from the shifting route like floor lamps or tables.

By by eliminating the again from the lower part disassemble the recliner. Locate the two lock levers in the rear of the chair. You generally find these steel locks situated at the back and lower-left part. Lift the locks using a flathead screw-driver. The best part is released by this. Lift the back from the lower part. Move the items up-stairs. Reassemble the chair parts and lock them in place. Not all recliners dis-assemble. Read the item guide to get specs in your chair.

Lock the chair in the up right position. Wrap the bottom of the chair with heavy duty plastic seal and wrap it. From coming out out through the move, this stops the bottom.

Slide a hand-truck underneath the rear of the chair. Tilt back the recliner as a buddy lifts the front of the chair. Wheel the chair backwards to the edge of the stairs. Lift the chair while your helper pushes in the front, utilizing the hand-truck. Pick out the shift gradually, one step at a time.

Guide the chair to the up-stairs place. Slide out the hand-truck from underneath the chair and unwrap the plastic.

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